White and blue colour sapphire gemstone on existing jewellery. redesign and style to a unique jewellery design. Bespoke jewellery with different creation

Adding to the natural world, this customised restyle jewellery was produced as a ring set again from an existing design. It does not necessary be a total new jewellery, where you can make good use of your existing jewellery. Exquisite and elegant, the ring can be worn with a casual street style outfit or in a festivity. In addition, this ring also makes a perfect present ensuring to display your love and affection. The ring signifies nature and nurture at its best.

Bespoke Jewellery

The ring’s centrality lies in its gemstones, especially the white sapphire. The white sapphire in cushion cut, custom set with blue sapphires, diamonds, and pear-shaped white sapphires are placed around the principle gem to enhance the overall look of the ring. The ring offers an appealing outward look as well as a nature-friendly composition that will enlighten your spirits.

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