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Emerald Gemstone

Emerald Gemstone

Emerald, the fascinating green to greenish-blue jewels from the Beryl family, which also includes aquamarine (blue) and morganite (pink), stand as some of the most revered gemstones worldwide. Often more valuable than diamonds, these top-quality emeralds are the centrepieces at prestigious jewellery exhibitions and grand gala dinners. However, this very characteristic imbues each piece with a unique charm, elevating emerald gem jewellery to a symbol of both opulence and meticulous craftsmanship. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we pride ourselves on sourcing only the finest emeralds, transforming them into exquisite statement pieces that epitomise luxury high jewelry.

The Prestige of the “Big Three” Gemstones

Emerald stand alongside rubies and sapphires as part of the illustrious “Big Three” jewels, a trio of coloured gemstones noted for their increasing rarity. In fact, these gems can surpass diamonds in rarity, often commanding higher prices per carat. The unique chemical composition of emeralds, featuring trace amounts of vanadium and chromium, is exclusive to this precious gemstone and is responsible for its stunning, famed royal green hue.

The presence of iron in various oxidation states can sometimes give emerald a subtle bluish or yellowish-green tint. However, the most sought-after emeralds are those with a bluish-green to pure green colour and exceptional clarity, fetching the highest premiums in the market.

Customised Emerald Gemstone Rings - wedding proposal with coloured gemstone and wedding jewellery | Local Singapore Private bespoke jewellery in customised jewellery
Emerald Gemstone Engagement Ring

Emerald Ring Setting

The unique and elegant brilliance of a customised emerald ring is unparalleled. Emeralds, typically hexagonal crystals, produce stunning, flat-topped faceted stones, often in the striking “emerald-cut”. A customised emerald ring will impressively enhance your overall physical appearance, making you stand out in a crowd.

Emerald Enhancement (Oil) Treatment

Typically, emerald contain various impurities acquired during their formation, affecting their toughness and increasing their vulnerability to breakage. Therefore minimal to zero inclusions are extremely rare and valuable. The dynamic forces in gemstone formation underground frequently result in many inclusions and fissures. Small pockets of fluid or other minerals are also “trapped” within the gem as it grows, and all of these minor inclusions can be easily picked up by the naked eye.

The Enhancement (Oil) Treatment helps to resolve “none”, “insignificant”, “minor”, “minor to moderate”, “moderate” and “significant” inclusions within the gem. As such, 95% to 98% of emeralds sold on the market undergo a unique oil treatment that allows other materials to flow in and fill the inclusions up, thus making them less obvious.

customised emerald gemstone pendant | Bespoke custom made local Singapore Designer Private Jeweller in customised fine jewellery and customised engagement ring for wedding proposal
Vivid Green Emerald Pendant Jewellery

Investment in Emerald

It is not surprising to know that more people are precious gem a part of their jewellery, or engagement ring. Emerald high jewelry is essential, especially for those people who are really fond of fine jewelry or collector. In addition, this exceptional gem play an essential role in the jewellery industry. Due to the various benefits that it can offer, you are most assured that this is worth a jewellery investment.

Bespoke Fine Jewellery

Wedding engagement ring settings and beautiful bespoke jewellery with precious gems are unique. Why do most preferred emeralds compared to the rest of the gemstones? In the world of fine jewelry, emeralds add a unique brilliance and shine that sets your jewellery apart.

Vivid Colour Shade – you will be impressed as to how green is the colour of emerald. This will also make your look and appearance more attractive. It is also a unique shade that you could never obtain from other gemstones not even Tsavorite garnet. The exceptional deep vivid green shade allows you to stand out from the crowd. Especially the legendary “Muzo Green” which occur in Colombia origin emerald gemstone.

Customised Engagement Ring

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we understand the importance of robustly supporting the precious emerald in your customised engagement ring. Known for their susceptibility to abrasions and blemishes from impacts, emeralds require careful handling. Our customisation process aims to craft a design that not only enhances the emerald’s beauty but also strengthens it against falls and impacts, ensuring your ring or jewellery shines for a long time.

Family Cluster Earring – Birthstone Jewellery

Instead of luxury fine jewelry or engagement ring for proposal with emerald. It can be incorporated into part of the family cluster jewellery. Personalised earring stud designed with family birthstone from emerald: May, Sapphire; September and Amethyst: February. A unique way to connect with your loved ones with personalised coloured birthstone jewellery

Emerald Birthstone Gems Earring with Emerald vivid blue sapphire and amethyst gemstone jewellery earring stud in singapore
Birthstone Earring Jewellery

Emerald Catholic Pendant

None Oil Vivid Green Emerald Catholic Pendant jewellery in Yellow Gold scaled
Emerald Catholic Pendant, featuring a rare, non-oil emerald with a mesmerizing green hue and a hint of blue. As May's birthstone, this exquisite gem adds a personal touch, making the pendant even more special

Emerald Family Birthstone Ring

Family Cluster Birthstone Ring with None Oil Emerald Burma Royal Blue Sapphire and Padparadscha frontview scaled
Family Cluster Birthstone Ring, crafted with the finest gemstones. Featuring a no-oil emerald, unheated royal blue sapphire, and a vibrant padparadscha, this piece is a testament to luxury and quality.

High Jewelry Emerald Earring

Emerald Vivid Green Non Oil and Insignificant Fine Jewellery Design with Marquise Diamond Earring scaled
High Jewelry Emerald Earrings, masterfully crafted with grand marquise and pear-shaped diamonds, perfectly complementing the lustrous emerald. A luxurious blend of classic charm and modern sophistication.

Mordern Men's Emerald Ring

Insignificant Oil Emerald Mens Ring in Champagne Gold front scaled
Modern men's style with this unique emerald ring. Featuring a insignificant oiled emerald set in a sleek, contemporary champagne gold band, it's a perfect blend of luxury and modernity.

No Oil Emerald Ring

Non Oil Emerald Vivid Green
Timeless elegance of no-oil Emerald ring, crafted in classic design. This trilogy ring features a stunning Emerald, flanked by fancy-shaped diamonds, all set in lustrous yellow gold. A perfect blend of tradition and luxury.

High Jewelry Emerald Ring

High Jewelry Emerald None Oil Vivid Green with Halo Pear Diamond Fine Jewelry Ring GIOIA Fine Jewellery scaled
High Jewelry Emerald Ring, featuring a lavish design. This exquisite piece showcases a stunning, oil-free emerald, encircled by magnificent pear-shaped diamonds, exuding luxury and sophistication.