Aquamarine Ring - Customised Engagement Ring

Aquamarine Ring

Customised Proposal Ring – Aquamarine Ring

Aquamarine Gemstone

Birthstone for people born in the month of March. It is renowned for its pure ocean blue colour which ranges from blue to a combination of blue-green shade. Beryl gemstones usually possess different range of colour shades. Blue shade gemstone from beryl family is called aquamarine, green is emerald, last but not least, pink being Morganite.

Have a relatively good hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale, aquamarine gems is suitable for daily jewellery. Greenish tinge in the gem is dissolve by common heat treatment process. This process leaves a pure blue shade which bears quite an opposite result when compared to ruby and sapphire where heat treated actually enhances the colour and clarity. Heat treatment is similar to the heating process of tanzanite where unwanted colour is removed from the gemstone.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Madagascar and Brazil are the major source of mine for finest quality aquamarine gemstones. Santa Maria Aquamarine from Brazil is immensely popular and features a deep blue shade. However, it is quite rare. Appears to be almost colourless when they are in small sizes, by natural they are pastel light blue colour shade. 

Certainly a unique design piece engagement ring. The resplendent design showcases an aquamarine designed to wrap by blue sapphire in a micro setting on the horizontal halo below the central stone. You get to notice a different shade of blue when you view this design from the side view. Crafted in rose gold, this sophisticated design is nothing less than a bold proclamation of love.

The design celebrates a chapter of love with unique gemstones and shimmering diamonds. This enchanting style exudes a feminine look while the side diamonds impart brilliance to the overall design.    

Unique Shape & Special Gift

Round brilliance, emerald step cut, to unique fancy marquise, princess to exceptional trillian. Similar to round brilliance, the triangular shape exhibit sharp brilliance with mesmerising sparkle. Dainty and timeless design, showcases a unique trillian aquamarine engagement ring with side round brilliant diamond followed by fancy marquise.

Recommended gift if you are considering a unique birthday or anniversary present. Birthstone jewellery is certainly a special and one of a kind.

aquamarine engagement Ring marquise round diamond
Trilliant Aquamarine Ring

High Jewellery

Mesmerising aquamarine high jewelry ring that captures the essence of elegance and distinction. Extraordinary symmetrical asscher-cut, stands out with its unparalleled brilliance and uniqueness. Unlike traditional saturated blue sapphire hues, it showcases a captivating light aqua blue shade, reminiscent of a tranquil oasis.

Nestled beside the gem, is a pair of complementing fancy-shaped diamond, followed by pave round brilliance. Additional round diamonds on center casing side profile adds a touch of extravagance brilliance. Secured with dedicate double sharp prongs creating a delightful contrast that elevates the overall look. 

It is worth noting that similar high jewelry ring has gained international recognition as an iconic jewellery masterpiece. A member of the British royal family, known for their impeccable taste and timeless style, proudly adorned this classic design with aquamarine. Aquamarine jewellery further solidifying its status as a symbol of prestige and elegance.

Aquamarine High Jewelry Ring - Fine Jewelry design with side fancy diamond ring
Alexandrite Colour Change with Green under different lighting. Customised Engagement ring and Wedding Band with unique and rare alexandrite gemstone | Local Singapore bespoke Jewellery in customised wedding jewellery

Alexandrite Colour Change

Alexandrite Colour Change with Green under different lighting. Customised Engagement ring and Wedding Band with unique and rare alexandrite gemstone | Local Singapore bespoke Jewellery in customised wedding jewellery
Alexandrite colour change Engagement Ring

Alexandrite colour change

A vision of vivid colour, this engagement ring with wedding band were custom made for a couple who wanted to source a rare coloured gemstone ring. The vibrant alexandrite gemstone exudes a green to bluish-green colour during daylight and turns red to purplish-red when subjected to incandescent light. This mesmerising gem belongs to Chrysoberyl family. It wouldn’t be wrong to refer to the gemstone combination in this design as “Emerald by day” and “Ruby by day”. This alexandrite colour change represents the love of the couple strong during both day and night.

Engagement Rings

This utterly bespoke engagement ring is customised with exquisite detailing and design. The beauty of customisation reflects from every inch of this couple ring. The couple was determined to have a unique ring instead of a common design being flaunted by everyone. They not just opted for a unique alexandrite gemstone but also opted for a simple yet elegant ring design.

Customised as a wedding band set, it is classic in every way possible. Finely crafted and set in an elegant base metal natural white gold, this vibrant set is framed by classic details thereby resulting in an iconic design worth flaunting around. This customised jewellery is an example of excellent craftsmanship and is surely going to grab the attention of the onlookers.    


Alexandrite Colour Change with Red under different lighting. Customised Engagement ring and Wedding Band with unique and rare alexandrite gemstone | Local Singapore bespoke Jewellery in customised wedding jewellery
Alexandrite Colour Change

Exceptional Engagement Ring

Instead of classic solitaire diamond ring, this non-traditional engagement ring featured an exceptionally rare alexandrite coloured gem. Crafted in champagne gold, and collaboration of ballerina inspired design with brilliance marquise diamond. This statement jewellery captured the art of ballet and jewellery that never go out of style.

Alexandrite Colour Change Engagement Ring
Alexandrite Tiara Engagement Ring

Alexandrite Wedding Bands 

Wedding bands with exceptional rare alexandrite colour change gem

Celebrate your love story with a pair of bespoke wedding bands as unique as your journey together. Crafted with exceptional craftsmanship, these bands are designed to symbolize the distinctive bond you share.

For the gentleman’s ring, a rare and captivating colour change alexandrite takes center stage, mirroring the ever-evolving hues of your relationship. This exceptional rare gemstone embodies the dynamic nature of your love.

In the world of weddings, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to matching bands. What truly matters is that both of you have found rings that resonate with your unique styles and personal preferences. These rings serve as a testament to your individuality, your unity, and the love story that is uniquely yours.