diamond white wedding bands and natural white gold ring | Local Singapore customised wedding bands

It is believed that the sparks of true love can only be felt once in a lifetime through marriage. Experience this spiritedness with the aid of these wedding bands. A natural white gold is used in the making of men’s ring, and the ladies band is crafted with white gold. The men’s band is simple and modest, hinting the relationship to rhythmically go on a lifetime’s journey together. It has a matt and polished finishing on the outside of the band. The adapting nature of the men’s band displays the growth their relation will take. Plated with white gold on the inside, the ring gives a unified look with women’s band.

Customised Wedding Bands

The ladies’ 3/4 eternity diamond provides the comfort of resizing the band. There is also a work skilfully done through the hands, distinctly visible on the sides, giving the ring some fine detailing look. This handcrafted work roots a kindling love seen in the light reflected by the round brilliant diamonds.



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