Ruby Sapphire Ring Ribbon Inspired Fine Jewellery

Ruby Sapphire Rings

Ruby Pigeon Blood & Sapphire Royal Blue Sapphire Bespoke Fine Jewellery - Inspired by the ribbon bow design, creating own heirloom Ruby & Sapphire jewellery
Ruby Sapphire Ring

Ruby Pigeon Blood & Sapphire Royal Blue Ring

Are you looking for signature rings with ruby and sapphire? Why not opt for a stellar piece of jewellery to adorn your fingers? The plush looking ruby sapphire ring can make a heart-melting gift. You can find the same combination of gems in another variant of this heirloom jewellery.

Royal Blue Sapphire Ring

Featuring royal blue sapphire the most sought-after colour shade in blue sapphire. The intense blue colour of the sapphire ring adds a royal touch to the intricate design. The unheated solitaire sapphire gem is complemented with strings of sparkling diamonds arranged in loops over the sapphire in the form of a bow. A quaint tiny pink spinel sitting prettily on one side of the ring breaks the monotony of this stunning bespoke ring.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Ring

Finest quality and eye-catching vivid red pigeon blood ruby. The fiery red ruby sits as the crown in the centre of the ring and has a miniature sapphire crafted beside it. Both these timeless gem-studded rings can be passed on for generations to come. You can swear by the cut, colour and clarity of every gemstone used in crafting the ring. Symmetrical and practical, these fine quality rings exuberate style and elegance. The white gold base gives each of these jewellery pieces a robust appearance, boasting a shape that smoothly glides into your finger. Representative of love and luxury, these brilliantly designed ruby sapphire rings can either be worn as single pieces or worn together as stacked beauties to form a jewelled band on your finger.

Bespoke Statement Ruby Sapphire Ring

Ruby sapphire ring design for generation to come

This heirloom statement ruby sapphire rings were design by a lady to create a one-of-a-kind jewellery for both her daughters. The jewellery piece can be nothing less than the finest quality of ruby and sapphire. Bespoke design a pair of sentimental jewellery that will never go out of style.

Surprise your beloved wife on your wedding anniversary or gift it to your soul sister or your beloved mother to make her birthday special. This bespoke ruby sapphire ring can make a cherished ornament for gifting anyone on any occasion.

Ruby Pigeon Blood & Sapphire Royal Blue Sapphire Bespoke Fine Jewellery - Inspired by the ribbon bow design, creating own heirloom Ruby & Sapphire jewellery
Ruby Sapphire Stackable Fine Jewellery
Imperial Topaz Tiara Ring

Imperial Topaz

Imperial Topaz unique coloured shade of Golden to Orangy Pink Gemstone. November birthstone jewellery, unlike common blue colour shade | Customised Jewellery
Imperial Topaz Tiara Ring

Imperial Topaz a Royalty Coloured Gem

This stunning imperial topaz birthstone ring is sure to arouse interest in the onlookers. The amalgamation of imperial topaz and diamond accents dazzles and delights. Featuring a tiara design with pave round brilliance diamond in a tapered form outwards to the band. Contemporary design with yellow prongs securing the imperial topaz and white gold band.

Birthstone Jewellery with Sentimental Value

This birthstone jewellery was custom made to celebrate the birth of the couple newborn child who is born in the month of November. Crafted in a timeless design, this exquisite bespoke ring will certainly bring a little bling to every occasion.

Imperial Topaz History

We all know that topaz is one of the common crystal and semi-precious gems that we can find. Moreover, it is quite affordable common in many retailers. Imperial topaz on the other hand falls in an entirely different league. It is a precious variant and is adored even by the Queen of Portugal. It has a unique peachy pink to an orangey golden shade. There was a time when this gemstone was reserved only for royalty and hence it was called the Imperial Topaz.   

Unique Golden to Peach Colour Shade

The golden-yellow shade can look similar to yellow sapphire or yellow diamond. However, the golden shade is much superior to the yellow. Peachy-pink shade can look similar to rarest of all sapphire; padparadscha sapphire, do not be deceived by its unique colour shade! Peachy pink is one of the more desired colour in imperial topaz.

The shade of Imperial Topaz is indeed versatile. It is a November birthstone just like Citrine. It’s just that the golden hue of topaz is much brighter and seems luxurious. This exquisitely crafted ring has been customised with a halo of a round brilliant diamond. The ascent of the diamond is couture to the oval-shaped imperial topaz thereby rendering a unique golden shade exuding extra brilliance. The gem has been precisely cut to showcase the well-defined facet. It undoubtedly has the perfect amount of eye-catching elegance and sparkle.    

Imperial Topaz unique coloured shade of Golden to Orangy Pink Gemstone. November birthstone jewellery, unlike common blue colour shade | Customised Jewellery
Imperial Topaz Halo Diamond Ring
Blue Sapphire Modern Astrology Men's Ring - Royal Blue Sapphire unheated with Amethyst Diamond

Modern Men’s Ring

Make this Father’s day a special one with a personalise and contemporary custom-made modern men’s ring. This ring encased in champagne gold oozes style. With a yellow sapphire sitting neatly on the gleaming band, this finger ring is set to define one’s unique style statement. Wish to gift your man an ornament of love for daily wear? Jewellery does not necessarily be solely a ladies thing, crafted for men of all ages, this one-off bespoke piece is worth the buy!  

Featuring an unheated vivid Royal Blue sapphire modern men’s ring. Design with element of astrology with trio amethyst on both side with round brilliance diamond.

Blue Sapphire Modern Astrology Men's Ring
Sapphire Astrology Men’s Ring

Custom made Ring

The light tone of yellow adorns the ring-like peaking streams of sunlight at dawn. The smooth contour of the symmetrically carved out ring makes adds to its brilliance. The band’s finishing in a brush matt tone exuberates a trendy and sleek polish to the organic jewellery piece. Blended with champagne gold polish, the ring offers a dapper look to the masculine hands. Be it for any occasion, this men’s jewellery ring qualifies as a stellar choice regardless of who wears it. 

Sapphire Men’s Ring

The modern sapphire ring for men has been customized with a yellow-coloured high-grade sapphire cut in an octagonal shape. Unlike the classic cushion, this modified emerald step-cut exhibits a prominent brilliance from its rectilinear facets. While the shape of this precious crowning gem adds to the dimension of the ring, the unheated sapphire glistens in its character. The non-conventional positioning of the sapphire adds valour to this exclusive piece of men’s jewellery. 

Contemporary modern men’s ring that complement any outfit

If you are searching for gifting options, this sapphire men’s ring can make a stunning accessory to be gifted to your beloved. Neither too broad nor too dainty, this classy design is a perfect choice to match your man’s style and modern sense. The best part is that it can complement any outfit without making one look out of place. A ring any day makes a safer option, especially when you’re shopping for personlised jewellery for men or a custom-made ring yourself.

Yellow Sapphire Modern Men's Ring
Contemporary Men’s Ring
Birthstone Gem Cross Pendant

Gemstone Cross Pendant

Gemstone Cross Pendant - Christian Birthstone Jewellery
Birthstone Gemstone Cross Pendant

These uniquely designed gemstone cross pendant studded with personalised birthstones can gracefully highlight your neckline. A stunning piece of jewellery to gift your best friend or your beloved sister, this classic design symbolises the Christian crucifix cross. A playful match of coloured gemstone brings out the wearer’s unique style and jewellery accessories for daily outfit.

Customised Cross Pendant

The cross icon is highly regarded by followers of Christianity as a protective shield to safeguard the wearer from evil. This customised pendant dotted with precious birthstones radiates positivity from every angle. The quality stones prettify this contemporarily designed cross pendant. You can choose from a range of birthstones specific to your birth month, or your favourite variety of coloured gem!

Heart shape pink sapphire the birth month of September, allow it to sit at the centre of this pendant. Exuberating its sun-kissed halo created by the rose gold frame clutching it well. Coupled with eye-shaped marquise, blue sapphire and turquoise tourmaline gemstones.

Trilliant shape bluish green turquoise tourmaline, the birth month of October. This unique shape sat nicely at the centre of this pendant with a classic three prong subtle crawls. These cross pendants cast a magical spell in its non-traditional design with a touch of personalised birthstones.

Birthstone Coloured Gems

Reflecting the everlasting bond of pure love and togetherness, the premium birthstones on the pendant showcase celebration of relationships and life. These pair of cross pendant was custom made with the presence of cousins, the centre gem representing each other birthstone. The vivid colours add to the flow and vivacity of a deep connection with faith. Not the usually classic plain christian cross pedant with round brilliance diamond. Simple, yet beautiful, these customised cross pendant arranged in a gem string, dotted with golden dewdrops is a hallmark of purity. Sport it anytime, anywhere!

Snowflake Wedding Jewellery Pendant Sidianjin Wedding Jewellery

Snowflake Wedding Jewellery

Snowflake Wedding Jewellery in Bracelet and Necklace Pendant Si Dian Jin - Customised Design with Coloured gemstone and diamond to modern wedding Jewelry.
Snowflake Bracelet – Si Dian Jin

Si Dian Jin Wedding Jewellery set with Snowflake Inspiration

Snowflake Initial Bracelet – Si Dian Jin

Gift your bride-to-be a lifetime of love and togetherness with this uber-cool snowflake wedding jewellery bracelet and pendant. Symbolic of a thousand promises, the yin and yang inspired bracelet design is symbolic of the challenges, balance and stability that surrounds wedlock. Borrowing from the initial proposal ring design that sported the teal spinel as its centre of attraction. This bracelet has been customised with a touch of personalised detailing to accompany the wedding jewellery as a Si Dian Jin Jewellery. The green and icy coloured jade
boasts of their snowball shapes only to enhance this elegant jewellery piece. The rose gold crowns shaped as snowflakes stand out as a bold feature.

Snowflake Pendant – Si Dian Jin

Complementing the bracelet wedding jewellery is the bold snowflake pendant featuring true to its theme. Featuring a cabochon icy jade, the pendant is stringed with snowflakes drizzling love and the spirit of joy. This exceptional one-of-a-kind pendant bring fond memories of romantic dates. Add a whiff of warmth to the cold holiday season with this beautiful pendant. Designed in dual coloured metal, the white gold narrates the snowfall story while the rose gold surrounds it with a snug blanket. A fine piece of wedding jewellery, the pendant is speckled with multi-coloured gems to match the spirit of this contemporary ornament. The little rounded teal blue spinel and aquamarine marquise-shaped gems adorn the pendant with their arresting charm. With a tier-like appearance, the snowflakes descend in style adding to the elan of this glorious neckpiece.

Modern Si Dian Jin Wedding Jewellery

Traditional Si Dian Jin “Four Touch of Gold”, are usual classic 916 and 999 gold which tends to be much chunkier and tradition crafting design. This modern contemporary wedding jewellery allow the bride wear them as a daily casual accessories. These fashion style with combination of subtle white gold and rose gold design and precious coloured gemstone bring out the modern character of the bride. With unique personalised touch, each and individual piece of Si Dian Jin Wedding Jewellery is a stunning and custom designed for the modern-day bride.

Snowflake Wedding Jewellery in Bracelet and Necklace Pendant Si Dian Jin - Customised Design with Coloured gemstone and diamond to modern wedding Jewelry.
Snowflake Pendant Necklace – Si Dian Jin
Catholic Pendant - Emerald Jewellery

Catholic Pendant

Catholic Pendant - Emerald Jewellery
Catholic Pendant – None Oil Emerald

None Oil Emerald Catholic Pendant

Catholic religious jewellery plays a crucial role in our spiritual lives. They are a unique way of expressing our faith and our ardent devotion to God. This bespoke catholic pendant was customised with a personalised touch. It serves as a reminder to put our faith in all our actions and to share the love of God with everyone around us. This exquisite pendant is an amalgamation of precious rare none oil emerald gem with faith. Undoubtedly an magnificent fine jewellery piece to treasure for decades of years to come.

This catholic religious pendant is certainly one of a kind and signifies Devotion, Love, and Faith. A lot of brainstorming has been done to design this piece of jewellery that celebrates faith and spirituality. The oval shape mimics the original image of Mother Mary revealed to St. Catherine Laboure in 1830. The Heavenly Mother revealed her true form within an oval frame standing upon the world emitting rays of light. Crafted in classic yellow gold, this pendant consists of dual pave diamond in an oval-shaped structure. In addition, the center emerald was surrounded with four princess cut diamonds in a cross position resembling a crucifix.

Catholic Religious Pendant

This catholic pendant bears with it a promise of blessings of both the Holy Father and Heavenly Mother Mary to those who wear it with utmost faith. The bespoke design has a unique flair with a sparkling emerald at the centre with composites of diamonds shimmering along the edges. Emerald known for its exceptional vivd green with a tint of blue. Emerald is the birthstone for month of May, which is also birth month of the wearer.

Family Birthstone Cluster Ring

Family Birthstone Ring

Family Cluster Birthstone Ring

Birthstone Cluster Ring

Heirloom jewellery, customised with family birthstones

The family cluster birthstone ring was customised with notable precious gems, absolutely dazzling and delightful. It is a cocktail of Burma Royal Blue Sapphire, Padparadscha sapphire, and none oil emerald, a treasure trove of rare gems. In fact, there is a beautiful reason hidden this cluster design. It is a family cluster ring that consists of birthstones of both parents and their daughter. Emerald gemstone signifies the daughter’s birthstone in this family cluster ring, and both the parents’ birth month gem.

Family Birthstone

This customised design consists of three of the rarest and sought after gems. The birthstone Emerald for the month of May, has a mesmerising vivid green shade. Sapphire which does not necessary come in blue colour shade, the orange-pink padparadscha is also dad’s favourite colour. Both unheated corundum sapphire for the month of September, is one of a kind.

Above all, this exquisite birthstone ring not only signifies the love of the parents for their daughter but also signifies the special bond that they share. This bespoke ring is indeed a sentimental jewellery that take up the most room in your heart.

The design has been completed with an elegant row of pave diamonds on the band and connecting to the three birthstone gems. The shimmering round brilliance diamonds add to the beauty in this expertly cluster ring. This captivating family birthstone ring has been polished to a natural white champagne gold and is certainly a look that the beloved daughter of the couple would cherish.  

Family Statement Jewellery

The overall design is clearly sophisticated with extraordinary gems and holds boundless emotions within the family. A family statement jewellery with three most desirable gems and value to pass it down as heirloom jewellery. This birthstone cluster ring marks the beginning of a family story and is tied to opulence. It will always hold a special meaning for the family that had it customised from us. 

Birthstone Ring – Emerald & Sapphire
Family Cluster Ring – Heirloom Jewellery
Ballerina Jewellery art deco Design ring with cluster diamond

Ballerina Jewellery

Ballerina Jewellery design with cluster diamond
Ballerina Jewellery Design

Allow her to skirt her panache! That’s the dancing thought that this dazzling ballerina designer ring leaves you with. Crafted with a unique bluish green piece of precious teal sapphire, this is an alluring piece of ballerina jewellery you’ll instantly add to your list of prized possessions for sure.

Ballerina Jewellery Design

This vintage ballerina inspired jewellery piece, is indeed to claim its well-deserved space into your treasure cove. 

Inspired by beauty, this ballerina jewellery creation can make an enthralling bequest. This eye-catching vintage style ring is certainly coming back into fashion with its bold and outstanding appearance. So, if you are looking for that perfect ornament to compliment your special outfit, you can slip this Ballerina sapphire ring into your fingers with closed eyes. 

The unheated teal sapphire in octagonal shape symbolises a woman’s strength and balance, while the diamonds embedded around it represent the charming dancer twirling elegantly in her ‘tutu skirt’. The marquise eye-shaped diamonds in combination with the rounded splendours and long-stemmed shimmering diamonds intermittently cross paths. The fancy shapes diamonds resemblance a halo design surrounding the exceptional teal sapphire gracefully. It is the asymmetry that lends a character to the unpredictable yet steady and stylish ballerina to tip-toe in her glory.

Ballerina Jewellery design with cluster diamond, customised with baguette, marquises, round diamond. Unique vintage art deco design with Sapphire gem jewellery
Teal Sapphire Ring – Ballerina Jewellery

Vintage art deco inspiration

This timeless elegant piece of art deco jewellery is crafted to bequeath an everlasting grin on its owner’s appearance. The sparkling diamonds encircling the ring displays a mix of femininity and confidence. The rose gold band of the Ballerina design ring foils its overall appearance with a majestic glow. Be it a princess gown or a chic dress, this customised jewellery definitely makes a befitting choice to complement any attire. 

The arresting design of this exclusive jewellery piece is a rosette of beauty, from time to time you can flaunt whenever and wherever you want! Finally, get ready to embellish your free will with this sterling ballerina ring jewellery. 

Ballerina Aquamarine Pendant

Inspired by beauty, this modern ballerina pendant is created with a unique lozenge diamond shape aquamarine. The unique diamond cut aquamarine was inspired by the ballerina design with marquise and tapered diamond. The bail of the pendant was skilfully conceal by an inverted pear shape diamond.

Aquamarine Lozenge Diamond Shape with Ballerina Inspired Marquise Baguette Pear Diamond Pendant
Lozenge Aquamarine Ballerina Pendant
Featuring a vivid blue sapphire gem with cluster blue spinel and marquise shaped diamond design. Exceptional Sapphire engagement ring customised unique design.

Vivid Blue Sapphire

Featuring a vivid blue sapphire gem with cluster blue spinel and marquise shaped diamond design. Exceptional Sapphire engagement ring customised unique design.
Vivid Blue Sapphire with Cluster Spinel & Marquise Diamond

Vivid Blue Sapphire With Cluster Spinel And Marquises Diamond

Revelling in its intense tone, the vivid blue sapphire with cluster spinel and marquises diamond exhibits the imperial legacy of sapphires. Designed like a floral tiara, the frame is ready to crown your fingers with a solid saturated blue-hued oval sapphire. The concentrated royal blue colour beholds intense passion, regal glory and a poised mount. This engagement ring glistens vivid shades of blue when it refracts light caressing its surface.

Vivid Blue Sapphire

It is the quality of the stone that lends the vivid blue sapphire ring its uniqueness.

Even as a first-time buyer, you can make out the difference in the quality of the gem. It is essential to not be deceived by the intensity of the blue colour. Not every dark blue sapphire is vivid blue. It is the perfect blend of the blue hue with its lustre that makes this sapphire stand out as a brilliant piece.  The natural lustre of the sapphire and its vibrance can determine its high-quality. An inferior stone may have the same colour but lack the sheen and gloriousness when compared to the real vivid blue gem.

Sapphire Engagement Ring

Cluster round bluish spinel and marquise diamond encase the vivid blue sapphire, giving it that complete look. Whether you want to gift it to your fiancé or beloved wife, this intricately designed piece of fine jewellery is the best accessory you can think of to reach your special one’s heart. It radiates warmth without any clutter. The diamonds matching the tone of the sapphire render the ring immaculate. The string of diamonds on the band is plated in white gold and carved in a floral theme, enhancing this engagement ring’s beauty manifold times. Last but not least, you can’t miss the rose gold band that completes the look with its subtle shimmer.

Vivid Blue Sapphire with Cluster Spinel & Marquise Diamond
Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Santa Maria Africa coloured Aquamarine Engagement Ring, unique princess step cut aquamarine gem is customised with round brilliant cluster diamond - Singapore
Aquamarine Engagement Ring

This true blue beauty aquamarine engagement ring shines brilliantly with diamond ascents. The saturation of the unique shade is intensified with its strategic positioning and the added sparkle of the periphery of diamonds.

Aquamarine Santa Maria 

Aquamarine is immensely popular for its cool water blue shade and is also known as the “water of the sea” gemstone. It belongs to the beryl family. Pink Morganite, green emerald, and blue aquamarine all belong to the beryl group. Aquamarine is the birthstone for month of March, one of the coloured gem you cannot miss if your are born in March! The calming blue gem has gain many recognition as it was wore by members of royal family. Aquamarine is one of the coloured gem that jewellery lovers and collector would definitely own.

Aquamarine is mined in handful locations around the world including Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar. Brazil produces the finest and the rarest quality of aquamarines. It is a highly sought after aquamarine in the world and popular as Santa Maria de Itabira. The vivid blue shade of Santa Maria aquamarine has a rare saturation which makes it one of a kind. 

Rapid mining activities have exhausted the mines in Santa Maria. It barely produces any aquamarine. However, in recent years, certain new pockets have been found that resemble the shade of aquamarine found in African mines. These gemstones have a unique colour saturation that is unparalleled and exceptional, the source of the Santa Maria alike aquamarine is known as the Santa Maria African.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

This engagement ring that we have designed is equally unique as it features a rare shade of aquamarine. To showcase the unique shape we have the symmetric princess shape designed in a compass position. Featuring a princess step cut, this Santa Maria African Aquamarine was designed with side cluster round brilliant diamonds accompanying the central gem.

Santa Maria Africa coloured Aquamarine Engagement Ring, unique princess step cut aquamarine gem is customised with round brilliant cluster diamond - Singapore
Santa Maria Aquamarine Ring