Natural Black Diamond gem Engagement ring customised with surrounded Tanzanite Gemstone and round brilliant white diamond | Local Singapore Customised Wedding Jewellery with rare black diamond, Customised Engagement ring with natural gem and black diamond.

Black Diamond Engagement Ring

This alluring design features diamonds and tanzanite gemstones in the periphery of the round black diamond in the centre. This design has specifically been customised as a proposal ring for the couple. The main stone was proposed with a temporary ring holder, subsequently custom made to one of the rarest designs to come across. Drama and elegance come alive in this extraordinary design which renders it perfect as a special occasion or an engagement ring. The design is a perfect blend of refined style and uniqueness. Elegant in form and delicate in design, this ring epitomizes timeless designing and exceptional craftsmanship. This glittering ring is apt for those who possess a refined sense of style.   

Heartiest congratulation to Stan Lee and Ann! May your wonderful journey be filled with love and happiness each day!

Black Diamond

Distinctly glamorous, this black diamond engagement ring features multiple tanzanite gemstones with diamonds set in the periphery. This chic yet classic design features an untreated black diamond which is simply a rare gemstone to come across. Although the treated ones can still be found, an untreated black diamond is a rare gem to add to your collection. Black diamonds are usually coloured because of the impurities present in them. However, the black diamond results due to massive inclusions. Most of these are treated to ensure even colour throughout the stone. This is the reason why unheated black diamonds are rare to come by.         

Customised Engagement Ring

Engagement ring does not necessary be a total surprise, knowing that she will be wearing it for a lifetime, it is a total new experience to have both the couple custom made a perfect engagement ring with both your effort. From the selection of precious gemstone to the design and final creation, every details is customisable and well look after by us in GIOIA Fine Jewellery. 

black diamond wedding proposal ring with customised wedding ring | Local Singapore Bespoke Jeweller
Black diamond ring with multiple round brilliant diamond around the rose gold bands | Local Singapore Trusted Custom made Jeweller

Black Diamond Ring

Black diamond ring with multiple round brilliant diamond around the rose gold bands | Local Singapore Trusted Custom made Jeweller

Black Diamond Ring with Rose Gold Bands

While most of the women lust after the sparkling colourless diamonds, it takes a rare character to go for the black one. Black diamond is for the truly rebellious and untamed soul, the one who likes to make her own way and does not hesitate from taking the road less traveled.

Set with multiple round brilliant cut black diamonds, this ring captures the fierceness of a headstrong woman. However, the rose gold band and the delicacy of the ring style depict that she can be playful and enchantingly adorable as well. In many ways, this ring is an accurate portrayal of the contemporary woman. She is not afraid of standing her ground and will not shy away from challenges.

Custom made jewellery

This custom made ring was designed exclusively for the clients who had this ring in silver. In GIOIA, we remodeled it in 18k (750) rose gold to make the enigmatic black diamonds more appealing.

The delicate ring is elegant and bold. The design is simple but the refined detailing gives it a timeless look. If you want to put forth your liberated personality, this is the ring couture exclusively for you!

Black Diamond Setting - Customised jewellery

Black Diamond Jewellery

Black Diamond Setting - Customised jewellery

Colourless Diamonds, Champagne Brown Diamonds and Black Diamonds

Should you consider your engagement ring with colourless diamond, or the nonconventional coloured diamond; Black or Champagne Brown diamond? Choose the ring that best suit your taste and style, doesn’t matter what the choice may be. Bespoke a statement jewellery, with our collection of unique diamonds.

Natural black diamond, known as “Carbonado”, origin from Brazil and Africa. Appear in black, as they are form by the inclusion of graphite during the crystallisation, which make them unique from colourless diamond. Black diamond, are much more affordable as compared to colourless diamonds.

In fact, black diamond are rarer than colourless diamond. They are either form naturally during the crystallisation and are enhanced (burned) to obtain the black. Somehow similar to coloured gemstone, where heat enhancement is common.

Natural black diamond, might not sparkle like how colourless diamond does. They are completely different from any other fancy coloured diamonds. The striking appeal of black diamond is commonly use in both ladies and men’s jewellery. Customised wedding bands, engagement ring to custom made men’s cufflinks and fine jewellery.