High Jewelry - Emerald Ring
High Jewelry – Emerald Ring

Regal and exceptional, this luxury high jewelry has been crafted from the rarest form of none oil emerald. The magnificent beauty of 3.77 carats exudes class in every possible way. The elegance of this exquisite ring and rich emerald green is a symbol of timeless luxury.

Emerald Ring

Handcrafted with unparalleled sophistication, securing the extraordinary emerald gem is the double sharp crawls, design in yellow gold bringing the masterpiece to new heights.

The overall look of this bespoke design is truly enthralling and a new frontier of artistry with the centre emerald gem surrounded by pear shape diamonds in one direction, unique spiral effect brings all attention to the breath-taking vivid green emerald. Pave of taped diamonds band on each side, give a stunning finishing touch.

Customised Fine Jewellery

This fine jewellery emerald ring has been meticulously designed with an eye for detail and perfection. It features a high jewellery look and has been beautifully crafted to be worn as a wearable work of art and a legacy heirloom jewellery. This exceptional design has breath-taking fancy detailing with diamonds skillfully matched in proportion for crafting a perfect design.

It takes multiple weeks to finalise the jewellery design to perfection right from the moment of the initial inspiration. High-level of coordination between our designer and master craftsman during the customised process to the final creation of this magnificent jewel.

None Oil Emerald Jewellery
None Oil Emerald Ring

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