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6 Customised Ring Setting

Customised Ring Setting to Unique Inspired Design

Now that you have chosen the ideal gem, either cushion royal blue sapphire or greyish spinel. The customised ring setting is more than just a means of securing the precious gem in place. It plays an important part in the design of the jewellery, a key point to note during the process of engagement ring, which either brings out the brilliance in the stone or waste it.

custom setting ring Imperial Topaz Tiara Ring
Prongs Customised Ring Setting

Claw/Prong Setting

The classic setting is commonly used with transparent faceted stones as it elevates and displays the stone while keeping the surrounding metal to a minimum. The prongs are attached to a bezel to maintain shape and stability. You can opt from three and more prong designs depending on the side and shape of the centre gem. With six prong design, it gives additional security and protection to the stone. Certainly an ideal setting for round gemstone which appear to look rounder as compared to four-prong customised ring setting.

You consider decorative detail, such as splitting the prongs to create forked claws or setting small diamonds into the top of the claws. Design having surround halo setting to have the main stone look larger than it really is.

Burma Blue Sapphire Gemstone, rare deep royal blue sapphire gemstone unheated without heat treatment - bespoke Gemstone Jewellery custom set in white gold in half bezel setting | Local Singapore bespoke jewellery in Natural Coloured Gemstone Jewellery
Tension Customised Ring Setting

Tension Setting

This relies on the tension of the shank to keep the stone in place with just two points of contact securing it. The main stone appears to be “floating” between the contact point of the ring. This method involves applying a certain amount of pressure on the main stone, therefore it is advisable to set on diamond or coloured gemstones with higher durability, such as Sapphire, Ruby, and Spinel.

Tension setting exposes a full view of the diamond, from the girdle to culet, compared to other customised ring setting methods. With maximum light entering the diamond, it brings out the brilliance and fire of the diamonds.

It can be made more secure by filing a ledge on the two sides of the shank to seat the girdle and then pushing metal over the edge of the stone. This awesome setting might have a potential issue with resizing, as compared to the other setting methods. They are custom-made and crafted to the exact measurement base on the center diamond size. It required specialised and dedicated skills to perform resizing.

When considering coloured gemstones, experts do not recommend them because artisans usually cut and polish them into non-rounded shapes owing to their irregular rough form. Having said that, the tension setting is not able to hold the fancy shape well in position.

Customised Open Bangle with Coloured Gems( Ruby, Aquamarine and Akoya Pearl) and Pearl of individual family members birthstone. A customised family birthstone bangle designed by the gentleman for his beloved wife as a push present. Customised Push Present, Anniversary or unique Christmas gift for your special one at GIOIA Fine Jewellery.
Bezel Custom Ring Setting Bangle

Bezel/Rub-Over Setting

One of the most secure methods of customised ring setting, suitable for both cabochons, and faceted gemstone. Provide the most protection to the main stone, modern setting style, due to their simplicity and elegant look. If you are looking for an engagement ring for an active lifestyle, this is a great choice as it does not snag on clothing and is easy to maintain. Jewellers commonly use the bezel setting for men’s ring settings.

On the negative side, the bezel setting diminishes the gemstone’s sparkle as it encompasses all around the side of the center gem. This modern design restrict the entry of light to the stone’s side. Similarly with the side enclosing the gem, there is a potential risk of damaging the main gem during the setting too. We do not recommend using gemstones with lower hardness, such as tanzanite.

Platinum Wedding Bands with Paraiba Tourmaline
Paraiba Tourmaline Wedding Band

Gypsy/Invisible Ring Setting

Gypsy setting is popular in customised wedding bands, because of its clean minimal look. Faceted gemstones or diamonds in round shape are sunk into the ring. We flush the girdle with the surface and then burnish the metal over the stone’s edge. This method of ring setting is used on the side setting stones rather than the main stone. However, it does not means that this is not possible. In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, there is no standard way on how a bespoke jewellery is designed.

Jewellery settings are sometimes, pigeonholed as having either a classic or a modern look. With additional detailing on classic crawl/prong settings, such as rounder profiling on each prong, give a contemporary appearance. The tapered design on the ring band gives an illusion that magnifies the size of the main stone. With customised ring setting, we can match different ring into a single ring. Allow you to custom made unique and one-of-a-kind statement fine jewelry.

Violet Blue Spinel Proposal Ring customised with diamond in rose gold band - Unique Wedding Proposal with violet blue spinel gemstone. Tweak in the orientation of the cushion gem, rich colour make the design truly extraordinary proposal ring | Local Singapore Jewellery in Customised Proposal Ring
Bluish Violet Spinel Mirco-Pave Customised Ring Setting

Micro-Pavé Setting: The Essence of Delicate Brilliance

Micro-Pavé settings are renowned for their delicate and precise arrangement of extremely small diamonds, meticulously set to create a continuous sparkle that seems almost endless. This customised ring setting employs tiny diamonds, often less than 0.01 carats, held in place by equally small beads of metal. The precision required in this method results in a seamless surface of diamonds that enhances the ring’s radiance with minimal visibility of the metal. This technique is perfect for those who adore the subtle elegance and want their central gem to be encircled by a halo of shimmering light, amplifying its beauty without overwhelming it.

Pavé Setting: Vintage Charm Meets Contemporary Style

The Pavé setting, on the other hand, is characterized by its use of slightly larger diamonds compared to Micro-Pavé. It is designed to cover the surface of the ring with closely set diamonds, offering a dazzling cobblestone effect. The diamonds are set with small beads of metal, creating a series of tiny domes that secure each stone. This method allows for more metal to be seen between the diamonds, giving the customised ring a more pronounced texture and a vintage Art Deco aesthetic. It’s an ideal choice for those who appreciate the blend of old-world charm with contemporary design, offering a sophisticated sparkle that’s both timeless and modern.

Artistic Harmony of Micro-Pavé and Pavé Settings

Both Micro-Pavé and Pavé settings can be incorporated into various ring designs to complement the central gemstone, whether it’s a cushion royal bluish violet spinel or paraiba tourmaline. The choice between the two often comes down to personal preference for the level of detail and the overall aesthetic desired. While Micro-Pavé offers a more refined and delicate look, Pavé settings provide a bolder, more textured sparkle reminiscent of vintage glamour.

At GIOIA, the fusion of these detailed settings with a customised ring design allows for the creation of truly unique and one-of-a-kind statement pieces. Whether you’re drawn to the intricate elegance of Micro-Pavé or the classic charm of Pavé, your bespoke jewellery piece will be a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and personal style. Making your engagement ring or luxury high jewelry piece an eternal symbol of love and beauty.

Paraiba Tourmaline Gemstone halo diamond tiara engagement for proposal
Paraiba Tourmaline Pave Diamond Customised Ring Setting