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Modern Si Dian Jin – Rose Gold

What is Si Dian Jin 四点金?

Si Dian Jin is a traditional custom practised by the Chinese and means “Four touches of gold”. This is a set of wedding jewellery that comprises of a necklace, a bangle, a ring and a pair of earrings. It is presented to the bride by the mother of the groom as a betrothal gift and is an integral part of the wedding trousseau. This wedding jewellery symbolises the bride being welcomed into the groom’s family and also serves as an assurance that she would always be taken care of. We respect traditions and have customised this design with a touch of modernism. This design has been crafted carefully to fit seamlessly within a bride’s wardrobe.

Origin of Si Dian Jin 四点金?

The custom of 四点金 Si Dian Jin tradition was originated many years back in Teochew province in China. The architectural design of the houses in the province had four grand curved roofs that resemble the Chinese word “金”. Handed down from generation, these roofs indicated the status and wealth of the family. When the mother-in-law presented to the bride Si Dian Jin 四点金 jewellery, it is a way of saying, “You will always have a roof over your head and a comfortable life.” 

Most Teochew families continue the practice of presenting Si Dian Jin to the brides on the actual big day. These jewellery set was earlier presented in yellow gold with a traditional design, solid gold 916 or 999 (22k or 24k) used to be the preferred choice of material for Si Dian Jin jewellery set. As pure gold is soft by nature, gold in 750 (18k) has a maximum content of gold with an optimum strength for jewellery wear.

More than just being an indicator of the gold, the set of Si Dian Jin jewellery is more about the well wishes and the blessings of the family of the groom being presented to the bride. It would not be wrong to call it as a family heirloom that can be cherished and passed on to generations.

Si Dian Jin 四点金 for modern bride

Modern in-laws these days are flexible and consider the bride’s opinion before choosing the Si Dian Jin jewellery set. The brides have the option to customise the jewellery so that they can flaunt their present even after their wedding day. With plethora of options available, the modern brides can opt for precious gemstones or pearl jewellery. Design from sketch and handcrafted to modern design not just in traditional gold, as per the choice of individual bride.

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Si Dian Jin Earring - Gold Si Dian Jin Wedding Jewellery customised modern jewellery
Blue Sapphire Gemstone Si Dian Jin Earring

Gold Earring Modern Sapphire & Diamond

Earrings signify the union of the two families. It signifies the bond of harmony that should develop between a bride and her mother-in-law. Modern Si Dian Jin Personalised Design presents a contemporary twist on traditional wedding jewellery. Complementing the gold necklace are round brilliance earring studs surrounded by halo diamonds. Each piece is designed to reflect a modern elegance, perfect for today’s brides. This personalised design not only represents a unique blend of tradition and modernity but also highlights the individuality of the wearer.

Si Dian Jin Jewellery Unique customised design with coloured gemstone sapphire with unique personalised design
Blue Sapphire Gemstone Si Dian Jin

Gold Necklace Modern Sapphire & Diamond

Bearing an auspicious and rich meaning, a gold necklace highlights the extravagance and the happiness of the bride. It symbolises the union of two souls and the journey of love and happiness. Gold necklaces are timeless favourite. Modern design is perfect for everyday style, designed with round brilliance blue sapphire with alternate diamond. It gracefully sits on a classic cable chain, ensuring a timeless elegance. This gleaming necklace is a timeless yet trendy piece. The enduring style along with the allure of gold puts this necklace in another league.   

From a design perspective, this set stands out for its innovative use of alternating gemstones. The blue sapphire, with its vivid blue, captivating hue, contrasts beautifully with the sparkling diamonds, creating a harmonious balance of colour and light. The round brilliance cut of the sapphires and diamonds ensures maximum sparkle and fire, enhancing the overall glamour of the set. The halo design on the earring studs adds an extra layer of brilliance, framing the central stones with a circle of smaller diamonds that catch the light from every angle. This modern interpretation of Si Dian Jin infuses traditional symbolism with contemporary aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for brides seeking a personalised touch in their wedding jewellery.

Customised Si Dian Jin 四点金 Gold, Custom made gold Bangle in Rose gold, White gold and Natural white gold, Customised you Wedding Jewellery Si Dian Jin with GIOIA Fine Jewellery - Wedding Jewellery Local Singapore
Modern Si Dian Jin Gold Bracelet Bangle

Gold Bracelet 

Bracelets wrap around the wrist, symbolising a bond between hearts. A gold bracelet represents the best wishes and the love that the elders in the family pass on to the couple for leading a fulfilling life. Craftsmanship and sophistication are epitomised in this customised rose gold bracelet. We handcraft it with the initials of two souls preparing for their union. This distinct design along with the customisation creates a versatile look. The open-bar style bracelet ensures ease of slipping on and off during everyday usage.       


Customised Si Dian Jin 四点金 Gold SJ Ring - Wedding Jewellery
Modern Si Dian Jin Gold Ring

Gold Ring 

A gold ring for centuries has been a signifier of the official marriage and conviction of love. Exchanging gold ring signifies living in harmony. This ring bears an exemplifying design. Crafted from plain metal in a customised design, this delicate band bears a glamorous style. Styled for creating a modern look, this customised wedding ring exudes a premium feel. To be ascertain that it is comfortable for daily wear, we design and crafted with gentle curved at the edges.

We customised Si Dian Jin to individual design style as per the preference stated by individual client. The beautiful bride put on this alluring design jewellery and also after the wedding celebration. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we designed this set with the initials of the bride and groom, Sharon and Joel, “SJ”.

Customised with coloured gemstone spinel for Si Dian Jin. Customised Si Dian Jin 四点金 Gold, Custom made gold Earring, Necklace, Bangle and Ring in Rose gold, White gold and Natural white gold, Looking to customised your Wedding Jewellery Si Dian Jin with GIOIA Fine Jewellery - Wedding Jewellery Local Singapore
Floral Wedding Jewellery – Gemstone Si Dian Jin

Si Dian Jin with Coloured Gemstones  

This wedding jewellery set is an alternative Si Dian Jin. We customised it for daily wear, instead of just keeping it safe. Designed with unique coloured gemstone or birthstone to give a personalised touch. The central jewellery is a necklace that features a bluish green spinel.

We have designed the pendant with an extract design of natural leaves to seem as if it flows into the spinel. Followed by earrings as dangle pieces featuring clusters of round spinels. This was the preference of the lady who prefers danglers over studs. We have given a floral shape to make the entire design unique. The bride opted for three pieces of jewellery that she could wear every day. The intricate design of this set is a classic example of brilliant craftsmanship that has gone into designing this beautiful set.    

Modern Si Dian Jin Personalised Design

At GIOIA, we redefine the traditional Si Dian Jin set, which traditionally consists of four pieces crafted from solid gold—a necklace, bracelet, pendant, and either a bangle or ring. Is Si Dian Jin a must to have for wedding ? Today, the necessity of having all four pieces in a wedding jewellery set is no longer stringent. We believe that the significance of the jewellery lies in its personal resonance with the bride who will wear it. Our bespoke approach allows us to design contemporary Si Dian Jin sets featuring coloured gemstones, custom to uniquely wedding jewellery that reflect your individuality.

Modern Si Dian Jin Jewellery with Cluster Gemstone Earring Stud Jewellery with Jade Dangle
Modern Sidianjin Jewellery with Custer Gemstones

Customised Wedding Jewellery

The wedding jewellery holds significant emotion and blessing from the bride’s family to the beautiful bride. A couple of years down the road, these jewellery brings back memories of and also the motherly love for her beloved daughter. This fairytale jewellery was crafted and designed with a fairytale theme and tanzanite gem.