Natural Black Diamond gem Engagement ring customised with surrounded Tanzanite Gemstone and round brilliant white diamond | Local Singapore Customised Wedding Jewellery with rare black diamond, Customised Engagement ring with natural gem and black diamond.

Black Diamond Engagement Ring

This alluring design features diamonds and tanzanite gemstones in the periphery of the round black diamond in the centre. This design has specifically been customised as a proposal ring for the couple. The main stone was proposed with a temporary ring holder, subsequently custom made to one of the rarest designs to come across. Drama and elegance come alive in this extraordinary design which renders it perfect as a special occasion or an engagement ring. The design is a perfect blend of refined style and uniqueness. Elegant in form and delicate in design, this ring epitomizes timeless designing and exceptional craftsmanship. This glittering ring is apt for those who possess a refined sense of style.   

Heartiest congratulation to Stan Lee and Ann! May your wonderful journey be filled with love and happiness each day!

Black Diamond

Distinctly glamorous, this black diamond engagement ring features multiple tanzanite gemstones with diamonds set in the periphery. This chic yet classic design features an untreated black diamond which is simply a rare gemstone to come across. Although the treated ones can still be found, an untreated black diamond is a rare gem to add to your collection. Black diamonds are usually coloured because of the impurities present in them. However, the black diamond results due to massive inclusions. Most of these are treated to ensure even colour throughout the stone. This is the reason why unheated black diamonds are rare to come by.         

Customised Engagement Ring

Engagement ring does not necessary be a total surprise, knowing that she will be wearing it for a lifetime, it is a total new experience to have both the couple custom made a perfect engagement ring with both your effort. From the selection of precious gemstone to the design and final creation, every details is customisable and well look after by us in GIOIA Fine Jewellery. 

black diamond wedding proposal ring with customised wedding ring | Local Singapore Bespoke Jeweller
diamond clarity chart custom made diamond ring

Diamond Clarity

diamond clarity chart custom made diamond ring

Diamond Clarity

Diamonds are natural minerals from the ground. Over the years under the extreme heat and pressure. They have tiny imperfection in them, known as inclusions or on the surface known as blemishes. Clarity of a diamond define as the absence of such inclusions and blemishes.

FL – IF (Flawless – Internally Flawless)

Flawless referring to no inclusions or blemishes in the diamond under a 10x magnification. Extremely rare, prices for Flawless is the highest as it is < 1% of the diamond in the market.

Internally Flawless referring to no inclusion, but only blemishes are detectable under 10x magnification. Comparing with Flawless, they are almost identical, < 3% of the diamond in the market.

VVS1 – VVS2 (Very Very Slight Inclusion)

Inclusion are very difficult to detect under 10x magnification even with a skilled grader. VVS1 inclusion are normally on the pavilion, whereas VVS2 inclusion are on the crown and not the table.

VS1 – VS2 (Very Slight Inclusion)

Inclusions are not visible under naked eyes, easily detect under 10x magnification. Inclusion are normally on the table of the diamond and some VS2 grade might have black dot.

SI1 – SI2 (Slight Inclusion)

SI1 inclusion or black dot are noticeable and able to detect under naked eyes, without magnification.

SI2 inclusion or black dot on the crown and table are noticeable under naked eyes.

I1 – I3 (Imperfection)

Heavily included, which may affect the transparency and brilliance of the diamond. These grades are not advisable for diamond jewelleries.

Right Diamond Clarity for Proposal Ring

Select the right clarity, for the best value for money diamond. Might not need to be flawless, but at least one that is eye-clean. One look on the diamond you are not able to detect any inclusion with your naked eyes! I believe no one will bring a 10x magnification loupe on the street.

The clarity grade of VS1 and VS2, are usually eye-clean. As the inclusion are tiny and crystal or feather in the diamonds, therefore is it quite negligible. SI1 and SI2 or below quality, inclusion are quite noticeable especially the black dots. Due to the obvious inclusions and impurities, they might affect the light reflecting of the diamond in general.

Customized engagement ring, begin from the selection of the ring diamond. Natural inclusion in the diamond or coloured gemstone is inevitable. In fact, inclusion in the stone is a way to detect the origin and whether is there any heat enhancement. Diamond with flawless, is very rare in the market, prices of such diamond are a premium compared to the rest.


custom made diamond engagement Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring

customised diamond engagement Ring

Customised Engagement Ring

From the selection of the ideal diamond to the fine detailing on the ring band, all by the soon-to-be groom. A truly unique and elegant engagement ring that no others has. Extraordinary story and meaning behind the ring.

0.8 carat F colour, ideal-cut diamond set in Platinum. Six crawl with filigree finishing and brilliant round diamond on the ring band.

We are so excited and happy for both lovely couple! Once again, congratulation and wishes both a blissful marriage and everlasting love. Thank you for having us to custom made this unique engagement ring.

Wedding engagement ring can be coloured gemstone or diamond. In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, every timeless piece of jewellery is contoured to the wearer. For more updates, click on Highlights.

GIA graded Ideal Diamond - Custom Made Diamond Engagement Ring, with Ideal Hearts & Arrows

Hearts & Arrows Ideal Diamond

GIA graded Ideal Diamond - Custom Made Diamond Engagement Ring, with Ideal Hearts & Arrows

An indication of true quality diamond

“Arrows” are visible from the top view of the diamond, “Hearts” from the bottom view via a scope. Not all diamond with an ideal cut rating (AGS) or excellent cut rating (GIA) categories as a hearts and arrows diamond.

High precision cut and optimum proportion on every facet for the desired pattern.
With extreme care on polishing to exact angles and proportions for each facet.
This level of precision goes way beyond the criteria needed to achieve a “excellent” symmetry rating.

In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, every detail is well taken care to give you the best brilliance of the diamond. Customised engagement ring, wedding bands or bespoke jewellery, with coloured gemstone, share with us on your preference and ideas. Each piece is uniquely designed and handcrafted by us.

customised Diamond Engagement Ring Ideal Diamond Wedding Engagement Ring Customised bespoke jewellery

Custom made Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring

Ideal cut brilliant round diamond surrounding with micropavé diamond, set on a micropavé band. We have a wide range of Ideal brilliant diamond, with 8 Hearts and Arrows. Share with us your required carat size, clarity, cut and colour.

Meticulously custom made designed, such that the eternity diamond wedding bands, fit well with the customised engagement ring, without gap.

Every design is truly unique and one-of-a-kind. In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, it is not just a purchase of jewellery, we believe that the jewellery should customised and couture to your style. More of our latest update in the Highlights.