Emerald Catholic Pendant

None Oil Vivid Green Emerald Catholic Pendant jewellery in Yellow Gold scaled
Emerald Catholic Pendant, featuring a rare, non-oil emerald with a mesmerizing green hue and a hint of blue. As May's birthstone, this exquisite gem adds a personal touch, making the pendant even more special

Emerald Family Birthstone Ring

Family Cluster Birthstone Ring with None Oil Emerald Burma Royal Blue Sapphire and Padparadscha frontview scaled
Family Cluster Birthstone Ring, crafted with the finest gemstones. Featuring a no-oil emerald, unheated royal blue sapphire, and a vibrant padparadscha, this piece is a testament to luxury and quality.

High Jewelry Emerald Earring

Emerald Vivid Green Non Oil and Insignificant Fine Jewellery Design with Marquise Diamond Earring scaled
High Jewelry Emerald Earrings, masterfully crafted with grand marquise and pear-shaped diamonds, perfectly complementing the lustrous emerald. A luxurious blend of classic charm and modern sophistication.

Mordern Men's Emerald Ring

Insignificant Oil Emerald Mens Ring in Champagne Gold front scaled
Modern men's style with this unique emerald ring. Featuring a insignificant oiled emerald set in a sleek, contemporary champagne gold band, it's a perfect blend of luxury and modernity.

No Oil Emerald Ring

Non Oil Emerald Vivid Green
Timeless elegance of no-oil Emerald ring, crafted in classic design. This trilogy ring features a stunning Emerald, flanked by fancy-shaped diamonds, all set in lustrous yellow gold. A perfect blend of tradition and luxury.

High Jewelry Emerald Ring

High Jewelry Emerald None Oil Vivid Green with Halo Pear Diamond Fine Jewelry Ring GIOIA Fine Jewellery scaled
High Jewelry Emerald Ring, featuring a lavish design. This exquisite piece showcases a stunning, oil-free emerald, encircled by magnificent pear-shaped diamonds, exuding luxury and sophistication.

Customised Jade jewellery – Green, Lavender & Icy Jade

There is a saying that, there is a price for gold, but top quality jade is priceless.

One of the most classic and beautiful type of precious stones, it has been a very popular option for statement making jewellery for many generations and decades. From the hazy years of ancient China, to the time of colonization. All over the world up to the present time, jade gemstone jewellery have been the talk of the town. Wedding proposal ring need not be in diamond or coloured gemstones. You can customised engagement ring with jade, and it looks as beautiful and unique!

The finest jade are originated from Myanmar, known as the Jadeite. The highly valued jadeite, are rich emerald green colour, called “imperial jade”. Range from green, icy, lavender, red, black and other rare colours.

Jade originated from China, known as the Nephrite, which does not come in such intense emerald green as jadeite. It is softer and less translucent than jadeite. Nephrite is popularly used for carved scripture and alternative jewellery from jadeite.

In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we only source for the top quality grade in Natural Jadeite. The value of jade is determined according to its colour and intensity of that colour, the vivacity and texture, and its clarity and transparency.

Whether it’s an antique heirloom from your parents or someone special. Or In search of a customised jade jewellery for yourself or love ones? In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we cross design jade with gemstone or diamond, from traditional to modern jewellery. Kindly contact us, for a private consultation with no obligation.

Lavender Jade Pendant - Grade A Jadeite gemstone | custom made unique jewellery with diamond

“A” Jade (Natural Jadeite)

Refers to natural jadeite which is not subject to any form of chemical treatment, alternation or enhancement, except those traditional processes such as plum juice washing and wax polishing. These procedures are internationally recognised as standard practice and are not defined as “treatment” because the structure of the jade has not been damaged.

“B” Jade (Chemically bleached and polymer impregnated Jadeite)

Refers to jadeite which has been chemically bleached to remove the impurities. It is further rinsed with caustic soda and followed by impregnation of polymer to enhance its translucency. The structure of jade is damaged through this treatment and it will lose its lustre once the polymer deteriorates, and will turn yellow in colour with the lapse of time. In addition, “B” jade cannot withstand heat and pressure.

“C” Jade (Dyed coloured Jadeite)

Refers to jadeite which has been chemically treated with additional pigment substance, known as dyed coloured jadeite

“B+C” Jade (Dye coloured and polymer impregnated Jadeite)

Refers to “B” Jadeite which has been dyed to enhance its translucency and brightness during the polymer impregnation process. Jade Testing and Identification

Care for Jade

Proper care is required to maintain the jade lustre, which last you for many years to come. It is advisable to remove your jade jewellery, before any harsh physical activities to minimise scratches or impact on the stone. Avoid spraying perfume directly on the jade jewellery, as the chemical may cause it to turn colour as well. For cleaning of jade, simply use soapy water and a soft cloth to dry it.


Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory Certification & Nan Yang Gemological Institute

In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we are determined to provide independent and reputable professional 3rd party certification.

jade customised jade jewellery - GIOIA Fine Jewellery - Bespoke custom made jewellery Customised Jade jewellery - Green, Lavender & Icy Jade