Red Ruby Ring - Customised Gemstone Engagement Ring with vivid red ruby gemstone. Singapore Custom jeweller in finest quality ruby gemstone
Red Ruby Ring with Halo Diamond

Elegant Ruby Ring with Sparkling Diamonds

Discover the stunning beauty of this vivid red ruby ring, featuring a bright, vivid red ruby at its heart. This masterpiece is encircled by the brilliant shimmer of diamonds, creating a spectacular display of elegance. Crafted on a rose gold band, this ruby ring offers an additional layer of warmth and radiance. The unique setting of diamonds, resembling blooming flowers. Perfectly complements the central red ruby, and also enhancing its vibrant colour and allure.

Ruby Gemstone: A Symbol of Passion

Generally ruby, known for its deep and passionate red hue, is a gemstone that captures attention. Its bold colour is a symbol of love and vitality. Hence making it a popular choice for fine jewelry that makes a statement. The ruby gemstone in this ring is especially captivating, with its rich and saturated vivid red colour. At the same time stands out against the sparkle of diamonds.

Quality is paramount in our selection of rubies at GIOIA Fine Jewellery. We source our ruby gemstones directly from reputable mines in Tanzania, Mozambique and Burma. Importantly, making sure each ruby meets our high standards for colour, clarity, and overall quality. The unique beauty of a ruby gemstone comes from its colour, which can vary from fiery orange-red to a deep purplish red. This variation is due to the amount of chromium present in the stone.

Vivid Red vs. Pigeon Blood Red Ruby

The ruby gemstone featured in this ruby ring boasts a vivid red hue, known for its brightness and strong saturation. Vivid red rubies are treasured for their lively and intense colour, which lights up any piece of jewelry. On the other hand, pigeon blood red rubies are famous for their slightly intense shade. In addition, without purplish or orange undertone that adds depth and intensity to the stone’s appearance. Pigeon blood rubies often have a strong fluorescence, especially in Burma origin. Hence making them glow warmly from within and appear exceptionally bright under any light.

Both vivid red and pigeon blood red rubies are highly valued, but each offers a distinct look. Vivid red rubies are sought after for their pure and strong red colour, making them stand out remarkably.

Pigeon blood rubies are highly prized for their deep colour and vivid saturation. Glowing warmth shade, marking them as prestigious in the gem world. Whether attracted to the vivid red ruby’s bright allure or the deep, enchanting pigeon blood red. Above all, each shade of red adds unique charm to the customised jewellery.

Customised Vivid Red Ruby Ring Design

When combined with the precision-cut diamonds and the elegant rose gold setting, the ruby’s beauty is amplified. Resulting in a vivid red ruby ring that is both luxurious and enchanting. Experience the luxury and charm of this exquisite piece, and let its beauty shine for years to come. This ruby ring promises not only a testament to timeless design, but also a celebration of the unique qualities. Which is also why, that make rubies one of the most coveted coloured gemstones in the world.

Vivid Red Ruby Gemstone Ring - Ruby gemstone source directly from Mozambique to Burma, known for its quality and high saturated colour. Singapore Customised Jeweller in heated and unheated ruby gemstone jewellery and ring for wedding jewellery and engagement ring
Vivid Red Ruby Ring

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