Fairytale Jewellery - Princess Jasmine Pendant

Fairytale Jewellery Pendant

Fairytale Pendant Jewellery

This fairytale jewellery inspired pendant has been customised by a gentleman for his beloved wife who is fond of Princess Jasmine character in the show “Aladdin”. The customised pendant draws inspiration from Middle-Eastern and Arab structures and has been designed to resemble a moon. This detailed and meaningful design would remind his wife of the instance where Prince Ali took Princess Jasmine on a magic carpet ride in the night showing her a whole new world around offering a mesmerising view of the surroundings.

Birthstone Jewellery

The central gemstone in this fairytale design is a tourmaline that features a bluish-green shade and resembles the shade of the dress which Princess Jasmine adorns. It has a unique trilliant shape which not just brings about the brilliance in the gem but also resembles the trilliant shape earring that Jasmine wore in the show. Moreover, the trilliant shape tourmaline is the birthstone of the lady for whom it has been designed for. The round bluish violet Tanzanite is the birthstone of the gentleman born in the month of December. 

Customised Jewellery

Customised jewellery conveys undying love for an individual. The gentleman has sent the message straight by the extent to which he has gone just to surprise his beloved wife. This unique and one of a kind anniversary pendant was thoughtfully designed and delicately crafted. If you have someone to impress or share your deep love for, then schedule a discussion with our expert team of designers who are going to brainstorm ideas to breathe life into any special moment of your life.  

Fairytale Pendant Jewellery, features a bluish-green shade and resembles the shade of the dress which Princess Jasmine adorns. This magical pendant draws inspiration from Middle-Eastern and Arab structures. Customised fine jewellery with unique fairytale design.
Art Deco Tanzanite Fine Jewellery Pendant with Pearl Tessel

Art Deco Tanzanite Pendant

Featuring an exceptional Art Deco jewel is a breath-taking piece of statement jewellery. Center gem is a vivid violetish blue tanzanite in an oval design with an art deco symmetrical and geometric look. Tanzanite chosen to be the birthstone gem for the month of December. Bespoke fine jewellery in GIOIA Fine Jewellery.
Art Deco Tanzanite Pendant

Glistening with feminine appeal, this elusive pendant featuring an exceptional Art Deco jewel is a breath-taking piece of statement jewellery that will last beyond a century as a family treasure heirloom. Art Deco also popular as Arts Décoratifs is a style of decorative art developed originally in the 1920s in France before World War I. The style witnessed a revival in the 1960s and is a visual art featuring bold geometric and curvilinear forms that have sharply defined outlines. Art Deco style has influenced the design of fashion, fine jewellery, buildings, fashion, and even everyday objects.

Bespoke Art Deco Jewellery

This exquisite piece of jewellery has been crafted in Art Deco design and customised in white gold with pave outline metalwork. There is also a trend of natural white gold with a subtle faint yellow gold as the intense yellow gold design seems a little out of style for such art deco design. Several reputed fine jewellery makers over the years have created breath-taking pieces with art deco elements incorporated within. It has been noted in auctions that renowned jewellery makers over the years have chosen sapphires, rubies, and emeralds while designing art deco statement pieces.  

Featuring an exceptional Art Deco jewel is a breath-taking piece of statement jewellery. Center gem is a vivid violetish blue tanzanite in an oval design with an art deco symmetrical and geometric look. Tanzanite chosen to be the birthstone gem for the month of December. Bespoke fine jewellery in GIOIA Fine Jewellery.
Art Deco Jewellery with Pearl Tassel

Tanzanite Pendant

The pendant design features a vivid violetish blue tanzanite in an oval modified brilliant shape with an art deco symmetrical and geometric look. Tanzanite is chosen to be the birthstone gem for the month of December, it has a unique violet-blue to greyish-violet shade and can only be found in Tanzania. This fine jewellery has been designed with a bold colour contrast between the geometric outline and the violet-blue tanzanite. The pave halo diamond surrounding the striking and magnificent tanzanite outlines the curvy shape of the oval gem with a touch of modern style with the geometric princess shape.

This bespoke design is a true inspiration and captivates the hearts of people with dazzling and richly hued gemstones. The design is versatile and has a luxurious sparkle. It can be worn as daily work jewellery reflecting the confidence and success in work. We have provided an option to dangle it with Akoya seed pearl tassels to render an elegant and classy look to be paired with any sophisticated evening gown. This exceptional design is breath-taking statement jewellery that can last beyond centuries as a family treasure heirloom. It has a striking look exuding undeniable glamour from every inch.

Featuring an exceptional Art Deco jewel is a breath-taking piece of statement jewellery. Center gem is a vivid violetish blue tanzanite in an oval design with an art deco symmetrical and geometric look. Tanzanite chosen to be the birthstone gem for the month of December. Bespoke fine jewellery in GIOIA Fine Jewellery.
Bespoke Fine Jewellery Design
Blue Sapphire Vintage Floral Ring with Halo Diamond

Vintage Floral Sapphire Ring

Vintage Floral Sapphire Ring with Halo Diamond - Customised Engagement Ring showcasing vivid blue oval natural sapphire gemstone. Custom made in rose gold band, the fine milgrain detailing has a vintage vibe flowing from each part of the ring. Customised Jewellery for wedding engagement in Singapore
Vintage Floral Sapphire Ring

Seal your commitment with this beguiling sapphire engagement ring. Crafted in a glamorous design, this customised design showcases a vivid blue sapphire secured in the center in eight prongs setting. This vintage floral engagement ring has been customised in the presence of a couple. The vivid oval-shaped blue sapphire exudes brilliance in all angles. The couple was looking for a one-of-a-kind timeless design. The halo diamond setting around the sapphire turns the design into a dazzling surprise. The fine milgrain detailing has a vintage vibe flowing from each part of the ring. The matt finishing on the band is simply alluring.

Vintage Floral Design      

With bright polished shine and brilliant colour, this engagement ring is surely destined to become your beloved’s most treasured pieces. The customised design features a diamond band connecting to the halo diamonds surrounded with milgrain finishing. The polished rim connects it to the coordinating matt finishing band. This distinct design has been uniquely crafted with all the fine details resembling a vintage flower from the top view. The brilliant sapphire, frame, shimmering diamond accents complete the ensemble and turn it into an eye-catching piece worth flaunting.   

Customised Bangle Birthstone with coloured gemstone and akoya pearl

Customised Bangle

The subtle styling of this open bangle bracelet is demure as well as enthralling with its arrangement of clustered gemstones and Akoya pearls. It has been customised from a gentleman for his beloved wife as a push present. At GIOIA, we went to the selection of coloured gem and design discussion, with different ideas and design concept, we manage to conclude the final design swiftly and custom made as a surprise push present.  The coloured gems included in the design are aquamarine and unheated ruby. Both of these have been designed in a bezel setting with a modern arrangement. The gemstones and pearls represent the birthstones of the members of the family.

Customised Bangle – Birthstone

This refreshing design adorns the wrist with an elegant touch of colour and comes personalized with family birthstones. The bangle is slender, solid, and has been crafted in white gold rendering it ideal for daily wear. It is stylish and will pair well with different outfits. It has been designed to feature a minimalist design. This statement piece represents the love and devotion that the gentleman has for his wife. It shows how much he appreciates and cherishes her presence in his life.

Personalised Family Birthstone Bangle 

This eye-catching elegant design exudes a colourful look and has been finished with a bright polished shine. It will add some sophisticated spunk to any evening wear with its fashion-forward pearl and multi-stone gemstone arrangement. This fabulous detailing is sure to grab the attention of the lady it has been designed for. It would certainly make a fabulous present for the woman who is bearing the children of the man who is deeply in love with her. It would also mark the beginning of an incredible journey towards parenthood for the couple. Each time the lady would wear the bangle on her wrist, it would constantly remind her of the amazing connection she has with her husband and their beloved children.   

Birthstone Ruby Aquamarine Akoya Pearl – Bangle
Ruby Diamond Pendant - Wedding Jewellery

Ruby Wedding Jewellery

Ruby Pendant – Wedding Jewellery

This vividly designed ruby pendent is a perfect wedding gift with a sentimental meaning contained in the design. It features a unique pigeon blood ruby in a jewellery pendant customised from the sisters of the bride. The design carries their warm wishes and blessings for their beloved sister entering into wedlock. The sisters of the bride were looking for a precious ruby gem that could signify the special role of a sister. The design not just features an elegant pendant but is packed with emotion and unconditional love the sisters have for each other.

Customised Ruby Pendant

This customised pendant has been designed with the most elusive marquise shape diamond to add a touch of brilliance to the vivid red ruby. It exhibits an air of elegance chic for the modern bride. It truly makes a grand gesture and is truly a stunner. The captivating design makes it a perfect present for the bride of the decade. Crafted in a sleek design, this pendant would remind the bridge of the precious moments that she has shared with her sisters. This elegant and timeless design is complete with pigeon blood ruby that is truly unique and sparkling. This custom design pendant will never go out of style and would be a long-lasting piece of jewellery that can be passed down as heirloom jewellery for the next generation. This dazzling and richly hued design is a true reminder of the pure bond and love between siblings.      

Tanzanite Cluster Ring with stackable wedding bands

Tanzanite Wedding Ring

Tanzanite Wedding Rings

This design is an exceptional engagement ring featuring a cushion Tanzanite as the main gem, customised in a cluster design with diamond, marquise pink sapphire and Paraiba Tourmaline. This unique design has been opted by a couple, where we started off from the selection of Tanzanite and cluster coloured gem to the overall design of the engagement ring, followed by the wedding bands. They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The couple who had this wedding ring customised truly found beauty in the cluster of gemstones.

Customised Wedding Rings

What was challenging was that the customised design required more detailing than any other solitaire gemstone ring. The arrangement of gemstones and the ring colour combination demanded intense brainstorming sessions. The couple also opted for a wedding band which could be stacked with the engagement ring. They wanted the design to stack seamlessly rather than leaving any gap between the rings.

Customised Wedding Bands

The wedding band for the man, might not have Tanzanite similar as the ladies engagement ring, it has been designed and artistically crafted to match with the ladies band. This set features pretty, shimmering engagement ring and bands of love. The ladies band is slender and has been gently curved to be stackable with the engagement ring. It has been polished to a bright shine and is certain to be cherished. The look is unique with the milgrain pave rose gold, gives a touch of vintage feel for the modern wedding band. The wedding band for the gentleman features a simple yet sophisticated look. This elegant set chosen by the couple is an outward celebration of the loving commitment they have for each other. 

Customised Wedding Bands
High Jewelry Emerald With Pear Halo Diamond Ring

High Jewelry Emerald

High Jewelry – Emerald Ring

Regal and exceptional, this luxury high jewelry has been crafted from the rarest form of none oil emerald. The magnificent beauty of 3.77 carats exudes class in every possible way. The elegance of this exquisite ring and rich emerald green is a symbol of timeless luxury.

Emerald Ring

Handcrafted with unparalleled sophistication, securing the extraordinary emerald gem is the double sharp crawls, design in yellow gold bringing the masterpiece to new heights.

The overall look of this bespoke design is truly enthralling and a new frontier of artistry with the centre emerald gem surrounded by pear shape diamonds in one direction, unique spiral effect brings all attention to the breath-taking vivid green emerald. Pave of taped diamonds band on each side, give a stunning finishing touch.

Customised Fine Jewellery

This fine jewellery emerald ring has been meticulously designed with an eye for detail and perfection. It features a high jewellery look and has been beautifully crafted to be worn as a wearable work of art and a legacy heirloom jewellery. This exceptional design has breath-taking fancy detailing with diamonds skillfully matched in proportion for crafting a perfect design.

It takes multiple weeks to finalise the jewellery design to perfection right from the moment of the initial inspiration. High-level of coordination between our designer and master craftsman during the customised process to the final creation of this magnificent jewel.

None Oil Emerald Ring
Tanzanite Engagement Ring

Tanzanite unheated Engagement Ring

Tanzanite Engagement Ring

This engagement ring features a dazzling tanzanite gemstone that has been customised for the couple. Tanzanite is one of the most unique gems available today, featuring a one-of-a-kind greyish and violet shade.  The gem in this design is unheated without heat treatment. This stunning ring is sure to make jaws drop with its mixture of colour shade and brilliance. The attractive and unique gemstone was crafted in rose gold ring which imparts warmth to the overall design.

Customised Engagement Ring

Design of the ring consists of side diamonds set beside the main Tanzanite. The couple who opted for this customised design spent time in discussing the fine details for their once in a lifetime and memorable event of their life. The gentleman tweaked the design a bit to have additional diamonds set on the sideband underneath the Tanzanite. This stunning colourful engagement ring is both classically elegant and eye-catching. Lively in colour, this tanzanite ring is surely going to attract a lot of curious onlookers.  

Alexandrite Flora Leaves with Halo Diamond Ring

Alexandrite Gem

Alexandrite Colour Change Gem

Alexandrite is immensely popular for its colour changing phenomenon. The gem changes its colours under different lighting. It appears green under fluorescent light and reddish-purple under incandescent light. Hence it is popular as Emerald by day & Ruby by night. You may not find the stone attractive at first sight. However, it is treasured and appraised by several gem collectors. If you have a thing for rare things, or a unique proposal ring customised with colour change gem, then you will certainly fall in love with this precious gem.

Alexandrite – Green to Reddish Violet

Alexandrite displays a myriad of colours under ambient and natural daylight lighting. The colour range varies between green and reddish-purple. The Alexandrite that we featured is one of the most sought after gem owing to its rarity and qualities. Alexandrite is the most valuable Chrysoberyl gemstone that is sourced from Brazil, Madagascar, India, and Sri Lanka. The per carat price of fine quality Alexandrite is comparable or even higher than emeralds and rubies. This is because such precious gems are extremely rare and usually available in only small carat size.

Alexandrite – Colour Change

Not all Alexandrite gems exhibit a distinct change in colour. There is a variation from green to reddish-purple. It is quite tough to find quality alexandrite gems these days especially the ones than change their colour from green to red distinctly. In order to retain the rarity, most of such rare gems are not cut proportionally for retaining the maximum carat weight. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we have a variety of cuts and shapes in our collection, you can choose from oval, cushion. These stones are difficult to source and usually demand additional cutting work to achieve a well balanced brilliance.

Like all natural gemstones, Alexandrite come with natural inclusions too. This helps gemologists’ to distinguish between a synthetic and natural gem. Not all alexandrite stones are transparent. Most of them are cloudy or opaque, due to its inclusion. Alexandrite is the birthstone for the month of June along with moonstone and pearl.    

Flora Milgrain Ring

This alluring flora milgrain ring features round spinel gemstones on either side of Alexandrite. The greenish teal spinel represents the Alexandrite under fluorescent light and reddish-purple spinel under incandescent light. The central Alexandrite has halo diamonds set around it so as to resemble a flower. In the process of customised design, we added fine milgrain detailing like floral vines on the sidebands to render a natural theme to the overall designing. The round brilliance of diamonds is going to stun everyone along with the perfect amalgamation of Alexandrite and spinel.   

Alexandrite Flora Milgrain Ring
Pink Sapphire with Constellation Wedding Bands

Constellation Wedding Rings

Constellation Wedding Ring – Stackable

Constellation wedding bands hint that both your meeting with your loved one was truly written in the stars. These wedding rings are unusual and truly wonderful. Elegantly and beautifully designed with the presence of both the lovely couple. These are customised with a personal touch and have been delicately crafted to stand out. This constellation wedding rings were customised to signify many precious moments the couple lived and cherished.

Constellation Wedding Bands

The couple wedding bands have been customised in a constellation pattern and the stars are represented by the precious, sparkling gemstones that align with the colour scheme of the engagement ring. Featuring the stars in the lovely night sky seen from the exact time and remind the couple of such memorable moments. The engagement band can be stacked with the wedding ring to provide a design that is unique in itself.  The ring looks beautiful on its own and also mounts beautifully when stacked.

Constellation Wedding Bands

Customised Engagement Ring

The engagement ring feature oval pink sapphires that have excellent brilliance and sparkle. They shine from all angles. The pink sapphire used for the lady’s ring has a slight tinge of violet. The saturation is on the higher side thereby making it a unique gem having an exceptional shade of pink. The sapphire engagement ring has been designed to sit in between two pear-shaped diamonds. The customised setting of this trilogy ring in rose gold renders the design brilliant. On the side of this trilogy ring, it was framed with both couple’s initial giving a personal touch in this engagement ring.

Constellation Wedding Rings – Pink Sapphire