40th Anniversary Wedding Jewellery, Featuring unheated ruby depend clustered with round green tourmaline and pear diamond around the ruby gem. The cluster earring with ruby and diamond gems design and customised for a 40th anniversary wedding jewellery | Local Singapore Jeweller in ruby and coloured gemstone
Wedding Anniversary Jewellery – 40th Anniversary Ruby Pendant

40 years of togetherness means a significant milestone for any couple that is deeply in love with each other. Though the celebrations may be nothing like the one they had during their grand wedding, a romantic getaway trip or a simple dinner would mean a lot. There are a lot of memorable and sweet moments to reminisce on the 40th wedding anniversary. To commemorate a wonderful journey together for four decades, you can customised an anniversary jewellery gift for your loved one. It can be anything: a ring, bangle, earring, pendant or any other piece of jewellery you intend to customise to convey your love.

Wedding Anniversary Jewellery – Ruby Halo Diamond Tourmaline Ring

Ruby – 40th Wedding Anniversary

Ruby makes a regal choice for any couple that has spent 40 years with each other. This uniquely rare gem is one of the “Big Three Jewel“, it is a traditional gift for 40th anniversary. The gemstone is believed to possess an eternal flame that signifies a strong marriage and passionate love. This set of ruby jewellery has been customised for one such couple that has spent years caring for each other.

Pigeon Blood Ruby

The pendant and ring feature both pigeon blood ruby in octagon and cushion shape. The natural colour shade of the ruby is vivid and saturated red to be known as pigeon blood ruby. This precious gem is an unheated ruby without heat enhancement to improve in its colour and clarity. The starburst pendant design is completed with 4 round mint green tourmaline and four pear diamonds. The four-sided design has been decided after a series of discussions to signify the 40th year anniversary. The diamonds and tourmalines are set in white gold. The warm tone ruby has been set in yellow gold. Designed with cluster diamond and ruby, the entire customised jewellery set just makes a perfect present for a loved one.    

Your beloved will surely treasure the dainty gemstone earrings crafted in yellow gold. The flower-shaped cluster features bright red rubies with sparkling diamond accents. These petite posy earrings feature an enviable design and would elevate your evening look to a whole new level. Most of all, it will always remind you of the bond that you share with your loved one with whom you decided to spend a lifetime together.  

Wedding Anniversary Jewellery – 40th Anniversary Ruby

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