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A “Big Three” Jewel

Emerald, along with ruby and sapphire, form the “Big Three” Jewels—coloured fine gemstones are increasingly rare. They are rarer than a diamond and can be sold at a higher price per carat. Trace quantities of vanadium and chromium make up its unique chemical composition, which is not found in any other precious gemstone. It is what imparts its beautiful famed royal green colour.

However, quantities of iron at varying oxidation states can result in several emeralds being a slight blue or yellowish-green. A bluish-green to pure green emerald with exceptional clear clarity commands the highest premium priced.

Customised Emerald Rings - wedding proposal with coloured gemstone and wedding jewellery | Local Singapore Private bespoke jewellery in customised jewellery

Emerald Ring Setting

The unique and elegant brilliance of a customised emerald ring is unparalleled. Most of the time, emeralds are considered the hexagonal crystals that can offer beautiful and flat-topped faceted stones, commonly known as an “emerald-cut”. You will be impressed by how a customised emerald ring can enhance your overall physical appearance and help you stand out in a crowd.

Emerald Enhancement (Oil) Treatment

Emerald is a naturally brittle precious gemstone. Naturally harvested emeralds with minimal to zero inclusions are extremely rare and valuable. The dynamic forces in emerald formation underground frequently result in many inclusions and fissures. Small pockets of fluid or other minerals are also “trapped” within the gem as it grows, and all of these minor inclusions can be easily picked up by the naked eye.

The Emerald Enhancement (Oil) Treatment helps to resolve “none”, “insignificant”, “minor”, “minor to moderate”, “moderate” and “significant” inclusions within an emerald. As such, 95% of emeralds sold on the market undergo a unique heated oil treatment that allows other materials to flow in and fill the inclusions up, thus making them less obvious.

Investment in Emerald

It is not surprising to know that more people are precious gem a part of their jewellery, or engagement ring. Emerald jewellery is essential, especially for those people who are really fond of fine jewelry or collector. In addition, emerald gems play an essential role in the jewellery industry. Due to the various benefits that it can offer, you are most assured that this is worth a jewellery investment.

Bespoke Fine Jewellery

Wedding engagement ring settings and beautiful bespoke jewellery with precious gems are unique. Why do most preferred emeralds compared to the rest of the gemstones? As far as emerald jewellery are concerned, there is something to find in emerald stones that make your jewellery more brilliant and shinier as compared to others.

Vivid Colour Shade – you will be impressed as to how green is the colour of emerald. This will also make your look and appearance more attractive. It is also a unique shade that you could never obtain from other gemstones not even Tsavorite garnet. The exceptional deep vivid green shade allows you to stand out from the crowd. Emerald offer beautiful and flat-topped faceted stones, commonly known as “Emerald-cut”, as it considered hexagonal crystals.

Customised Engagement Ring

When it comes to setting an emerald ring design, supporting the precious gemstone effectively is of utmost importance. Emerald rings are often more prone to abrasions and blemishes from any kind of impact. During your customisation and design setting process, we can customise your ring to ensure it will properly withstand any kind of fall or impact.


None Oil Emerald Vivid Green

Family Cluster Earring – Birthstone Jewellery

Instead of luxury fine jewelry or engagement ring for proposal with emerald. It can be incorporated into part of the family cluster jewellery. Personalised earring stud designed with family birthstone from emerald: May, Sapphire; September and Amethyst: February. A unique way to connect with your loved ones with personalised coloured birthstone jewellery

Birthstone Gems for the different month of birth, it can be of different month of birth, there will be a particular gemstone that is dedicated for you | Customised Jewellery with your birthstone in different birth month whether is it Sapphire for September, Ruby for July, Emerald for May, October for Tourmaline or etc.
Birthstone Earring Jewellery