Bespoke and customised wedding bands Singapore
Customised Wedding Bands

Bespoke Customised Wedding Bands – Because It Matters

Customised wedding bands with personalised design and coloured gemstone. After a romantic wedding proposal, couples are looking to bespoke customised wedding bands. It serves as the true emblem of their eternal love and hope for a future together. There’s never a wedding band or engagement ring, that fits everyone. Off the shelf wedding bands just cannot compete with a customised wedding bands in emotional content, style, and quality. Despite popular belief, customised prices are also competitive and can be affordable.

Customised Wedding Rings, custom made for the ladies for proposal and thereafter designing the wedding bands from sketch to stack well with it - Proposal Ring for Engagement and Wedding Bands | Customised Wedding Jewellery Singapore
Customised Wedding Bands with Birthstones

Process of Customised Wedding Bands

Involved in the making of your wedding bands

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, having the name initials of a couple, incorporated into wedding bands, is just one of our bespoke wedding band designs. The couple is involved in part of the designing and crafting of wedding bands. Gemstones on wedding bands are becoming popular and trendy, which is why you can set a full eternity sapphire ring instead of diamonds.

Any design is possible with our innovative idea and dedicated craftsmanship. With our experience in jewellery making, we are confident and at all times willing to share any possible limitations.

Customised designing experience is far superior to picking a ring that thousands of other people will wear. The involvement of the bride and groom in the design of the wedding band is not just about a transaction. The groom and bride experiences their first major decision as a couple. Additionally, actively selecting a custom-made bespoke ring certainly establishes a solid foundation for lasting relationships

Sapphire Wedding Bands with Roman Number and Dual slot micro pave diamond band - Customised Wedding Band
Sapphire Wedding Bands with Roman Number

Value for Money & Quality Control

Wedding bands bought off the shelf are manufactured in large quantities and standard sizes. Which is why, the general weight of gold and other precious metals in these rings tends to be lower. In contrast, custom-made rings are meticulously handcrafted and shaped according to your desired specifications. By opting for a custom wedding band, you not only receive a solid and weighty wedding ring but also a final piece of statement jewellery. Which represents a close collaboration between us and our master craftsmen, ensuring detailed follow-through in every step of the process. Each bespoke jewellery piece carries with it an emotional and romantic story, adding an extra layer of significance.

Choosing customised wedding bands guarantees you high-quality jewelry and impeccable workmanship. We never compromise on quality, even if it means a slightly higher price. When it comes to the diamond used for the jewelry settings or a full eternity ring, we adhere to strict standards, offering stones with an E/F color and a minimum of VS clarity. Our focus is on delivering exceptional craftsmanship rather than engaging in celebrity endorsements or costly marketing campaigns.

Additionally, our reasonable rental space enables us to offer the affordability of custom-made rings and jewelry, making your dream piece much more accessible.

Customised morganite wedding proposal ring with customised wedding bands in natural white gold bands. A pair of uniquely crafted wedding bands, the ring for the bride is perfectly coordinated with wedding band sets designed in white gold. | Local Singapore Customised Jeweller in customised wedding engagement ring and wedding bands.
Morganite Wedding Bands

Unique and Personalised Design

White and Rose Gold Wedding Bands or Unique Champagne Gold

Start by selecting a metal that complements the gemstone engagement ring and suits your personal style. Moreover, there can be different options of material and gold colour tone available in the making of wedding bands. For instance, some might prefer the durability and timeless elegance of Platinum PT950. On the other hand, others would drawn to the romantic allure of rose gold or the subtle sophistication of champagne gold colour tone in 18k (750) gold. For those seeking a more contemporary look, mixed metals can be an excellent choice, adding a touch of modernity to the overall design.

To add a personal touch, consider engraving meaningful symbols, initials, or a special message on the inside or outside of the wedding band. This can make the ring set even more unique design and sentimental.

Personalised Birthstone Wedding Bands

Generally having birthstones in jewellery not just as ornamental gemstones but as believed carriers of distinctive qualities and blessings. Personalised birthstone wedding bands emerge as a dazzling expression of individuality, luck, and unwavering commitment.

The process of choosing birthstones for customised wedding bands becomes a bonding experience. At the same time strengthening the foundation of the relationship even before the vows are exchanged.

Christian Cross Customised Wedding Band
Customised Cross Wedding Bands

Significance in Wedding Bands

Wedding Rings with a lifetime commitment

Wedding bands are worn on the fourth finger reason as, there is a vein that’s directly connected to our heart. Symbolises everlasting love and eternal commitment to each other.

Designed and crafted, without a standard nor benchmark for wedding bands. Each wedding bands sum up the most important moment in your wedding – the moment when both falls in love, to the day you commit yourselves to each other for the rest of your lives. It is a moment that deserves the finest and most meaningful pair of customised wedding bands.

Customised Rose Gold Wedding Ring Pair