Customised Wedding Ring for a unique proposal with Burma blue sapphire gemstone. Custom made with round brilliant diamonds | Local Singapore Trusted Customised Jeweler

Congratulation to Joseth & Amelia!

Thank you for having us to custom made this beautiful wedding ring. Wishing you both a wonderful journey in your new life together. Center vivid blue (royal blue) unheated sapphire, prong set in rose gold 18k (750) with round brilliant diamonds.

Burma Blue Sapphire

Burma, Sri Lanka and Madagascar, known for producing the finest quality sapphire. As compared to ruby, there are much lesser sapphire mined in Burma. The finest quality of blue sapphire is comparable to the legendary kashmir sapphire.

Colour shade is usually greenish to violet blue, the ones which display lighter blue and strong saturation are priced a premium. Sapphire in Burma set multiple record breaking price, with remarkable blue saturation. The undesirable sapphire is overly deep intense blue, which is near to black shade.

Inclusion in Burma sapphire, can be seen in microscope or some with naked eyes. Often such inclusion are multiple needle or twinning during formation. The intense vivid royal blue with rich brilliance, conceal such visible inclusion.

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