Engagement Ring with Paraiba Tourmaline customised with round blue tanzanite gemstone in 750 white gold band, unique customised engagement ring without diamond but customised with coloured gemstone for one of a kind design Local Singapore Jeweller in customised engagement ring with paraiba tourmaline gemstone.

Engagement Ring – Paraiba Tourmaline

Engagement Ring Paraiba Tourmaline customised with round blue Sapphire gemstone Proposal Ring | Engagement ring with paraiba tourmaline gemstone Singapore.
Paraiba Tourmaline Engagement Ring with Sapphire

Customised Engagement Ring – Paraiba Tourmaline Sapphire

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we designed side the ring with handcrafted leaves details, adding a unique touch. This design is exclusive, made just for the lovely couple’s engagement. This special paraiba tourmaline engagement ring, a unique choice beyond traditional diamond rings.

Paraiba Tourmaline known to be the rarest tourmaline gem that was ever found. We crafted this personalized Paraiba sapphire engagement ring after a detailed consultation with the couple about their proposal ring. Right from the outset, they expressed a strong desire for a one-of-a-kind, personalised proposal ring. In this design, a round Paraiba tourmaline takes center stage and is gracefully accompanied by soft, pastel blue sapphires. The gentle pastel hue beautifully enhances the focal gem, resulting in a truly magnificent ring.

Paraiba Tourmaline

Diamonds are often seen as the finest crystals, known for their natural sparkle. Yet, many coloured gems, like this rare Paraiba tourmaline, are also precious treasures. While diamonds have gained value through years of intense marketing and limited supply. On the other hand, Paraiba tourmaline’s unique colour and shade set it apart from other luxury gems. In fact, it’s even rarer than diamonds too!

Our delicate design is simply classic, showcasing three striking gemstones that shine with a vivid bluish-green hue. Jewellers and collectors alike can’t get enough of Paraiba tourmaline, known for its unique, neon-like glow since its discovery 30 years ago. This engagement ring features the rare gem, prized for its intense saturation and treasured worldwide. Its central stone is a coveted addition to any jewellery collection.

Value in Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba tourmaline’s value comes from its bright colour and specific origin, like Brazil or Mozambique. Despite its massive natural inclusions that impact clarity. Unlike diamonds, which are priced based on carat, colour, clarity, and cut, Paraiba tourmaline’s unique hues drive its value. Auction houses often feature this gemstone for its fine jewelry. The most prized are those with electric neon or greenish-blue shades, making them highly sought-after and rare. Therefore, choosing a Paraiba tourmaline engagement ring adds a special touch to the symbol of love and commitment in marriage.

Engagement Ring Paraiba Tourmaline customised with round blue Sapphire gemstone Proposal Ring | Engagement ring with paraiba tourmaline gemstone Singapore.
Customised Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring with Wedding Bands

Engagement Ring Paraiba Tourmaline & Wedding Bands Stackable Set

Exquisite wedding bands, artfully designed to stack seamlessly with the Paraiba tourmaline engagement ring. These one-of-a-kind wedding bands embrace the spirit of your love story with a captivating “V” tiara design. Crowned by a brilliant center Paraiba tourmaline, inspired by the heart of proposal ring.

On the whole, Paraiba Tourmaline wedding bands and engagement ring weave a seamless and harmonious tapestry. Hence these captivating pieces symbolise your shared love and unity. Cherish them, as they will last a lifetime.

Paraiba Tourmaline Wedding Bands
Paraiba Tourmaline Wedding Bands

Unique Wedding Bands

Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline Wedding Bands with Personalised Design

As this extremely rare paraiba tourmaline, gems gain popularity in many young couples. In fact, we have Brazil Paraiba tourmaline designed on an engagement ring or even wedding bands. These personalised wedding bands were designed with the couple’s favourite characters “Rabbit & Bear”. In addition the exceptional vivid greenish-blue Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline stands out from all angles. Additionally, the multi-row micro paves diamond enhances its brilliance and sparkle, resulting in personalised and unique wedding bands.

Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline Wedding Bands and engagement ring with paraiba tourmaline gemstone
Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline Wedding Bands

Paraiba Tourmaline Suit me?

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we offer an extensive selection of Paraiba tourmaline in various shades, helping you discover your unique taste. Wondering if a Paraiba tourmaline engagement ring is right for you? Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What appeals to one person might not be your preference. Our collection is designed to cater to diverse tastes, ensuring you find a piece that truly resonates with your style.

Personalised Engagement Ring with Paraiba Tourmaline Gemstone with unique design for a proposal with own personalised initials on the ring | Customised Jeweller in wedding ring and wedding jewellery with paraiba tourmaline gemstone in Singapore

Personalised Paraiba Tourmaline Ring

Paraiba Tourmaline Ring with side fancy diamond engagement ring - paraiba tourmaline and diamond ring design
Personalised Paraiba Tourmaline Ring with Fancy Pear Diamond

Paraiba Tourmaline Ring

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, our passion for crafting bespoke pieces is exemplified in the creation of personalised Paraiba tourmaline ring, a gem that truly represents the zenith of coloured gemstones. Here’s how we bring these magnificent creations to life, imbued with both personal significance and outstanding beauty.

Paraiba tourmaline captivating neon shades and its mesmerising saturation are not merely seen; they are felt. This gemstone stands as the pinnacle in the top of coloured gemstones. Even those new to the world of fine jewelry are drawn to its vivid hues, which can transform a simple ring into a masterpiece of personal expression.

Origin and Rarity

Discovered in the lush landscapes of Brazil and Mozambique, the Paraiba tourmaline is a treasure of nature. The extraordinary rarity of Paraiba tourmaline transforms it from simple jewellery into a profound statement piece. At GIOIA, we recognise that each gem carries a unique story, its scarcity mirroring the one-of-a-kind nature of each love story it comes to represent.

Paraiba tourmaline is not commonly found, making its presence in a customised engagement ring something truly special. When a couple chooses this precious gemstone for an engagement ring, they are not only selecting a rare piece of the earth’s beauty but also making a declaration about their relationship. Like the distinctive glow of the Paraiba tourmaline their love too is unique, and going beyond ordinary expressions of affection. It tells a story of deep connection and commitment, signifying a deeply meaningful emblem of personal significance and emotional depth.

Personalised Engagement Ring with Paraiba Tourmaline Gemstone with unique design for a proposal with own personalised initials on the ring | Customised Jeweller in wedding ring and wedding jewellery with paraiba tourmaline gemstone in Singapore
Paraiba Tourmaline Engagement Ring

Personalisation through Design

We cherish the opportunity to turn your personal visions into reality, it is also our pleasure to be part of your proposal and wedding journey. Each consultation is a deep dive into your preferences, ensuring that every aspect of the design resonates with your personal story. At GIOIA, we craft bespoke rings that are as unique as the individuals who wear them, moving beyond standard designs offered by conventional retailers.

Inspiration and Conceptualisation

Your personal experiences and the natural allure of Paraiba tourmaline inspire our designs. Whether it’s a significant life milestone or a simple yet profound memory, we incorporate elements that are meaningful to you. The possibilities are limitless, customised to reflect your narrative in every curve and colour of in the personalised paraiba tourmaline ring.

Collaborative Design Process

From the initial sketches to the final 3D rendering, our design process is a collaborative journey. We refine each detail, ensuring the final piece is a perfect embodiment of your vision, crafted with the utmost precision and care. Every single details is well taken care to make sure you are full satisfied with the final jewellery.

Choosing a Paraiba tourmaline is an intimate experience. Whether it’s love at first sight or a gradual appreciation of the gem’s unique colour, our extensive selection ensures that you find a gemstone that you connect with deeply. One that not only meets but exceeds your expectations in its visual appeal and quality.

Craftsmanship & Setting: Bringing Personalisation to Life

We offer custom metal choices that enhance the neon brilliance of the Paraiba tourmaline. From the stark elegance of platinum and white gold to the warm hues of rose, yellow, and champagne gold, each setting is chosen not only to complement the gemstone. But also to harmonise with your personal style and existing jewellery collection.

Choosing a personalised Paraiba tourmaline ring from GIOIA isn’t just about acquiring a piece of jewellery. It’s about embarking on a journey of personalisation, where every facet of the ring tells a story. It’s about creating a lasting emblem of personal style and exquisite taste, a testament to both love and craftsmanship.

Personalised Paraiba Tourmaline Ring at GIOIA

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we invite you to begin this personal journey, to create not just a ring, but a legacy of beauty and individual expression that shines as brightly as the rarest gemstones we so lovingly craft.

For instance, we designed halo brilliant diamonds set around it to accentuate the look. What was more special in this personalised Paraiba tourmaline ring, which made Elissa say “Yes” is the detailing of their initial JOEL, with Joel as his name and EL as the her initial on the side view of the ring.

Personalised Paraiba Tourmaline Ring with Paraiba Tourmaline Gemstone with unique design for a proposal with own personalised initials on the ring | Customised Jeweller in wedding ring and wedding jewellery with paraiba tourmaline gemstone in Singapore
Personalised Engagement Ring with Initials
Pink Spinel with Paraiba Tourmaline Wedding Proposal Ring | Local Singapore Jeweller in bespoke wedding ring with pink spinel and coloured gemstone for Wedding Jewellery and Wedding Ring

Pink Spinel Wedding Ring

Pink Spinel Wedding Ring | Customised Gemstone Proposal Ring | Bespoke wedding ring pink spinel & coloured gemstone for Customised Wedding Jewellery Singapore.
Pink Spinel Wedding Ring

Customised Pink Spinel Wedding Ring

Vibrant Hot Pink Spinel Accompanying with Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline Gems

This enchanting ring demonstrates a wonderful vintage charm. This pink spinel wedding ring features a vibrant spinel as the main gemstone. The neon bluish-green shade Brazil Paraiba tourmalines used in the sides makes a perfect match for the feminine pink spinel. The colour combination in this wedding ring is beyond perfect.

This gorgeous pink spinel ring has brilliant cut accents staggered on either side of the central gemstone. Bespoke design ring thereby enhancing the striking magnificence of the centre stone. This delicate two-tone masterpiece has a vivid colour combination. The white gold band adds a touch of wonderful detail to this utterly breath-taking design.     

Bespoke Wedding Ring

Spectacularly crafted, this bespoke designed ring was chosen as a wedding ring signifying the loving bond shared by the couple. Exquisite and modern design ring customised to be unique from the commercial rings available in retail stores. The brilliant colour combination along with the exceptional sparkle makes this design truly stand out. Shine bright with this elegant beauty.

The soothing colour of this delicate beauty is certainly going to capture the attention of those around you. This stunning and unique design is all you need to create an eye-catching statement jewellery no matter where you go.  

Gemstone Engagement Ring

Not sure whether a pink spinel wedding ring is the right coloured shade for you? The cool coloured tone is available in spinel too! At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we have gemstone engagement rings designed with other shades of spinel such as wedding rings bluish grey spinel.

Pink Spinel Wedding Ring | Customised Gemstone Proposal Ring | Bespoke wedding ring pink spinel & coloured gemstone for Customised Wedding Jewellery Singapore.
Spinel Paraiba Wedding Ring
Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline is a fascinating rare gem that exhibits a sensational colour shade. The unique colour shade of a Brazil Paraiba make it of the rarest gem on world which is priced much more than a diamond. This customised engagement ring is customised with side round diamonds and a pave of 3/4 diamonds.

Brazil Paraiba Engagement Ring

Brazil Paraiba Engagement Ring is a fascinating rare gem from Brazilian to Mozambique. Customised proposal engagement ring Paraiba Tourmaline Gemstone Singapore
Brazil Paraiba Engagement Ring

Vivid Brazil Paraiba Engagement Ring

Step into a world where rarity meets radiance with our exquisite Brazil Paraiba engagement ring, a bespoke creation that transcends the ordinary. Crafted as a unique symbol of love, this dazzling Brazil Paraiba gem takes center limelight stage. Adorned with side round diamonds that dance in harmony with its vibrant beauty. Designed for a lady with a taste for the extraordinary, this engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewelry; it’s a manifestation of her vivid imagination brought to life.

Exceptional Engagement Ring

An exceptional engagement ring that goes beyond the conventional. Where the stylish and sassy essence of Brazil Paraiba meets the timeless allure of round diamonds. The pave of shimmering smaller round diamonds elegantly not only enhances the enchanting design. It also create a visual symphony that captivates the beholder.

Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline

At the heart of this captivating creation lies the Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline, a gem that defies expectations with its sensational colour. Renowned for its signature neon greenish-blue hue, it stands as one of the rarest gems globally. A fine quality Brazilian Paraiba easily command a premium three times and above that of a natural diamond. Also known as Rio Grande Do Norte Paraiba Tourmaline, it hails from the northeastern part of Brazil in the state of Paraiba. Its vivid shade shocked gem collectors when it was first exhibited in 1989. This irresistible shade of electric blue spiralled up this coloured gemstone, beating all other variants of tourmaline that were once popular.

Rarest of Rare Paraiba Tourmaline

Because of its exorbitant pricing, only experienced and trained cutters can work on the gem. It is to prevent unnecessary damages or wastage to this precious rare gem. Collector are acceptance to the inclusion in Paraiba tourmaline considering its rarity and strong vivid intensity. It is rare to come across this gemstone even in 1.0 carat weight. Particularly in a jewellery auction held in November 2019, a Paraiba tourmaline of 1.77 carats was realised at $64,000 USD, which is estimated to be $36,000 USD per carat.

Brazil Paraiba Engagement Ring is a fascinating rare gem from Brazilian to Mozambique. Customised proposal engagement ring Paraiba Tourmaline Gemstone Singapore
Brazil Paraiba
Fine Jewelry Luxury Bespoke Jewellery with tanzanite and paraiba tourmaline Parrot Earring

Fine Jewelry

Luxurious Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry is a luxurious and timeless accessory that can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. While many people may associate fine jewelry with special occasions such as weddings and engagements. There are many reasons why you should consider investing in fine jewelry for everyday wear. As well as rare precious coloured gemstone which are multi-generations heirloom jewellery.

Fine jewelry holds a unique significant symbolic meaning. It can represent a special occasion, commemorate a milestone or achievement, or be a sentimental reminder of a loved one. On the other hand, wearing fine jewelry is a way to express their personal style and fashion. It certainly symbolises your social status and first impression in the ballroom events.

Ruby Pigeon Blood & Sapphire Royal Blue Ring: A Symphony of Colour and Elegance

Crafted with a distinct vision of uniqueness, these heirloom statement rings was created with finest quality gem. Featuring stunning pigeon blood ruby and royal blue sapphire, unheated gemstones. Emerge from a profound desire to create unparalleled fine jewelry for cherished individuals. Each piece represents the pinnacle of ruby and sapphire quality, designed to be timeless and eternally stylish.

Bespoke Fine Jewelry

Attention to all details with a touch of elegance and sophistication

Bespoke design on fine jewelry with rare precious gemstones lift to a new level of uniqueness and personalisation. Bespoke pieces are personalise and only created to the wearer’s specific requirements. Ensure that each piece is one-of-a-kind and tailored to your tastes and style.

Clearly one of the most important aspects in fine jewelry is “Craftsmanship”. Created by skilled artisans who use the highest quality materials to produce pieces that are unique, beautiful, and timeless. Durable and long-lasting fine jewelry created with high-quality materials such as gold, platinum, and rare precious gemstones.

Furthermore, it can be worn for years without losing its beauty or value. In fact, due to the strong global demand and awareness for colour gemstone, prices of precious gemstones such as Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald have risen significantly in recent years.

Customised Design

Fine Jewelry with Personalised Creation 

Choosing bespoke jewellery is that you have complete control over the design process. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery we will be working closely with you to create a masterpiece jewellery. One that reflects your personal style and incorporates any special symbols or motifs that hold significance for you. This level of customisation is sure to create a truly unique masterpiece with sentimental value.

This attention to detail and craftsmanship sets customised pieces apart from mass-produced jewelry. Which often uses lower quality materials and less attention to detail. By choosing pieces that you love and feel confident wearing, you can clearly express your individuality. And also enhance your personal style in jewellery pieces.

Precious Gemstone

It should be note that precious gemstones have been treasured for centuries. Not only for their beauty, but also for their historical, cultural, and symbolic significance. From ruby, sapphire to emerald, the world of fine jewelry and gemstones is vast and fascinating.

In particular, Paraiba tourmaline is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. With only a limited number of mines producing this exceptionally sought-after gemstone. Paraiba tourmaline is a rare and highly sought-after gemstone which is prized for its vivid blue-green colour and exceptional brilliance.

With its neon-ish saturation, this precious gemstone exudes an otherworldly glow. As if it’s casting a spell of fascination upon all who lay eyes upon it. The demand for Paraiba tourmaline gemstone has been steadily increasing over the years, thanks to its rarity and unique colour.

High Jewelry Design Parrot with unheated tanzanite and brazil paraiba tourmaline gemstone earring customised fine jewelry
Fine Jewelry Parrot Earring Stud

Elegant Parrot Fine Jewelry

The earrings feature a delicately crafted and elegant parrot motif jewellery. Accompanied with main tanzanite and Brazil Paraiba tourmaline gemstones. Skilfully designed in a way that accentuates the beauty of natural tropical birds. The vivid blue-green colour of the Paraiba tourmaline provides a stunning contrast to the rich blue-purple hue of the tanzanite. At the same time a harmonious and striking colour palette.

This unique creation is a testament to the skill and artistry of our designer and master craftsmen who created it. In addition a reflection of the wearer’s discerning taste and appreciation for the extraordinary.

These fine jewelry earrings are sure to make a statement and become a treasured addition to any jewelry collection. Definitely a luxurious and glamorous fine jewelry, that make a statement about the wearer’s status and social standing.

Fine Jewelry Luxury Bespoke Jewellery with Precious Gemstones - High Jewelry

Paraiba Tourmaline Fine Jewelry Set

Elegance and femininity Jewellery to treasure for generations

Featuring a combination of fancy marquise and pear diamonds surrounding the center Paraiba tourmaline. Certainly is an exceptional fine jewelry design that will definitely leave a lasting impression. The unique and rare beauty of the Paraiba tourmaline is accentuated by the elegant design of marquise and pear diamonds. Carefully selected to complement and enhance the beauty of the Paraiba Tourmaline. Creating a truly stunning and unique piece of Paraiba Tourmaline fine jewelry.

Encircled by an intricate dance of fancy marquise and pear diamonds, the pendant exudes an aura of timeless sophistication. Complementing the Paraiba tourmaline pendant’s allure is this set of dangle earrings.

Paraiba tourmaline earrings, dangle like drops of liquid light. Designed with cluster of marquise and pear diamonds, visually contrast with mesmerising Brazillian Paraiba tourmaline.

The center Paraiba tourmaline is clearly the focal point of this bespoke jewellery design. Specifically with its vivid blue-green colour and exceptional clarity drawing the eye and capturing the imagination.

In conclusion, this rare and unique gemstone, classic and elegant design, and exceptional craftsmanship. Ultimately, this Paraiba tourmaline jewellery set is sure to be a cherished and treasured addition to any jewelry collection.

Fine Jewelry Paraiba Tourmaline Round Brilliance in single pendant design unique fine jewellery design customised by GIOIA Fine Jewellery
Paraiba Tourmaline Pendant Fine Jewelry Collection

Local Singapore Fine Jewelry Boutique

Rarity, elegance, and passion to create an unparalleled experience

Welcome to GIOIA Fine Jewellery, where your journey to discovering the most exquisite precious gemstones from around the world begins. From the mesmerising depths of vivid royal blue and Padparadscha sapphires to the fiery brilliance of pigeon blood rubies. We handpick each individual gem to ensure unrivalled beauty and authenticity.

Indulge in a bespoke experience like no other in Singapore. Our team of skilled master craftsman and experienced designers work closely with you to create a personalised jewellery piece. These bespoke creation mirrors your unique style and personality that shines through in every aspect. Each piece of fine jewelry is meticulously crafted to stand the test of time. Specifically crafted to become a heirloom jewellery to be cherished for generations.

Fine Jewelry Paraiba Tourmaline Pendant Earring Set
Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline Ring customised and design with pear shaped diamond and round brilliance blue sapphire inspired by a flora design - Customised Engagement Ring with local Singapore bespoke customised jeweller, with Mozambique and Brazil Paraiba

Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline Ring

Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline Ring with pear-shaped diamond and blue sapphire a flora design - Customised Engagement Ring Mozambique & Brazil Paraiba Singapore.
Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline

Iconic Neonish Bluish Green Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline

Featuring a Brazil paraiba tourmaline ring, an extremely rare Brazil origin and highly value gemstone. This floral-inspired Paraiba Engagement ring is a product of hours of brainstorming. This beautiful display of lively colours features a breath-taking bespoke design. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we have an exceptional Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline occupies the prime spot in this design.

How Much Does a Paraiba Tourmaline Cost?

Notably, it ranks as one of the most expensive and coveted gemstones globally. The prices have ascended continually since its discovery and is still far from reached the sky. Multiple factors affect the overall price of this extremely rare precious gemstone. In general price per carat for fine quality Paraiba Tourmaline can reach an astounding five figures. 

Acquiring this rare Paraiba tourmaline is notably challenging and tedious process. Direct sourcing from Brazil for this exceptional gemstone is no simple task, which is why you don’t get to see them among typical jewellery retailers in Singapore.

Extremely Rare Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline

The pricing of the Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline is a reflection of its unparalleled rarity and beauty. Typically, the cost for fine quality stones ranges from $18,000 to $25,000 USD per carat, but it can escalate even further based on several critical factors. This range is indicative not just of the gemstone’s inherent worth but also of its increasing desirability among high jewelry aficionados.

When assessing the value of a Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline, experts consider several key aspects:

  1. Carat Weight: The size of the Paraiba Tourmaline plays a significant role in its value. Larger carats are exceptionally rare, and thus, they command higher prices. The carat weight not only influences the price but also the impact and presence of the gemstone in a piece of jewellery.
  2. Clarity: Clarity is a crucial determinant in evaluating the quality of this gemstone. Paraiba Tourmalines with fewer inclusions or imperfections are considered more valuable. A clear, flawless stone is a rarity in itself, adding to the allure and exclusivity of the gem.
  3. Vividness and Saturation of Colour: Perhaps the most defining characteristic of the Paraiba Tourmaline is its electrifying blue or green colour. The intensity and depth of colour greatly influence its value. A more vivid and saturated hue, whether it’s a deep oceanic blue or a vibrant green, is highly prized. The unique neon-like glow of the Paraiba Tourmaline is due to the presence of copper, which is responsible for its extraordinary colouration.

Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline

Exceptional Rarity and Stunning Colour

The Brazil Paraiba tourmaline derives its name from the Brazilian state of Paraíba, where it was initially unearthed in the late 1980s. Subsequently, the deposit is renowned for its scarce output and is currently on the brink of exhaustion, rendering these gemstones exceptionally rare.

Brazilian and African (Mozambique) Paraiba tourmalines are both extremely rare. It is tough even for experienced miners to source the finest Paraiba rough from both the origin. With the rough supply at an all-time low, Brazil Paraiba being the rarest within the both, the colour shade is much vivid and saturated blue. This one-of-a-kind and rare Paraiba tourmaline ring can be nothing less than a treasure worth cherishing for a lifetime. 

Floral Inspired Engagement Ring

Eye-catching and elegant, this engagement ring shimmers with vintage-inspired details. The design is rendered elegant with pear-shaped diamonds and blue sapphire surrounding the Paraiba tourmaline. The sparkling diamonds result in a floral halo around the centre gem. Drawing inspiration from nature, this enchanting Paraiba tourmaline engagement ring signify the start of a beautiful journey.

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we take pride in bringing the magnificence of this rare Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline gem to our discerning clientele, creating statement heirlooms, to be treasured for generations. The flower-shaped frame adorned with petite, complementing diamonds and gemstones brings alive your fairy tale romance in every sense.  

Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline Ring with pear-shaped diamond and blue sapphire a flora design - Customised Engagement Ring Mozambique & Brazil Paraiba Singapore.
Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline Engagement Ring
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Paraiba Diamond Pendant

Paraiba Diamond Pendant Brazil Paraiba - Marquise, round halo diamond & Paraiba Brazil Pedant. Customised fine jewelry pendant in luxury high jewelry Singapore.
Paraiba Diamond Pendant

Paraiba Diamond Pendant with Marquise & Halo Diamond

This exquisite Paraiba Tourmaline pendant is an artful and elegant choice. It features a striking Paraiba tourmaline with bright neon and green hue. The vivid shade makes it surpass all other shades available naturally in the tourmaline family and as well as in other gemstone groups. Its unique shade distinguishes it from the family of tourmalines. This Paraiba diamond pendant features a chandelier design with cluster round diamond and Brazil paraiba tourmaline.

Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba tourmaline gemstone shade improve drastically when undergone heat enhancement treatment. The enhancement occurs in the temperature range of 500 to 600 degrees Celsius. Tourmaline is rich in manganese and copper and the colour of the gemstone can easily be modified from dark blue, violet and purple to turquoise shade. The degree to which the colour changes is strongly dependent on the trace elements present in the gemstone. It is also strongly influenced by the absorption spectra of the precursor metal. The estimated copper to manganese ratios and the measured absorption spectra help in determining whether the tourmaline gemstone is eligible for heat treatment or not. 

Paraiba tourmaline was discovered only a couple of decades ago as compared to sapphire and ruby gems. This gemstone is treasured for its rare occurrence. Brazil was the only origin that Paraiba tourmaline was mined back then. The shades with glowing neon can cost three times more than the price of a diamond. The increasing popularity of Mozambique Paraiba has seen a surge in the price touching $6000 to $9000 per carat. 

Customised Pendant Jewellery

This dazzling pendant featured a Paraiba tourmaline in pear-shaped and defines sophistication. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we custom designed from a sketch and handcrafted to bear an exquisite style. The blissful gemstones capture the attention with the halo of round diamonds and marquise shape. The striking design also features two round Brazil Paraiba gemstones. The intricate detail finishes the look, creating a masterpiece gemstone pendant.

This luxury custom-designed Paraiba diamond pendant makes valuable heirloom jewellery that could be treasured for generations. To exhibit brilliance sparkle throughout this gorgeous pear shade pendant, we add shimmering diamonds around it. The customised design also features cascading floral pattern through which the pendant suspends and completes this exceptional look.     

Customised electric blue or mint green Paraiba Tourmaline Proposal Ring - custom made to different classic yet stylish pieces of wedding jewellery | Local Singapore Jeweller in customised jewellery with paraiba tourmaline coloured gemstone

Customised Paraiba Proposal Ring

Customised electric blue or mint green Paraiba Tourmaline Proposal Ring  - custom made to different classic yet stylish pieces of wedding jewellery | Local Singapore Jeweller in customised jewellery with paraiba tourmaline coloured gemstone

Paraiba Tourmaline Proposal Ring

This exquisite customised Paraiba proposal ring, a creation of love from a gentleman to his lady, exudes elegance and charm. The proposal ring’s central feature, a Paraiba Tourmaline, is encircled by a halo of sparkling white diamonds, rendering the design absolutely mesmerising. Representing, a symbol of enthralling beauty, ensures a charismatic presence for any occasion.

It’s not just a piece of jewellery, but a style statement fine jewelry for a lifetime. Creating an alluring look, with its unique “Y” shaped bands adorned with brilliance diamonds.

Paraiba Tourmaline: A Gem of Electric Beauty

The heart of this customised proposal ring, the Paraiba Tourmaline, is an exceptional gemstone currently taking the market by storm. Known for its electric blue or mint green hues, this gemstone’s electrifying charm has made it a coveted choice in the realm of fine jewelry. The secret to its captivating neon shine and exquisite colours lies in its composition. Copper, the key element, imparts the mesmerising green, turquoise, and blue tones, while manganese enhances its fine hues.

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we understand the allure of the Paraiba Tourmaline. Its bright and vivid natural shade allows for endless customisation possibilities, making each piece a unique testament to your taste.

Whether you seek a classic design or a contemporary twist, the Paraiba Tourmaline offers an unmatched vibrancy. For those yearning to possess a truly unique gemstone, the Paraiba Tourmaline is an impeccable choice. Customisation allowing for the creation of classic yet stylish jewellery pieces that resonate with your individual style.

Customised electric blue or mint green Paraiba Tourmaline Proposal Ring  - custom made to different classic yet stylish pieces of wedding jewellery | Local Singapore Jeweller in customised jewellery with paraiba tourmaline coloured gemstone
Paraiba Proposal Ring

Understanding Your Vision: Our Bespoke Process

At the core of our service is a deep understanding and appreciation of your individual style and requirements. We begin by engaging in a thorough consultation, where our designers listen attentively to your preferences. Starting from whether you lean towards contemporary, classic, or avant-garde styles. This allows us to suggest designs that not only reflect your personal aesthetic. But also enhance the natural beauty of the Paraiba Tourmaline.

Designing Your Dream Proposal Ring

Once we have a clear understanding of your style and preferences. Our designers instantly sketch out ring design options that are as unique as your love story. Whether you prefer a more minimalist setting to let the Paraiba Tourmaline shine or a more elaborate design with diamond accents. Or handcrafted intricate metalwork, our team is skilled in bringing these visions to life.

In conclusion, at GIOIA Fine Jewellery, your preferences are our priority. We are dedicated to creating a customised Paraiba proposal ring that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. At the same time ensuring a piece that is as unique and remarkable as the person who wears it.

Brazil Paraiba Gemstone neon blue coloured customised Wedding Bands | Unique and one of a kind wedding ring for a lifetime - Design Jeweller in customised wedding ring with Brazil Paraiba Gemstone

Brazil Paraiba Wedding Bands

Brazil Paraiba Gemstone neon blue coloured customised Wedding Bands | Unique and one of a kind wedding ring for a lifetime - Design Jeweller in customised wedding ring with Brazil Paraiba Gemstone
Brazil Paraiba Wedding Bands

Brazil Paraiba Wedding Bands: A Symbol of Rare Love

Customised Wedding Bands with Rarest Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline

For those who appreciate the finer details and wish to incorporate them into their wedding bands. Beyond traditional design, consider the enchanting allure of Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline. These couple bands, brightly polished and timelessly designed, feature the vivid neon hues of one of the world’s rarest gemstones. The Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline’s distinct neon colour makes these wedding bands not just jewellery. Certainly a testament to the uniqueness of both union.

Beyond Traditional: The Colourful World of Customisation

While the Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline stands out for its rarity, customisation options extend to a wide spectrum of coloured gemstones. Adding a touch of color to the classic wedding band design not only brings vibrancy but also personalises your symbol of commitment. Each choice of gemstone can reflect your shared journey, preferences, and the distinctive spark that defines your relationship.

Wedding Bands: Emblems of Eternal Strength

Generally, wedding rings symbolise the bond of marriage, with wedding bands representing the strength and eternity inherent in a strong union. Couples choose these bands as emblems of prosperity, longevity, and commitment. The choice of a wedding band is profound, embodying the love, purity, and unique spark shared between partners. Embedding a rare gemstone like the Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline elevates this symbolism, representing the precious nature of the relationship.

Crafting a Lifetime of Memories

Firstly, in this exquisite set, the ladies ring features classic diamonds along the sidebands, meticulously crafted to highlight the beauty of the central gemstone. The rare Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline, set at the heart of the ring, adds a delightful splash of colour, symbolising the vibrant and unique nature of your love. This design, customised to perfection, is more than a piece of jewellery; it’s a lifelong treasure that embodies the couple’s devotion.

Enduring Elegance: Timeless Unique Wedding Bands

These unique Brazil Paraiba wedding bands are more than accessories; they are a celebration of everlasting love. The combination of rare Paraiba Tourmaline and diamonds creates an aura of timeless beauty. Investing in such breathtakingly beautiful rings is not just about the material value but about cherishing a love that is as rare and enduring as the gemstones themselves.

Brazil Paraiba Gemstone neon blue coloured customised Wedding Bands | Unique and one of a kind wedding ring for a lifetime - Design Jeweller in customised wedding ring with Brazil Paraiba Gemstone | Singapore Customised Wedding bands with coloured gemstone
Customised Wedding Bands with Paraiba Tourmaline
Customised Elephant Earring with Blue Sapphire unheat, Paraiba Tourmaline and Spinel gemstone, round diamond | Customised Fine Jewellery in unique natural animals and precious gemstone - Local Singapore Bespoke Customised Jewellery in Fine Jewellery

Elephant Earring Jewellery

Customised Elephant Earring with Blue Sapphire unheat, Paraiba Tourmaline and Spinel gemstone, round diamond | Customised Fine Jewellery in unique natural animals and precious gemstone - Local Singapore Bespoke Customised Jewellery in Fine Jewellery

Exquisite Fine Jewelry

Step into a realm of unparalleled luxury with our exquisite elephant earring jewellery, a masterful fusion of elegance and opulence. Crafted from the finest 18k (750) white gold, this bespoke fine jewelry transcends the ordinary. Adorned with round diamonds and vibrant coloured gemstones in timeless arrangements. The brilliant diamonds exude a sophisticated look which is certainly going to capture the hearts of the onlookers. Everything about this pair of elephant earring jewellery is mesmerising.

Behold the captivating allure of brilliant diamonds that radiate sophistication, capturing the gaze of onlookers with an undeniable charm. The resplendent hues of carefully selected colourful gems bestow a celestial grandeur upon this elephant earring jewellery. Creating a symphony of light and colour that mesmerises all who encounter them.

This exceptional creation marries an elegant setting with stunning colours. Resulting in a harmonious display of brilliance that reflects the wearer’s unique style. More than just jewelry, it becomes an embodiment of individuality and personal expression. A testament to the wearer’s true spirit, this design transcends the commonplace. Offering a bespoke experience tailored to celebrate individuality and beliefs.

Elephant Earring Design

Elephants, those majestic beings symbolizing determination, loyalty, and sensitivity, take center stage in this custom-designed masterpiece. Beyond their physical representation, these elephants embody honor, stability, strength, and tenacity, drawing inspiration from their rich history in Burma. A nod to royal symbolism, the pair features playful elephants adorned with diamond accents and a rare pair of unheated Burma (Myanmar) blue sapphires. Echoing the country’s reverence for the white elephant as a symbol of status and royalty.

The eye-catching design incorporates a Red Spinel for the eye, while Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline gems and red spinel stones grace the base. Each element has been meticulously selected to narrate a story that goes beyond aesthetics—personal and meaningful. The entire design, conceived from sketch to reality, was a collaborative effort with Matthew, who sought to surprise his beloved wife with a unique and timeless expression of love.

Customised Jewellery

This perfectly crafted pair of elephant earring jewellery is more than an accessory. Certainly a bespoke statement jewellery worth flaunting every day. The superior craftsmanship behind the design elevates it to a level of artistry that speaks volumes. Express your deepest emotions through this stunning pair of customised earrings—a flawless gift for anniversaries, weddings, or birthdays. Whether celebrating a unique and memorable date or simply expressing love. At GIOIA, our gorgeously designed and crafted customised jewellery ensures an everlasting impression.

Elephant unheated Burma Blue Sapphire Fine Jewellery with Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline Earring