Singapore Bespoke and customised Engagement ring with diamond setting. Custom made unique Gemstone jewellery, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Spinel, Paraiba.

Rare Gemstone all over the world

In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we always strive to provide our clients with only the finest natural gemstone sourced from all over the world. Each gemstone we offer to our clients is unique and special. From a regal shade of lilac spinel to vivid sapphire and neon Paraiba tourmaline, each precious stone is carefully hand-picked by Cheryl, making sure we got the most radiant and sparkle gems. 

Be it the pleasure of wearing a customised jewellery or gemstone engagement ring, you can be assured that these precious stones are rare treasures from the mines to our collection. Emerald from Colombia, Sapphire from Sri Lanka and Burma, Ruby from Mozambique and Burma, Spinel from Burma and Tanzania, Mahenge, Paraiba Tourmaline from Brazil and Mozambique, and the list goes on.

Gemstone Jewellery

With a variety of precious Gemstone (i.e Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Spinel), Jade, Diamond and Pearl, it allows us to cross design them with creativity. From traditional jade to modern fine jewellery to be worn on different occasions. It’s a personalised and memorable experience, from the design discussion to the final created jewellery.

Coloured gemstone is becoming popular among many young couples. You can customised engagement ring or wedding bands with a wide range of colours. Customised a unique birthstone jewellery consist of your love one or family member birthstone. This statement jewellery with birthstone can be a heirloom jewellery for generation to come. We can share with you on more options and ideas, for your perfect wedding ring. Chat with us via our 24-7 online chat, just right on the bottom screen.

Customised ring bearing a butterfly theme symbolises feminism and the inherent beauty of the person. Butterflies symbolise transformation in life and are believed to bring serenity and happiness to life. The fine detailing and delicate design make this natural inspired design fine jewellery with coloured gemstone special and one of a kind.
Birthstone Jewellery – Natural Inspired Butterfly Ring

What determine the price of coloured Gemstone?

Paraiba tourmaline from Brazil is just one of the many examples why gemstone is rarer than diamond. The price of an intense vivid neon Paraiba Brazil, can cost two to three times the price of a 1.0ct quality diamond!

In the world of coloured gemstone, we study the different aspect of individual gem. ColourOrigin, Enhancement, CaratClarityCut, each of these affect the value in the gemstone.

Unique Colour

With colour being the most crucial point when we acquire gemstone. From pastel to medium and intense vivid colour shade. Usually, the case where the value in gem increases according to the colour intensity.

Many believe that the rich bluish green in emerald is the most beautiful green you ever seen. The best green sapphire or tsavorite green garnet can never be comparable to emerald vivid green. Every gemstone has their own unique colour in them.

Fairytale Jewellery - Princess Jasmine Pendant
Fairytale Pendant Jewellery

Origin and Enhancement 

In the grading for major gemstones, such as Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. Origin and Enhancement are key pointers that affect their value tremendously. Take, for example, a royal blue Kashmir sapphire can price many times more than a royal blue sapphire Sri Lanka. Unheated pigeon blood red ruby can price double the price of a heated pigeon blood red ruby.

Enhancement such as heat treatment is common from precious gemstones to semi-precious gemstone. It removes greenish colour in aquamarine to give remarkable blue in colour. Under the right conditions, impurities elements are release, result in attractive blue hue sapphire from unappealing milky and dull corundum gemstone.

Clarity in Gemstone

As we all know, gemstones crystal grow from natural minerals. The crystal structure determines its strength(hardness), colour(intensity). Disturbance during growth which leads to inclusion and distorted internal structure. The common term, Feather inclusion, Crystal inclusion, Needle inclusion. At times, such inclusions is a way to trace their country of origin and enhancement evidence. Most importantly, inclusions are birthmarks to identify the natural gemstones from ones that grew in laboratory or man-made.

At times inclusion provides a unique appearance which adds value in the gem. Certain inclusion can cause phenomenal effects. The unique cat’s eyes chrysoberyl, star sapphire and ruby, would not have appeared without inclusions in the gemstones.

Spine Pink Gemstone Customised Engagement ring with cluster diamond
Pink Spinel Engagement Ring with Cluster Diamond

Different cut shape in Gemstone

Gemstones are identified by their rough shape, each gem has a possible characteristic shape. Depending on their growing condition and environment. It helps to differentiate ruby from spinel rough, tourmaline from red garnet rough. This natural rough shape dictates finished shape of a particular gemstone.

Colour gemstone offer different unique cut shapes, and a certain shape is exclusively cut for particular gems. We see round shape in diamonds, emerald cut in emerald. The shape of a rough crystal usually determine the shape and size of the finished gem. Especially for rare and expensive gemstones, the cutter would minimise the wastage in the carat size, producing the largest stone possible.

Quality Gemstone in GIOIA

In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, it is our top priority to source for the highest quality gemstone instead of second grade quality to make up for the numbers. As discussed earlier, ColourOrigin, Enhancement, CaratClarityCut, are the key factors when we acquire quality gemstone. Unlike synthetic or man-made stone, they are natural gemstone mine underground. Almost impossible for us to replace another exactly the same.

Vivid colour and non treated gemstone, might not be in a particular shape. Perfect ideal cut shape and carat size, might not come in flawless clarity. In conclusion, there is always a tradeoff or prioritization in the selection on coloured gemstone.

Quality Assurance in GIOIA

It is in our commitment to guarantee to you that the precious gem (i.e Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Spinel) you will possess is natural and, exactly as described. As such, upon receiving the final piece of bespoke jewellery, our clients will also receive a certificate which includes all the information about your gemstone, including size, weight, origin and any enhancements. The assurance of gemstone quality, from a 3rd party verification, provide a fair and neutral judgement.

Customised engagement ring with coloured gemstone spinel for wedding proposal ring | Local Singapore Customised Jeweller
Spinel Gemstone Engagement Ring

Variety of Gems

Gemstone might not always relate to the common gems that we mentioned earlier. We see increasing interest in tanzanite gemstone, with a wide range of shape and cut. They are usually in larger carat size with amazing vivid violet-blue shade!

Tanzanite has almost flawless in clarity, with heat treatment to dissolve impurity colour from the gem. They are commonly compared with blue sapphire, nevertheless, tanzanite and sapphire have an obvious difference in colour shade. Quality tanzanite has more blue than violet-blue saturation and intensity.

Art Deco Tanzanite Fine Jewellery Pendant with Pearl Tessel gemstone
Art Deco Tanzanite Pendant Jewellery