Personalized Engagement Ring – Pet’s Paw

Cut to an elegant and unique heart-shape, this deep blue sapphire ring appears magnificent in its form. Celebrate your love story with this charming and personalized engagement ring. The central stone in this beautifully crafted ring is an unheated vivid blue sapphire in reversed heart shape. The entire design resembles a pet’s paw, an exceptional solitaire ring. This engagement ring was customised dedicatedly for a lady who is in love with pets. It features three tanzanite gemstones position above the inverted heart-shape sapphire.

Personalized Ring

This personalized ring features a unique design with rare unheat sapphire that meant to be treasured. Instead of showing the classic heartshape, this ring is design and crafted to her style. She would appreciate his effort and gesture for sure and would not get tired of showing off this thoughtful ring to her family and friends. This bespoke engagement ring speaks a unique story and is bound to grab the attention of the onlookers.

Sleek in design and with a clever style, this personalized ring exudes a delightfully modern look with natural white gold band. This exquisite ring would captivate the hearts of the observers with its eye-catching design.  

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