Minor Oil from Colombian customised with Pave Diamond Ring

Minor Oil Emerald

Minor oil Emerald Colombian origin vivid green shade. Emerald from none oil, insignificant to minor oil quality, custom engagement ring to fine jewelry emerald.
Minor Oil Emerald

Fine Quality Minor Oil Emerald

This bespoke ring features one such rare and exquisite minor oil from Colombian emerald. Its exceptionally bright vivid green hue stands out. We set the emerald gem in 18K (750) white gold to beautifully contrast the gem. The micro-pave diamonds set on the ring band glimmer stunningly.

This minor oil emerald ring design has been chosen by a couple together specifically for it unique Colombian origin too. It is in fact a present from a loving husband to his dearest wife. The warm and innovative design of this gemstone ring is simply spellbinding. Celebrate everlasting emotions with this exceptional Colombian emerald ring. It is truly an elegant representation of the timeless bond of affection and love that bonds two people together.        

If you are planning to mark a special occasion with a piece of bespoke jewellery that represents uniqueness and finest quality, then this exquisite emerald ring is all you need to consider. It is one of the most valuable big gems mined from South America; Colombia.

Colombian Emerald Gems

Prices of Colombian emeralds vary from $1,000 to $15,000 per carat. The value of an emerald is influenced by various parameters such as its origin, carat, colour shade, and the oil treatment it receives.

Bluish-green colour is the most sought after emerald shade. It is also popular for its vivid saturation. Known as Vivid Green with Muzo Green Emerald being the legendary colour shade found in the world renowned Muzo mines.

Oil treatment of emeralds is a common enhancement on emerald gemstone. Emeralds contain natural inclusions or fractures like embedded crystals and veils, which can make them appear opaque or cloudy. Emeralds are oiled for enhancing their overall appearance. Primarily, cedarwood oil is used for filling tiny fissures from the surface to internal inclusion. This process significantly enhances the colour and clarity of the emerald.

Oil Treatment

Usually, high-pressure oil is forced into the emerald based on the degree of filling. Getting quality emeralds that have not undergone any treatment is simply next to impossible. About 98% and above of emeralds available in the market are oil-treated. Small percentage of emeralds are insignificant to minor oil as they have less surface-reaching fissures and natural inclusion.

We at GIOIA Fine Jewellery actively source the finest emeralds available in the world, which undergo minor to no oil treatment.

Minor oil Emerald Colombian origin vivid green shade. Emerald from none oil, insignificant to minor oil quality, custom engagement ring to fine jewelry emerald.
Emerald Ring – Minor Oil

Colombian Emeralds to Zambian Emeralds

Colombian Emeralds: A Legacy of Unparalleled Green

Colombian emeralds are celebrated worldwide for their unmatched quality and the vibrant, fine vivid green colour they exhibit. Sourced from the rich mines of Colombia, including the legendary Muzo mines, these gemstones are the epitome of luxury and elegance in the world of coloured gemstones. The Muzo colour, in particular, is renowned for its exceptionally vivid green shade, making these emeralds highly sought after by collectors and jewellers.

Zambian Emeralds: Deep Green Elegance with Clarity

In contrast, Zambian emeralds offer a unique appeal with their deep green hue and greater clarity. The gemstones from Zambia are known for having fewer inclusions, which enhances their overall appearance. At the same time makes them a preferred choice for those seeking both beauty and durability in their jewellery. The richness of the Zambian emerald’s green has a distinct allure, providing an elegant alternative to its Colombian counterparts.

The Muzo Colour: A Vivid Green Legacy

The Muzo colour stands out as a hallmark of the finest emeralds. This shade of green is not just vivid; it’s imbued with a depth and saturation that seems to capture the very essence of the gemstone. It is this unique colouration that sets Muzo emeralds apart, making them a coveted gem for bespoke, high jewellery pieces.

Choosing Between Colombia and Zambia Emeralds

When selecting an emerald, the choice between Colombian and Zambian origins often comes down to personal preference and the specific qualities one values in a gemstone. Colombian emeralds are prized for their vibrant colour and historical significance. Whereas Zambian emeralds appeal to those looking for a gem with deep green colouration and fewer internal flaws.


Whether your preference leans towards the vivid hues of Colombian emeralds or the clear, deep green of Zambian emerald, both varieties offer their own unique beauty and charm. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we specialise in sourcing and incorporating the finest emeralds into bespoke jewellery pieces. Ensuring that each creation reflects the exquisite natural beauty of these cherished gemstones.

Non Oil Zambian Emerald Gemstone High Jewellery Design
Zambian Emerald Non Oil – High Jewelry
Family Birthstone Ring

Family Birthstone Ring

Family Cluster Birthstone Ring - Birthstone Family Cluster Ring with Emerald, Blue Sapphire to Padparadscha Sapphire Gemstones.
Cluster Family Birthstone Ring

Cluster Birthstone Jewellery

Heirloom jewellery, customised with family birthstones

Family birthstone ring customised with Burma Royal Blue Sapphire, Padparadscha sapphire, and none oil emerald, a treasure trove of rare gems. Creating unique family heirloom jewellery with notable precious gems, absolutely dazzling and delightful. In fact, there is a beautiful reason hidden this cluster design. It is a family cluster ring that consists of birthstones of both parents and their daughter. Emerald gemstone signifies the daughter’s birthstone in this family cluster ring, and both the parents’ birth month gem. Bespoke gemstone jewellery which tells a family story whenever the daughter put on this family birthstone ring.

Family Birthstone

This customised design consists of three of the rarest and sought after gems. The birthstone Emerald for the month of May, has a mesmerising vivid green shade. Exceptionally rare gemstone which does not gone through any oil treatment which is common applied to improve the colour and clarity in the emerald.

Already rare unheated Sapphire which does not necessary come in blue colour shade, the orange-pink padparadscha is also dad’s favourite colour. Combine with the mesmerising vivid royal blue sapphire, both unheated corundum sapphire for the month of September, is one of a kind.

Special Family Bonding

Above all, this exquisite birthstone ring not only signifies the love of the parents for their daughter but also signifies the special bond that they share. This bespoke family birthstone ring is indeed a sentimental jewellery that take up the most room in your heart. Truly personalised jewellery where you can design right from sketch with your family birthstone to your unique style.

Cluster Gemstone Ring Design

The design has been completed with an elegant row of pave diamonds on the band and connecting to the three birthstone gems. The shimmering round brilliance diamonds add to the beauty in this expertly cluster gemstone ring. This captivating family birthstone ring has been polished to a natural white champagne gold and is certainly a look that the beloved daughter of the couple would cherish.  

Family Statement Jewellery

The Emotional Family Birthstone Ring – A Timeless Symbol of Love and Connection

The overall design is clearly sophisticated with extraordinary gems and holds boundless emotions within the family. A family statement jewellery with three most desirable gems and value to pass it down as heirloom jewellery. This birthstone cluster ring marks the beginning of a family story and is tied to opulence. It will always hold a special meaning for the family that had it customised from us. 

Family Birthstone Ring - Emerald & Sapphire Customised Family Cluster Birthstone Jewellery Ring
Family Birthstone Ring – Emerald & Sapphire

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the rising trend of family birthstone jewellery is more than a fashion statement; it’s a celebration of family heritage and emotional bonds. Each piece, be it a family birthstone ring, pendant, or earring, tells a story, making it a unique and deeply personal treasure. At the heart of this trend is the desire to keep loved ones close. Creating a timeless symbol of love and connection that brightens not just the attire but also the soul.

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, as we continue to craft these personal talismans, we are reminded of the beauty and significance of family connections. At the same time, making every piece a testament to the enduring power of love.

Family Cluster Ring - Heirloom Jewellery Design and crafted with coloured gemstone and personalised birthstone jewellery in Singapore
Family Cluster Ring – Heirloom Jewellery
Spinel Birthstone Ring Jewellery

Birthstone Ring

Birthstone Ring with Family Birth Month Gemstone Jewellery - Spinel, Tanzanite, Moonstone, Tsavorite to Emerald birthstone into a heirloom jewellery - Singapore
Birthstone Ring – Birthstone Spinel Tanzanite Moonstone Tsavorite Emerald

Blue Spinel Ring

Designed with Family Birthstone Ring Tsavorite, Emerald, Moonstone

If you are looking for a signature statement ring that look stunning for your loved one and family. This bespoke spinel birthstone ring is sure to add a sparkle to your family. Featuring a spectacular hue in a rare violet and blue combination, the vivid saturation of the spinel gem. Offers a mysterious façade to this elegant piece of heirloom fine jewelry.

Spinel is true to its characteristic, refracting in shades of ruby and sapphire while holding on to its unique identity. It’s an ideal addition to your fine jewelry collection, perfect for any occasion. Beyond alluring spectrum, the cushion shaped blue spinel is surrounded by a brilliance diamonds. At the same time tanzanite mounts arranged with milgrain detailed on its edges. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, this non-traditional halo design is exceptional and give a touch of vintage style in this modern world.

The cathedral frame flaunting an intricate filigree work engraved on it exhibits eternal grace. Accompanied with skilfully set round bezel moonstone between the round diamonds in marquises shape. This family birthstone ring not only shine from the top of the ring, it has many fine details and intricate design all over. While the fascinating colour play of the different birthstones establish a deep aural connection.

Birthstone Ring with Family Birth Month Gemstone Jewellery - Spinel, Tanzanite, Moonstone, Tsavorite to Emerald birthstone into a heirloom jewellery - Singapore
Milgrain Filigree Detailing

Family Birthstone Ring

Statement Jewellery that tell a family story

Get a customised look on this stunning ring design with your family birthstone studded for a statement look. For our August born clients in particular, we have Spinel as the birthstone. You can choose a gemstone specific to your birth month and our experienced craftsmen can give it a soul with a select design. A vivid green tsavorite garnet birthstone for the month of January, Moonstone for the June birth, Emerald for the May bloomers and Tanzanite for our December stars. In addition, you can get a personalised birthstone capped with a bedazzling halo.

Birthstone Ring with Family Birth Month Gemstone Jewellery - Spinel, Tanzanite, Moonstone, Tsavorite to Emerald birthstone into a heirloom jewellery - Singapore
Birthstone Ring with Filigree Details

Family Birthstone Jewellery

Say goodbye to the mundane world of conventional heirloom jewelry that lacks the vibrancy and character you crave. Indulge in the extraordinary journey of crafting your very own family birthstone jewellery. A bespoke jewellery that not only reflects your unique taste and style but also encapsulates the essence of your family’s legacy. Imagine adorning yourself with a dazzling piece of artistry, a personalized creation that resonates with your personality, making you beam with pride.

Fine Jewelry Luxury Bespoke Jewellery with tanzanite and paraiba tourmaline Parrot Earring

Fine Jewelry

Luxurious Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry is a luxurious and timeless accessory that can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. While many people may associate fine jewelry with special occasions such as weddings and engagements. There are many reasons why you should consider investing in fine jewelry for everyday wear. As well as rare precious coloured gemstone which are multi-generations heirloom jewellery.

Fine jewelry holds a unique significant symbolic meaning. It can represent a special occasion, commemorate a milestone or achievement, or be a sentimental reminder of a loved one. On the other hand, wearing fine jewelry is a way to express their personal style and fashion. It certainly symbolises your social status and first impression in the ballroom events.

Ruby Pigeon Blood & Sapphire Royal Blue Ring: A Symphony of Colour and Elegance

Crafted with a distinct vision of uniqueness, these heirloom statement rings was created with finest quality gem. Featuring stunning pigeon blood ruby and royal blue sapphire, unheated gemstones. Emerge from a profound desire to create unparalleled fine jewelry for cherished individuals. Each piece represents the pinnacle of ruby and sapphire quality, designed to be timeless and eternally stylish.

Bespoke Fine Jewelry

Attention to all details with a touch of elegance and sophistication

Bespoke design on fine jewelry with rare precious gemstones lift to a new level of uniqueness and personalisation. Bespoke pieces are personalise and only created to the wearer’s specific requirements. Ensure that each piece is one-of-a-kind and tailored to your tastes and style.

Clearly one of the most important aspects in fine jewelry is “Craftsmanship”. Created by skilled artisans who use the highest quality materials to produce pieces that are unique, beautiful, and timeless. Durable and long-lasting fine jewelry created with high-quality materials such as gold, platinum, and rare precious gemstones.

Furthermore, it can be worn for years without losing its beauty or value. In fact, due to the strong global demand and awareness for colour gemstone, prices of precious gemstones such as Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald have risen significantly in recent years.

Customised Design

Fine Jewelry with Personalised Creation 

Choosing bespoke jewellery is that you have complete control over the design process. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery we will be working closely with you to create a masterpiece jewellery. One that reflects your personal style and incorporates any special symbols or motifs that hold significance for you. This level of customisation is sure to create a truly unique masterpiece with sentimental value.

This attention to detail and craftsmanship sets customised pieces apart from mass-produced jewelry. Which often uses lower quality materials and less attention to detail. By choosing pieces that you love and feel confident wearing, you can clearly express your individuality. And also enhance your personal style in jewellery pieces.

Precious Gemstone

It should be note that precious gemstones have been treasured for centuries. Not only for their beauty, but also for their historical, cultural, and symbolic significance. From ruby, sapphire to emerald, the world of fine jewelry and gemstones is vast and fascinating.

In particular, Paraiba tourmaline is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. With only a limited number of mines producing this exceptionally sought-after gemstone. Paraiba tourmaline is a rare and highly sought-after gemstone which is prized for its vivid blue-green colour and exceptional brilliance.

With its neon-ish saturation, this precious gemstone exudes an otherworldly glow. As if it’s casting a spell of fascination upon all who lay eyes upon it. The demand for Paraiba tourmaline gemstone has been steadily increasing over the years, thanks to its rarity and unique colour.

High Jewelry Design Parrot with unheated tanzanite and brazil paraiba tourmaline gemstone earring customised fine jewelry
Fine Jewelry Parrot Earring Stud

Elegant Parrot Fine Jewelry

The earrings feature a delicately crafted and elegant parrot motif jewellery. Accompanied with main tanzanite and Brazil Paraiba tourmaline gemstones. Skilfully designed in a way that accentuates the beauty of natural tropical birds. The vivid blue-green colour of the Paraiba tourmaline provides a stunning contrast to the rich blue-purple hue of the tanzanite. At the same time a harmonious and striking colour palette.

This unique creation is a testament to the skill and artistry of our designer and master craftsmen who created it. In addition a reflection of the wearer’s discerning taste and appreciation for the extraordinary.

These fine jewelry earrings are sure to make a statement and become a treasured addition to any jewelry collection. Definitely a luxurious and glamorous fine jewelry, that make a statement about the wearer’s status and social standing.

Paraiba-Tourmaline-High-Jewelry-Pendant-with-Earring Fine Jeweller in Bespoke Jewellery

Paraiba Tourmaline Fine Jewelry Set

Elegance and femininity Jewellery to treasure for generations

Featuring a combination of fancy marquise and pear diamonds surrounding the center Paraiba tourmaline. Certainly is an exceptional fine jewelry design that will definitely leave a lasting impression. The unique and rare beauty of the Paraiba tourmaline is accentuated by the elegant design of marquise and pear diamonds. Carefully selected to complement and enhance the beauty of the Paraiba Tourmaline. Creating a truly stunning and unique piece of Paraiba Tourmaline fine jewelry.

Encircled by an intricate dance of fancy marquise and pear diamonds, the pendant exudes an aura of timeless sophistication. Complementing the Paraiba tourmaline pendant’s allure is this set of dangle earrings.

Paraiba tourmaline earrings, dangle like drops of liquid light. Designed with cluster of marquise and pear diamonds, visually contrast with mesmerising Brazillian Paraiba tourmaline.

The center Paraiba tourmaline is clearly the focal point of this bespoke jewellery design. Specifically with its vivid blue-green colour and exceptional clarity drawing the eye and capturing the imagination.

In conclusion, this rare and unique gemstone, classic and elegant design, and exceptional craftsmanship. Ultimately, this Paraiba tourmaline jewellery set is sure to be a cherished and treasured addition to any fine jewelry collection.

Fine Jewelry Paraiba Tourmaline Round Brilliance in single pendant design unique fine jewellery design customised by GIOIA Fine Jewellery
Paraiba Tourmaline Pendant Fine Jewelry Collection

Local Singapore Fine Jewelry Boutique

Rarity, elegance, and passion to create an unparalleled experience

Welcome to GIOIA Fine Jewellery, where your journey to discovering the most exquisite precious gemstones from around the world begins. From the mesmerising depths of vivid royal blue and Padparadscha sapphires to the fiery brilliance of pigeon blood rubies. We handpick each individual gem to ensure unrivalled beauty and authenticity.

Indulge in a bespoke experience like no other in Singapore. Our team of skilled master craftsman and experienced designers work closely with you to create a personalised jewellery piece. These bespoke creation mirrors your unique style and personality that shines through in every aspect. Each piece of fine jewelry is meticulously crafted to stand the test of time. Specifically crafted to become a heirloom jewellery to be cherished for generations.

Fine Jewelry Paraiba Tourmaline Pendant Earring Set
Catholic Pendant - Emerald Jewellery

Emerald Catholic Pendant

Emerald Catholic Pendant - Emerald Jewellery
Catholic Pendant – None Oil Emerald

Unveiling the Exquisite Emerald Catholic Pendant

Emerald Pendant: A Dazzling Expression of Faith and Devotion

This unique Emerald Catholic Pendant design and crafted by GIOIA Fine Jewellery, embodying deep spiritual significance. At its heart lies a rare, none-oil emerald, renowned for its captivating vivid green colour with a subtle blue tint. This gem’s rarity elevates the pendant’s allure, particularly significant as emerald is the birthstone for May, aligning with the wearer’s birth month.

The Essence of Devotion in Design

Intricately crafted, this emerald catholic pendant draws inspiration from pivotal religious imagery and personal devotion. Its oval shape is a nod to the divine apparition of Mother Mary to St. Catherine Laboure in 1830. Certainly symbolising maternal protection and presence for daily wear. This catholic pendant, elegantly crafted in rich yellow gold, features a prominent, centrally placed emerald. The emerald on the other hand, is artfully surrounded by four princess-cut diamonds strategically set in a crucifix form. Hence infusing this bespoke catholic pendant with a sense of sacredness.

A Fusion of Faith and Fine Jewelry

This catholic pendant’s design seamlessly blends spiritual symbolism with the luxury of fine jewelry. At the same time showcase a striking emerald, embraced by shimmering diamonds, creates an eye-catching display of faith. This blend of precious stones is not just visually stunning but also rich in meaning, symbolising enduring faith and devotion.

A Legacy of Blessings and Beauty

Wearing this catholic pendant is believed to bring the wearer blessings from the Holy Father and Heavenly Mother Mary. Hence making it much more than a bespoke fine jewelry pendant. It’s a wearable symbol of faith, a sparkling reminder of one’s religious commitment. This customised pendant stands as a testament to the wearer’s devotion, destined to be treasured for generations.

A Cherished Piece for the Faithful

Designed for those who hold their faith dear, this pendant is an exquisite representation of religious devotion. Its bespoke design, combining the none-oil emerald with brilliant diamonds, makes it a distinctive and meaningful piece. Ideal for anyone seeking a jewelry item that resonates with their spiritual beliefs. This personalised pendant is certainly a cherished expression of faith, serving as a daily reminder of divine love and protection.

High Jewelry Emerald With Pear Halo Diamond Ring

High Jewelry Emerald

High Jewelry None Oil Emerald Luxury Fine Jewellery customised with magnificent none oil emerald jewels gem, an exceptional high-end jewelry statement piece.
High Jewelry – Emerald Ring

Exquisite Craftsmanship in High Jewelry

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we take pride in our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship. Singapore best recommended bespoke jeweller in fine jewelry and finest quality coloured gemstone design boutique. Each high jewelry emerald creation is a testament to the masterful artistry of our skilled craftsmen. From intricately designed pieces to expertly handcrafted jewels, our jewellery collection radiates with a high caliber of craftsmanship that sets us apart.

Selecting Gemstones of Unmatched Beauty

We believe that the heart of a fine jewelry piece lies in its gemstone. That’s why we meticulously source gemstones for their unparalleled colour, clarity, and quality. Take, for instance, our emeralds. We seek only the finest emeralds, choosing stones that boast a truly breathtaking depth of colour – a vivid green known for its vibrant hue and exceptional clarity, despite emeralds being typically highly included.

The High Jewelry Emerald Ring: A Regal Masterpiece

Behold our regal masterpiece: a luxury high jewelry ring featuring a rare, non-oil emerald of 3.77 carats. This magnificent gem exudes class and sophistication, glistening with unparalleled elegance. Its rich, vivid green hue stands as an everlasting symbol of timeless opulence and refinement.

This exquisite piece is crafted with unrivalled artistry, its extraordinary emerald gem secured by fine double sharp claws. Set in lustrous yellow gold, the ring elevates elegance to unprecedented levels, making it more than just a jewel – it’s a statement.

A Fusion of Artistry and Detail

The ring’s captivating bespoke design marks a new frontier in jewelry artistry. The central emerald, encircled by pear-shaped diamonds, commands attention with its breathtaking hue and unique spiral effect. A pave of tapered diamonds on each side adds a stunning finishing touch, enhancing the ring’s overall allure.

Customised Emerald Ring: Wearable Art Piece

Our high jewelry emerald ring has been meticulously designed, embodying both perfection in detail and the essence of a wearable work of art. This ring is not just a piece of high jewelry; it’s a legacy heirloom, with each diamond skilfully matched in proportion to craft a flawless design.

The creation of this ring spans multiple weeks, from the initial inspiration to the final design. High-level coordination between our designer and master craftsman ensures the bespoke process culminates in the creation of a magnificent jewel, perfect in every aspect.

High Jewelry None Oil Emerald Luxury Fine Jewellery customised with magnificent none oil emerald jewels gem, an exceptional high-end jewelry statement piece.
None Oil Emerald Ring

FAQ for High Jewelry

1. What distinguishes GIOIA Fine Jewellery in the world of high jewelry?

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we pride ourselves on exceptional craftsmanship and bespoke designs. Recognised as Singapore’s premier jeweller, we specialise in creating fine jewelry and high-quality coloured gemstone pieces. Each creation reflects the masterful artistry of our skilled craftsmen, ensuring a high calibre of craftsmanship that sets us apart.

2. How do you select the gemstones used in your jewellery?

We meticulously source our gemstones for their unparalleled colour, clarity, and quality. Not only this exceptional emerald gemstone, we bring in the finest vivid pigeon blood ruby and royal blue sapphire that are mainly unheated. We only select stones that boast a breathtaking depth of colour to ensure each piece is truly unique and beautiful.

3. How does the customisation process work at GIOIA Fine Jewellery?

Our customisation process is meticulous, ensuring each piece is a wearable work of art. From initial inspiration to final design, the creation of a custom piece spans multiple weeks to months. It involves close collaboration between our designer and master craftsman to ensure every detail is perfect. Each diamond and gemstone is skillfully matched in proportion, resulting in a bespoke piece that is flawless and unique.

4. How can I start the process of designing a custom piece with GIOIA Fine Jewellery?

To begin designing a custom piece, you can visit our boutique or contact us through our website. Our team will guide you through the entire process, from selecting the perfect gemstones to finalising the design. We work closely with you to ensure your vision is brought to life in a beautifully crafted, bespoke piece of jewellery.

Emerald Vivid Green non oil and insignificant earring jewellery High Jewelry Emerald Earring Jewellery
High Jewelry Emerald Earring