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One of the Big Three Jewel

Emerald is a gem quality type of specimen that originates in the beryl family. This gem is known for its rich and green colour. This is also commonly found in the metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary type of rocks in several locations of the world.

For more than 5000 years, this gemstone had already been considered as one of the most valuable and most desired gemstones around the world. Ancient civilizations in Asia, South America and Africa have discovered that this gemstone is made with the highest esteem.

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Emerald Description

Emerald is a green and even more greenish type of beryl variety. This gemstone also has its chemical composition that you could never ever find from other gemstones. The trace quantity of vanadium or chromium is found in this gemstone that allows it to become greenish in colour. The trace quantity of iron also gives emerald a bit of bluish green or yellowish green type colour that depends on its oxidation state.

In addition to that, it is primarily defined due to its green colour. For a gemstone to be called as emerald, it must possess a distinct green colour that falls into the bluish green or yellowish green colour category. It must also deeply possess a rich emerald colour. The most desirable emerald which priced at a high premium, is bluish green to pure green

A gemstone that possesses light tones or weak saturation should never be called as an emerald but a green beryl. If the colour of the beryl’s gemstone is greenish blue, it can now be called as an aquamarine. If the colour is greenish yellow, then it is known as heliodor.

Emerald Enhancement (Oil)

Emeralds with a hardness of 7.5 to 8, it has durability issue. The dynamic forces in emerald formation underground, frequently results in inclusion and fissures. Small pockets of fluid or other minerals are “trapped” within the emerald as it grows. In fact inclusion can be easily pick up by naked-eye, without microscopic assistance.

That is why emeralds, are well-known for its brittleness. To enhance the appearance of this gemstone, 95% of emerald in the market undergo additional treatment. With no oil and minor emerald, as the rarest of rare.

This unique oil with heat treatment, allow resin or other materials to fill up the internal gap to make them less obvious. Enhancement to emerald range from “None”, “insignificant”, “minor”, “Minor to Moderate”, “Moderate” and “Significant”.

None – No indication of resin, coat or dyeing presence in the emerald.

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Investment in Emerald

It is not surprising to know that more people these days are choosing for these as a part of their jewellery, or wedding engagement ring. Emerald jewellery is essential, especially to those people who are really fond of wearing jewelleries as they go out of their house. Emerald, ruby and sapphire, well known as the “Big Three Jewel”, which could be priced per carat higher than diamond. In addition, emerald gemstones play their essential role in the jewellery industry. Due to the various benefits that it can offer, you are most assured that this is worth as a jewellery investment.

Emerald Jewellery

Many colour gemstones are use for wedding engagement ring setting and beautiful bespoke jewellery. Nevertheless, why do most preferred emerald compared to the rest of the gemstones? As far as the emerald jewellery are concerned, there is something to find in emerald stones that make your jewellery more brilliant and shinier as compared to others.

Emerald Colour – you will be impressed as to how green is the colour of emerald. This will also make your look and appearance more attractive. It also its cut that you could never obtain from other gemstones that allows you to stand out in the crowd. Most of the time, emeralds are considered as the hexagonal crystals that can offer beautiful and flat-topped faceted stones, commonly know as “Emerald-cut”.
In addition to that, it has its excellent carat weight that makes it one of the most expensive gemstones used to create fine jewellery by many top fine jewellery brands.

When it comes to design setting, extreme care and consideration is required. Supporting the stone effectively is always the major consideration. Earrings and pendants that are usually less prone to impact and abrasion than rings and bracelets. During design setting, we customised the setting such that it protect the stone from impact and abrasion.customised emerald gemstone ring | Bespoke custom made local Singapore Jeweller