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Bespoke & Customised Jewellery

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we are dedicated to the art of bespoke jewellery creation. Specialising in crafting unique, customised engagement rings and fine jewellery pieces with rare coloured gemstone in Singapore. Our commitment lies in transforming your significant life moments into timeless treasures.

Customised jewellery begins with your unique ideas and a special reason to craft a personalized jewellery. At GIOIA, we pay attention to every detail, from design discussions to the final creation. We consider everything for your comfort: the type of metal like gold or platinum, colour, style. In addition choice of gemstones, and any other personal touches you can imagine. Creating your dream piece is our mission, meticulously crafted with care at every step of the journey.

GIOIA – Joy of Creating Jewellery with Precious Jewel

Borrowed from the Italian language, “GIOIA” not only it represent the feeling of “joy“. It is also a word used to describe precious jewel and customised jewellery. At GIOIA you experience the joy in customised jewellery and explore the variety of precious jewels.

Natural Coloured Gemstone

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we understand that every precious gemstone, much like our clients. One-of-a-kind and certainly holds its own distinct charm and story. We are devoted to bringing you the finest quality coloured gemstone all over the world.

Quantity of Finest Quality Gemstone

Our journey begins with the wide selection of the finest gemstones. Encompassing the Pigeon Blood of Ruby, the Royal Blue of Sapphire, the vivid green of Emerald. Spinel‘s mesmerising array of colours, and the captivating glow of Paraiba Tourmaline.

Every selection reflects our dedication to excellence and quality, following through to the final polished masterpiece. Resonates with personal meaning and unparalleled craftsmanship. We aim not just to adorn you with jewellery but to craft a legacy of elegance and uniqueness.

Engagement Ring & Wedding Bands

Are you thinking of a unique twist for your engagement ring or wedding band? Bold to explore with a splash of colour instead of traditional diamonds? With more lab-grown diamonds in common jewellery stores, many are now choosing colourful gems for these special rings. We’ve noticed more requests for vibrant, rare gems like Paraiba Tourmaline, Ruby, and Sapphire. Eventually chosen for their special meanings, like representing a couple’s birthstones. Make your bespoke rings personal and unique with these beautiful coloured gems.

Choosing an engagement ring together is more than a simple purchase. It’s the couple’s first major decision together and also a unique experience of bespoke service. The choice of a ring that is custom made is a better proving ground for lasting bond. This personalized engagement ring and bespoke experience lasts a lifetime, marking their journey of love.

Birthstone Jewellery

Do not hesitate to share with us your interest in any of the precious coloured gem. A particular variety of gemstone, or your favourite colour and shade. It can also be a unique gem of your birthstone depending on your birth month. Creating a family birthstone jewellery add a personalised touch and emotion to the statement piece.

Wedding Jewellery

When it comes to chinese wedding customary, from wedding jewellery to traditional Si Dian Jin 四点金. Customised wedding jewellery, is more than family blessing and tradition practice. They are design and handcrafted to modern heirloom, not only be worn in actual wedding celebration, but jewellery for daily wear.

Creative Designer Cheryl Woon

Every creation from GIOIA Fine Jewellery , tells a unique story

Cheryl Woon, a graduate from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) with a major in Jewellery Design. Since 2010, she has been devoting her time and career into bespoke jewellery. Cheryl is also accredited by HRDAntwerp Institute of Gemology as a certified Diamond Grader.

Top Bespoke Jewellers in Tanjong Pagar

As an experienced jewelry designer, Cheryl has always believed that “You are only confined by the walls you built yourself“. Embracing this, she consistently steps out of her comfort zone, hence understand that growth and learning come from such challenges. This belief not only fuels her creativity but also inspired her to establish her flagship boutique for private bespoke jewellery. On 20th July 2016, marking a bold step in her journey of innovation and craftsmanship. GIOIA Fine Jewellery Singapore Tanjong Pagar, 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, #02-97A S079903.

Personalised Experience

Cheryl ensures that clients receive her unwavering dedication throughout the entire process. Particularly from choosing the right gemstones to crafting your final customised jewellery piece. Ensuring every step meets your unique needs and beyond to make a fine jewelry. To Cheryl, each creation is not just an item of customised jewellery. Importantly a shared story and a personal masterpiece for both the designer and the client.

In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, buying jewellery is a unique personal experience. Hence we believe each piece should be as unique as your style. Don’t worry about cost—tell us what you’re comfortable spending, and we’ll find the best options for you. Check our latest updates in the Highlights or message us on Business WhatsApp to start your bespoke jewellery journey!

My experience with Cheryl and Clarence was absolutely fantastic! I walked into the boutique with a rather unusual request with regards to the design of the engagement ring. A visit down the boutique will enrich the knowledge of different gemstones too! The final product I received is exactly what I wished for! In addition, they responded to my questions and requests quickly. I couldn't be happier with my experience or the result 🙂

Jaylen Foo Avatar Jaylen Foo
November 24, 2018

I was wanting for the longest time to buy a yellow sapphire gemstone and set into a gents ring for myself. Tried looking at so many places for a good quality unheated yellow sapphire but mostly unsuccessful in color, some being heat treated , no availability. However , chance GIOIA and decided to check it out. Lo & behold they have in stock a clear unheated brilliant cut 1.13 yellow sapphire and certified. Next was to let GIOIA help me design the men ring in a modern contemporary design and I was not disappointed. Absolutely beautiful ! No regrets !

Stewart Kiong Avatar Stewart Kiong
February 9, 2021

Had our engagement ring and wedding bands done here, wide selection of gemstones, friendly and professional service. Very happy with final product. Highly recommended!

Ying Hui Ho Avatar Ying Hui Ho
October 14, 2021