Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline Ring customised and design with pear shaped diamond and round brilliance blue sapphire inspired by a flora design - Customised Engagement Ring with local Singapore bespoke customised jeweller, with Mozambique and Brazil Paraiba

Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline Ring

Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline Ring with pear-shaped diamond and blue sapphire a flora design - Customised Engagement Ring Mozambique & Brazil Paraiba Singapore.
Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline

Iconic Neonish Bluish Green Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline

Featuring a Brazil paraiba tourmaline ring, an extremely rare Brazil origin and highly value gemstone. This floral-inspired Paraiba Engagement ring is a product of hours of brainstorming. This beautiful display of lively colours features a breath-taking bespoke design. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we have an exceptional Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline occupies the prime spot in this design.

How Much Does a Paraiba Tourmaline Cost?

Notably, it ranks as one of the most expensive and coveted gemstones globally. The prices have ascended continually since its discovery and is still far from reached the sky. Multiple factors affect the overall price of this extremely rare precious gemstone. In general price per carat for fine quality Paraiba Tourmaline can reach an astounding five figures. 

Acquiring this rare Paraiba tourmaline is notably challenging and tedious process. Direct sourcing from Brazil for this exceptional gemstone is no simple task, which is why you don’t get to see them among typical jewellery retailers in Singapore.

Extremely Rare Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline

The pricing of the Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline is a reflection of its unparalleled rarity and beauty. Typically, the cost for fine quality stones ranges from $18,000 to $25,000 USD per carat, but it can escalate even further based on several critical factors. This range is indicative not just of the gemstone’s inherent worth but also of its increasing desirability among high jewelry aficionados.

When assessing the value of a Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline, experts consider several key aspects:

  1. Carat Weight: The size of the Paraiba Tourmaline plays a significant role in its value. Larger carats are exceptionally rare, and thus, they command higher prices. The carat weight not only influences the price but also the impact and presence of the gemstone in a piece of jewellery.
  2. Clarity: Clarity is a crucial determinant in evaluating the quality of this gemstone. Paraiba Tourmalines with fewer inclusions or imperfections are considered more valuable. A clear, flawless stone is a rarity in itself, adding to the allure and exclusivity of the gem.
  3. Vividness and Saturation of Colour: Perhaps the most defining characteristic of the Paraiba Tourmaline is its electrifying blue or green colour. The intensity and depth of colour greatly influence its value. A more vivid and saturated hue, whether it’s a deep oceanic blue or a vibrant green, is highly prized. The unique neon-like glow of the Paraiba Tourmaline is due to the presence of copper, which is responsible for its extraordinary colouration.

Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline

Exceptional Rarity and Stunning Colour

The Brazil Paraiba tourmaline derives its name from the Brazilian state of Paraíba, where it was initially unearthed in the late 1980s. Subsequently, the deposit is renowned for its scarce output and is currently on the brink of exhaustion, rendering these gemstones exceptionally rare.

Brazilian and African (Mozambique) Paraiba tourmalines are both extremely rare. It is tough even for experienced miners to source the finest Paraiba rough from both the origin. With the rough supply at an all-time low, Brazil Paraiba being the rarest within the both, the colour shade is much vivid and saturated blue. This one-of-a-kind and rare Paraiba tourmaline ring can be nothing less than a treasure worth cherishing for a lifetime. 

Floral Inspired Engagement Ring

Eye-catching and elegant, this engagement ring shimmers with vintage-inspired details. The design is rendered elegant with pear-shaped diamonds and blue sapphire surrounding the Paraiba tourmaline. The sparkling diamonds result in a floral halo around the centre gem. Drawing inspiration from nature, this enchanting Paraiba tourmaline engagement ring signify the start of a beautiful journey.

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we take pride in bringing the magnificence of this rare Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline gem to our discerning clientele, creating statement heirlooms, to be treasured for generations. The flower-shaped frame adorned with petite, complementing diamonds and gemstones brings alive your fairy tale romance in every sense.  

Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline Ring with pear-shaped diamond and blue sapphire a flora design - Customised Engagement Ring Mozambique & Brazil Paraiba Singapore.
Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline Engagement Ring