Modified rose-cut shape Ruby and Diamond, customised to a cluster ring with round brilliant halo diamond | Singapore Private Jeweller in bespoke customised fine jewellery - Designer Jewellery with unique personal style

Diamond speaks volumes of different emotions, they are priceless. Ruby is the queen in the world of gems, the exquisite vivid red is fiery and captivating. This unique rose cut diamond set with ruby gemstone can speak the entire volumes of priceless on your finger. Thinking of getting something sophisticated yet simple elegant and with a dash of brilliant colours, well here we have a cluster gemstone ring customised with halo round brilliant diamond, black plated gold that gives an outline to the ring.

Customised Fine Jewellery

Unique modified rose cut and marquise shape diamonds, set with a cluster array of ruby gemstones and a halo diamond ring. The ruby and diamond are all set inverted, to showcase the facet cuts. For the love of diamonds and rubies, bring out the hidden glitter in your attire and sets your finger ablaze with eyes which can’t help but look at the radiance emanating from you. Customised jewellery can be simple and elegant or elaborate design depending on individual style.

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