Cluster Gemstone Ring with Birthstone Jewellery

Cluster Gemstone Ring

Customised Cluster Gemstone Ring

Diamond, Peridot, Aquamarine & Sapphire Multi-Gemstone Cluster Ring

You will treasure the colourful, vintage-inspired details of this marvellous cluster gemstone ring. Crafted in rose gold, this cluster ring features multiple coloured gemstones. A stunning look is created with this ring consisting of Diamond, Peridot, Aquamarine and Sapphire.

Sculpted in a unique floral pattern, this captivating design is surely going to steal the heart of your loved one who is worthy of all the attention and love. Certainly, a personalised customised ring, designed with the gentleman as a surprise gift for this wife.     

Cluster Birthstone Family Ring

This eye-catching and elegant design was custom made by a gentleman for his beloved wife. The arrangement of coloured gemstones and diamonds is meant to appeal to her romantic taste. At GIOIA, we are dedicated to listen and understand the finest details of our clients. We have a series of discussion with the gentleman who is looking to design a cluster ring with a wide selection of accompanying setting coloured gemstones.

In this cluster gemstone design, each individual gem is set onto each casing which holds them firmly. Design to set it such that it flows around the main gemstone, this colourful ring is truly a treat for the eyes.

With different gemstones available, cluster gemstone ring can be designed with family birthstones. Birthstone jewellery can be designed and crafted into earrings or pendants. Creating a modern family heirloom jewellery for generations to come.

Cluster Gemstone Jewellery with Personalised Birthstone, customised to engagement ring or unique heirloom, anniversary or birthday jewelry.

Family Heritage in Jewellery

Imperial Topaz, Ruby, Aquamarine, Amethyst

Cluster family birthstone jewellery featuring fancy unique shape of gemstones from classic round brilliance and oval to fancy hexagon and diamond(kite). Personalised birthstone with Imperial topaz on November, ruby on July, spinel on August & amethyst on February. Asymmetric cluster gems ring in modern rose gold with family heritage.

Non-Traditional Engagement Ring

Cluster Gemstone Engagement Ring

Classic solitaire gemstone ring for engagement ring might not impress her. Many of her friends had actually received the classic engagement ring which she finds it too boring. She probably drop a couples of hints about her ideal engagement ring to be something unique and exceptional. Both your birthstones gem or first dating month incorporate into this one-of-a-kind ring.

Mandarin Garnet in a pair customised to Pendant with unique Trilliant shape, customised in a non traditional bespoke setting - bespoke Jewellery | Local Bespoke Jewellery in fine jewellery with coloured gemstone.

Mandarin Garnet Pendant

Mandarin Garnet Pendant with a pair of unique Trilliant shapes, a non-traditional Guardian Angel inspired setting with diamond - Singapore Bespoke Fine Jewelry.
Mandarin Garnet Pendant – Guardian Angel

Mandarin Garnet

Bespoke Mandarin Garnet Pendant inspired Guardian Angel Design

Features a bespoke fine jewellery pendant design with mandarin garnet. Inspired guardian angel design makes this mandarin garnet pendant a one of a kind piece. The traditional way of setting is to set the centre stone into a ring or pendant with a single gemstone. If it’s a pair you might probably set them into a pair of earrings jewellery.

However, we have this exquisite pair set in an extraordinary bespoke design instead of traditional jewellery. Combination of both the exceptionally brilliant trilliant shaped gems into a single mandarin garnet pendant.

Coloured Gemstone

Unique Shades in Garnet – Mandarin Garnet

Garnet can be found in many colours and shades, ranging from red, purple, pink, green to orange. Green and orange are the rarest within the garnets, known as tsavorite green garnet and mandarin orange garnet. The unique shade of green is the closest to emerald green, as sapphire shades are usually much dull. As the name implies, mandarin garnet has bright orange shades that resemble Sunkist oranges.

Coloured gemstones are in vogues these days. Besides, coloured gemstones are available in variety of colour shades. Certainly blown you away with a wide range of exclusive shapes and cuts. Trilliant is one of the most desired and rare shapes when it comes to colour gemstones. As the facets are more concentrated in this unique shape, the gemstone shines brilliantly and captivates the attention of the onlookers.

Bespoke Jewellery – Mandarin Garnet Pendant

Appearing like fiery comets, these garnets are simply unique and treasured by collectors and gem specialists for their high brilliance and magnificent colours. We paired these mandarin garnets to this pendant design. This mandarin garnet pendant resembles a guardian angel as if taking care of the wearer. We have designed the wings with the marques diamonds and the crown of the angel with pink spinel. Truly unique in every sense, we have crafted a design that is bound to attract a lot of attention to the wearer. 

Gemstone Unheated Pigeon Blood Vivid Red Ruby Earring, customised fine jewellery | Local Singapore Private Jeweller in bespoke fine jewellery.

Unheated Ruby Earring

Gemstone Unheated Pigeon Blood Vivid Red Ruby Earring, customised fine jewellery | Local Singapore Private Jeweller in bespoke fine jewellery.

Pigeon Blood Ruby

Featuring a pair of pigeon blood unheated ruby, set flawlessly at the centre of round halo diamond in a timeless and elegant look. Customised in 18k (750) white gold and a touch of warmth with four yellow plated prongs holding the precious gem firmly. The extraordinary vibrant in the ruby makes it one of a kind piece.

This finest pair of ruby is a perfect match customised to be worn by generations to come.

Simply the best colour shade in ruby, to be labelled as “Pigeon Blood Ruby”, it has high intensity of red and colour saturation (without brown, orange and purple overtones).  Like all other coloured gemstones, colour is the most significant factor that affects the value in them. They are neither too dark nor too light in the selection of finest ruby when it is too dark it appears to look like garnet, on the other hand when it is too light it looks like pink sapphire.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Pendant - Customised unheated pigeon blood ruby with diamond | Local Singapore Trusted Jeweler


Bespoke Engagement Ring can be custom made to all design. Coloured gemstones can range from blue Sapphire to paraiba tourmaline. GIOIA Fine Jewellery

Paraiba Sapphire Engagement Ring

Congratulation to James and Michelle for the engagement. Wishing you both a wonderful life together filled with lots of joy and happiness.

This mystical engagement ring binds a beautiful relation with both pear shaped vivid blue sapphires on both the sides. The simplicity of the gemstone holds its allure. Acclaimed for its rarity, the Paraiba tourmaline gleams from within. This gem originates from the largest country of South America, the most premium gem in the classification of tourmaline. 

Paraiba Tourmaline

A gemstone prospector in the state of Paraiba revealed a small mountain to have gems of astonishing colour. These were later found to be tourmaline crystals and thus the name Paraiba tourmaline came into being. Its cyan hue distinguishes this tourmaline from other gemstones. It is a prized possession for any jewelry lover. Aided by the growing prices of its fine quality, this gem secures a spot as a family heirloom.

Bespoke Engagement Ring

Specially customised for an engagement, the modesty of this ring is reflected by its design. In the province of marriage, prong-settings retain their value as a classic. The ring symbolises the core of all life, indicating continuous support and everlasting love, by the side of the oceanic and round gemstone. Entwine your partner’s and your life together through this ring. This elegant ring will prove to be an emblem of your love and affection.

Purplish Spinel coloured gemstone Engagement Ring with pave Filigree design | Local Singapore Customised Jeweller

Purple Spinel Ring

Congratulation to Pameline and Aaron for your engagement! Wishing you both an eternity of love and happiness together always. Thank you for having us along your lovely journey.

A brilliant Purple spinel sits in the centre of this beautiful filigree ring set in 18k (750) white gold prongs. The sparkling pave brilliant diamonds set on both side of the bands add a splendid touch to this vintage ring. The antique design mimics lace patterns, and its intricacy reflects the astounding level of skill required to design it.

Customised Engagement Ring

Filigree rings are especially popular among those who love delicate jewellery. For thousands of years, skilled jewellers have used this technique to shape metal into intricate designs by hand. The traditional filigree techniques employ long strands of metallic wires that are manipulated to create original, elaborate patterns that are then soldered into the metal surface.

An ode to the ancient masters of Haute joaillerie, this ring is perfect for those who love a contemporary twist on antique items. The linkage of the design and the creative quality of this spinel ring give it an enigmatic appeal. The vivid purple coloured gemstone makes you plein de vie while the clean design of this ring makes it perfect for stacking with your wedding bands as well.

Customised Blue Spinel Earrings | Local Singapore bespoke jeweller

Customised Blue Spinel Earring

Customised Blue Spinel Earrings | Local Singapore bespoke jeweller

Exceptional Birthday Gift – Spinel Earring Stud 

Sparkle in the deep blue hue, with round brilliant blue spinel. One-of-a-kind surprise birthday gift, custom set in 6-prong earring stud, (750) 18k white gold.

Looking for a unique customised earring, which cost much lesser than a brilliant round diamond earring stud?

With coloured gemstones, you’ll be spoilt for choices! We have a wide range from coloured gemstones, from deep blue sapphire to neon greenish blue paraiba tourmaline. Always choose your ideal gemstone before the design. With bespoke jewellery, all design is made possible with our dedicate craftsmanship in GIOIA Fine Jewellery.