Exceptional Jewellery with Exquisite Craftsmanship

In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we keep our business model simple –  excellent services and quality products. With years of experience in jewellery design since 2010 in jewellery business trade. It equipped us with remarkable knowledge, in bespoke and customised jewellery work. We have a team of skilled and professional, craftsmen in local Singapore and Hong Kong, we take pride in every fine jewelry created.



Flagship Jewellery Store

GIOIA is a local Singapore based Private Jeweller in customised designer fine jewellery. We do not operate in the prime district with high rental, which incurred high overhead costs. Reasonable rental space in International Plaza, allow our client to purchase customised ring and jewellery at a much more affordable price. Founded in 2016 by husband-and-wife team Clarence and Cheryl, GIOIA Fine
Jewellery blossomed from a humble beginning. From scratch to the current operation, designing to marketing all done by ourselves.

search for the finest gemstone and diamond

Business Model in Operating Cost

Holding on to preset ring and jewellery casing, or diamond inventory will incur a high operating cost for many jewellery stores. In GIOIA, due to the increase of lab-grown diamond(synthetic diamond) in many retailers, we no longer bring in diamond as the main gem. 

Business Model in Coloured Gemstone

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we steer clear of consigning rare, precious gemstones solely based on demand, as this traditional business model often puts our clients at a disadvantage. Consider this scenario: a client is searching for a highly coveted unheated royal blue sapphire. Given that its price, similar to the unheated pigeon blood ruby, is consistently on the rise and currently at an all-time high, relying on demand-driven availability may not secure the best quality or price. 

At GIOIA, our unwavering commitment to handpicking the finest gemstones guarantees our clients unmatched quality and exclusivity. When you come to us, you’re choosing a legacy of excellence and a treasure trove of precious gems. With a commitment to quality that stands unmatched.

We specialist mainly on the finest quality of natural coloured gemstone and natural diamond as side complementing setting. Our coloured gemstones are source specifically from its origin, which bypass many layers of middleman commission, allowing clients to purchase them at wholesale and affordable price.


24/7 Online Advisory

We provide 24/7 non-obligated online advisory, and instant WhatsApp via phone. Just share with us your concern and query right at the bottom right on your screen. Keep it less formal, just click on it and have a chat casual with us today! From the engagement ringwedding bands to fine jewellery with coloured gemstones, anything that you might be interested.

Business Model Satisfaction in GIOIA Fine Jewellery in customised engagement ring

Client Experience & Satisfaction

As a consumer ourselves, neither do we like be forced in purchasing things that we are unsure about. In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, our business model we focus on the client experience and satisfaction. Bespoke and customised jewellery is an enjoyable retail therapy. It does not just end, with the selection of coloured gemstone or diamond. We have sessions of discussion on design ideas and options, before confirming the final design. Follow up services after you collected your bespoke jewellery, assure that everything is to your satisfaction.

Keep it less formal and have a casual meeting with us in GIOIA Fine Jewellery. Just a private session at our boutique store in International Plaza will be an eye-opener for you and your loved ones on the selection of rare gemstones and customised creations.