Personalised proposal ring with Tsavorite Gemstone Ring | Singapore bespoke Jewellery in personalised jewellery and wedding Ring with Green Garnet coloured gem.
Personalised Proposal Ring – Tsavorite Garnet

Personalised Proposal Ring – Tsavorite Garnet

Inspired by the captivating beauty of ocean waves

This personalised proposal ring has been customised by a gentleman for his fiancé. He picked up the hint that she dropped during a conversation that she wanted to have a proposal ring featuring the ocean colour.

With that in mind during the initial tasks, we drafted an initial sketch to resemble the natural colour of the ocean wave. The final creation of the ring turned out to be nothing less than magnificent. The splendid colour of the gemstone and the base metal design renders it a stunning look.

Embraced by two delicate diamond bands, each intricately crafted to resemble the graceful ebb and flow of ocean waves. The diamonds sparkle like sun-kissed ripples dancing across the sea’s surface, adding an exquisite touch of brilliance and charm to the design.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this proposal ring is a celebration of love and nature’s artistic splendor.

Tsavorite Gemstone

Features a Tsavorite gemstone with a deep green hue with a vivid brilliance. A symbol of eternal devotion and vibrant passion. Its intense green hue mirrors the lush underwater world, evoking the sense of diving into a sea of love.

Surrounded by a wreath of diamonds, this ring features a unique women’s shank. The layer of micro diamonds completes this luxurious proposal ring. A vision of vivid colour, this personalised ring is worth adding to your jewellery collection. It is an excellent example of brilliant artistry that you would cherish for years.

It serves as a tangible reminder of the oceans’ timeless allure and the never-ending possibilities that lie ahead for the lovely couple. Embark on this enchanting journey of love with a personalised proposal ring that celebrates both the depth of their love and the wonders of the world that inspired it.

Customised a personalised proposal ring with coloured gemstone - Tsavorite Gemstone Ring | Local Singapore bespoke Jewellery in personalised jewellery and wedding Ring with coloured gemstone

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