Untreated No Oil Emerald Gemstone Pendant Customised with Halo Round Diamonds - Customised Fine Jewellery at GIOIA Fine Jewellery, with quality vivid no oil (non treated) emerald gemstone | Local Singapore Private Jewellery in bespoke customised Jewellery

No Oil Emerald

Ceaselessly glimmering during the daylight, this pendant features a rich vivid green emerald. This intense shade of green casts a faint-bluish colour, the most desirable colour in emerald. Customised with a halo setting of diamonds, the pendant’s flare is immensely radiant. The brilliance of the colour is also reflected in its quality. This gem is renowned for being exceedingly premium and invariably lush.

The gemstone assures of being magnificent in contrast to a modest design. Design of this pendant is simple classic however, when you know that the gemstone is exceptionally adored, an ostentatious design is not required. A modesty in the design brings out the perfection of the emerald’s tincture.

Customised Pendant 

This gem is also recognised for being the rarest of rare emeralds, certified with no oil, probably the top 5% of emerald across the whole continent. They are extremely rare and valuable. 

Fine quality grade emeralds are rare to come by, fracture and fissures inclusions are commonly found in emerald during crystallisation growth. Almost all emeralds are treated with filler substances like resin and oil to enhance its colour and clarity. The intensity of treatment is categorised to different levels of enhancement, insignificant, minor, moderate.  Un-treated emeralds are more in worth than the treated ones, making this customised pendant exemplary.

Certified with no-oil treatments, this precious gem turns out to be almost flawless, fine jewel for generations to come. If you are looking for such rare no-oil or minor oil emerald which usually priced at a premium, it is recommended to request for a renowned third party – GRS or GIA certification.   

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