The Black Prince’s Ruby in front of the Imperial State Crown of the United Kingdom

Not so long ago, this precious gemstone, Spinel was unheard of. It has gain great recognised for its exceptional brilliance and hardness. Spinel does not required any additional enhancement, as compared to sapphire and ruby. Which commonly heat treated to enhance its colour and clarity. This process of heat treatment, generally affect their value as compared to natural untreated sapphire and ruby.

Spinel Description

The spinel gemstone can usually be found in similar deposit of ruby or sapphire and sometimes closely connected to corundum. Therefore, vivid red colour spinel was mistaken as ruby, and royal blue colour spinel was mistaken as sapphire for over 1000 years. As a result, many of spinels are now custom set in very important jewellery collections based on their incorrect identification as a ruby and sapphire. You see spinel in a wide range of beautiful colour, hot vivid pink to mystery yet sparkle grey shade.

Unique features in Spinel

One of the differences is that spinel gemstones are singly refractive, unlike rubies and sapphire that are doubly refractive. Diamond is another gemstone with singly refractive, which have only one refractive index. Known as isometric system, spinel crystalise in the cubic crystal, make them highly symmetrical. This internal structure in the gemstone, gives a unique physical properties, such as a good hardness and reflective index. 

Investment in Spinel

Spinel gemstones have high excellent durability and hardness of 8.0. Like the diamonds, spinel gemstones have cubic crystals. While diamonds have perfect cleavage, the spinel gemstones have an indistinct cleavage that enhances their durability and vivid colour

If you are trying to look for spinel, as an investment or a collectible gemstone. Prices for spinel has increased throughout the years, as it is an all time favourite in the eyes of investors, collectors and of cause jewellery lovers.

Spinel Jewellery

Due to the excellent qualities of spinel gemstones, both visually & compositionally, the natural spinel gemstone is best to use in any kinds of daily jewellery designs. The fire contrast and remarkable brilliance, most especially with accents set of diamonds in gold designs are very great to wear. So, if you are one of those individuals who really love to bespoke jewellery, you should add spinel gemstone jewelleries to your collection.