Customised Engagement Proposal Ring with Colour GemstoneWhy do people buy loose gemstone instead of pre-set jewellery?

3.71ct Lavender Spinel origin from Burma

Loose gemstones are less expensive, a better value, and you can really see what you are paying for. Request for a renown and trusted gemstone laboratory certification, for a details report on the gemstone. Content of element composite, any enhancement and place of origin.
A jewellery setting will hide the inclusions inside a gem, and can deepen or brighten its colour. With a loose stone, you can do a better inspect on the gem and see it for what it really is.

The key pointer is to source for the most desirable gemstone, before any discussion on design. With bespoke jewellery, you can design the jewellery of your style, customised every fine details. Having a design jewellery that bring out the true value of your gemstone and story of the wearer.

Every design is truly unique and one-of-a-kind. In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, it is not just a purchase of jewellery, we believe that the jewellery should customised and couture to your style. More of our latest update in the Highlights.

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