Sapphire Halo Diamond Ring with Half Moon, one of best vivid blue shade and highly saturation in the sapphire gemstone, yellow gold | Customised Blue Sapphire.
Sapphire with Half-moon Diamond Halo Ring

Halo Diamond with Half Moon Diamond

Sapphire halo diamond ring with highly saturated vivid royal blue sapphire engagement ring. The amalgamation of vivid blue sapphire and half-moon side diamond with halo diamond results in an extraordinary art deco design. The overall design is just breath-taking and has slight touches of vintage-inspired detailing. Significant contrast between the yellow and white by crafted in warm yellow gold and plated in white gold on the diamond.

Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Sapphires have for long been favoured for being precious and incredible. These special gemstones are a symbol of loyalty and honesty. These are available in vivid shades of which royal blue is the favourite. If you are fond of classics, then this bold and beguiling design would certainly appeal to you. There is nothing wrong with opting for super-sparkly designs with glittering side stones and dazzling accents. If flaunting bold designs is your thing, then this is the customised ring you need to settle for. It is truly a masterpiece with a glittering side half-moon creating a dazzling halo.

Customised Jewellery

If you do not want sapphires to be the centre stone in your engagement ring, then you can simply opt for any coloured gemstone as the centre gem with sapphire accents or fancy shape diamonds like the half-moons. We are sure that with the variety of coloured gemstone there will definitely be one shade that win your heart! Our personalised designs will help you create a unique masterpiece that is one of a kind.

Sapphire Halo Diamond Ring with Half Moon, one of best vivid blue shade and highly saturation in the sapphire gemstone, yellow gold | Customised Blue Sapphire.
Vivid Blue Sapphire Halo Diamond Ring

Sapphire Halo Diamond Ring

Blue sapphire does sparkle well and glow with its unique blue saturation. Timeless design with round brilliance diamond accent encircle the centre sapphire, popular style for the modern bride. Halo diamond focus attention on the vivid blue sapphire and gives the already big centre gem larger look. Instead of yellow gold which bring out the antique feel, white gold gives an elegant and classy look.

Sapphire Halo Diamond Ring with vivid royal blue to cornflower sapphire engagement ring | Modern, vintage art deco, timeless halo diamond ring
Blue Sapphire Halo Diamond Ring

Different Sapphire halo diamond

Halo diamond setting, particularly when surrounding a stunning centre gemstone like a blue sapphire, offers an array of exquisite and varied looks. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we take pride in crafting unique designs that cater to diverse tastes, ensuring each piece is as individual as the wearer.

Halo Diamond in Alternate Sizes of Diamond

This design adds an intriguing twist to the classic halo setting. By placing diamonds alternately around the sapphire, the ring gains a rhythmic, dynamic appeal. The contrast between the deep blue of the sapphire and the sparkle of the diamonds creates a captivating visual effect. At the Same time, making it a sophisticated choice for those who appreciate a blend of tradition and innovation.

Halo Diamond in Pave Setting

A pave halo setting involves setting small diamonds close together around the sapphire. This technique results in a dazzling, continuous sparkle that magnifies the sapphire’s radiance. The pave setting is ideal for those who love a luxurious, glittering effect, as it enhances the overall brilliance of the ring.

Prong Variations (Three, Four, or Five Prongs)

The number of prongs used in securing the sapphire can significantly alter the ring’s look. A three-prong setting offers a minimalistic and modern appearance, while a four-prong setting is more traditional and provides a balanced look. A five-prong setting adds extra security and a unique style, ideal for those who seek a distinctive design.

Sapphire Blue Engagement Ring
Royal Blue Sapphire Halo Diamond Ring

Bespoke Sapphire Halo Diamond

At GIOIA, we understand the importance of personalisation and uniqueness in customised jewellery. Our commitment is to craft pieces that not only showcase exceptional craftsmanship and quality. But also resonate with the personal style and preferences of our discerning clientele. Whether you prefer a classic look or a more contemporary design, our bespoke services ensure that your blue sapphire halo diamond ring is as unique as your own story.

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