Gift for Mother's Day? Custom made Akoya Seed Pearl Diamond Stud Earring, unique earring jewellery as a present or own jewellery collection - Local Singapore Trusted Customised Jeweler

Happy Mother’s Day

Wishing all mum a Happy Mother’s Day! No words can fully describe our gratitude to our mum, our best friend, our mentor. Thank you for your unconditional love each day.

Pearl Earring Stud

These delicate bespoke earrings consist of clustered seed pearls held together by paved diamond detailing, just like the women who keep their families together. These pearl studded earrings pay homage to the eternally beautiful women and their efforts. The 3D design gives the earrings a subtle modern touch while preserving their unique vintage value. While the pearls add a soft, radiant touch to your outfit, the iridescent diamonds pack a lustrous punch. These luminous earrings are equally perfect for making your workplace attire more feminine, to finish off an ensemble for a long-awaited date, or to make your celebration outfit more special.

Akoya Seed Pearl

Contemporary fashion and styling are governed by the golden rule; Less is More…. and these Akoya seed Pearl Earrings are an epitome of sophisticated style. They make beautiful and unique wedding ring! Pearls are a timeless classic that emanate feminine elegance. The allure of the pearl beads has not diminished with time; on the contrary, it has become a ubiquitous jewel. Pearls are tiny organic gems that radiate decadence when added to any piece of fine jewellery. Quintessentially feminine, these Akoya seed pearl earrings are just the right staple for a diva’s wardrobe.



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