customised brown diamond full eternity ring

Custom made champagne diamond to a unique full eternity ring? Customised wedding bands with this special coloured diamonds?

Brown diamond and its value

Brown diamonds are also known, as “champagne” or “chocolate” diamonds. They comes in different colour shades of brown to champagne, and are much more affordable.

Brown diamonds, are mine together with white diamonds. In fact in the process of mining, more than 80% are brown diamonds, therefore there’s a significant reduction in price as compared to white diamonds.

Colours of brown diamond

The 4Cs of diamonds, are crucial when choosing an ideal diamond. Carat, Colour, Cut and Clarity, as for brown diamond, Colour is the most important consideration. Just like coloured gemstone, brown diamond comes in a wide range of hue and saturation.

They might be less attractive and less glimmer as white diamond. Ranging from light brown to deep chocolate colour, brown diamond have much to offer in many fine jewellery. They are eye-catching in simple earring stud, pendant, and of caused stunning wedding engagement ring.

In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, you can customised these unique diamonds to different unique jewellery. More of our latest updates, in the Highlights!


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