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Oval-shaped Spinel Micro-set Ring

Sweet pink spinel, excellent cut and brilliant luster, with vivid fire. Set to a unique customized ring, with brilliant round diamonds and 18k(750) gold for daily wear.

Spinel comes in many colour shade of colour, all over the world. From light pastel lavender, to vivid red(ruby like) and even black. Rare and beautiful colour ones are tough to source. The most desirable ones are ruby-like red and follow by hot pink and blue.

An excellent durable gemstone, with a hardness of 8 on the MOHS scale. They are usually unheated or without any enhancement. Fine Quality spinel are comparable with ruby and sapphire.

Due to the increasing demand for spinel gemstone, watch out for synthetic spinel. Make sure you are getting the right natural gemstone, with third party gemology laboratory certification.

Consider a customised engagement ring with coloured spinel? You will be amazed by the different colour hue and brilliant in them. There are even spinel in padparadscha colour! Most details on GIOIA Fine Jewellery, coloured gemstone and bespoke jewellery, click on the Highlights!


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