Ruby Diamond Pendant - Wedding Jewellery

Ruby Wedding Jewellery

Ruby Pendant – Wedding Jewellery

This vividly designed ruby pendent is a perfect wedding gift with a sentimental meaning contained in the design. It features a unique pigeon blood ruby in a jewellery pendant customised from the sisters of the bride. The design carries their warm wishes and blessings for their beloved sister entering into wedlock. The sisters of the bride were looking for a precious ruby gem that could signify the special role of a sister. The design not just features an elegant pendant but is packed with emotion and unconditional love the sisters have for each other.

Customised Ruby Pendant

This customised pendant has been designed with the most elusive marquise shape diamond to add a touch of brilliance to the vivid red ruby. It exhibits an air of elegance chic for the modern bride. It truly makes a grand gesture and is truly a stunner. The captivating design makes it a perfect present for the bride of the decade. Crafted in a sleek design, this pendant would remind the bridge of the precious moments that she has shared with her sisters. This elegant and timeless design is complete with pigeon blood ruby that is truly unique and sparkling. This custom design pendant will never go out of style and would be a long-lasting piece of jewellery that can be passed down as heirloom jewellery for the next generation. This dazzling and richly hued design is a true reminder of the pure bond and love between siblings.      

Ruby and Pink Sapphire Jewellery, Ruby customised to ring and pink sapphire customised with baguette diamond surrounding the gemstone - Modern Art Deco Jewellery Design by local Singapore Customised Jewellery in bespoke jewllery.

Ruby Sapphire Jewellery

Ruby Sappire Jewellery

Ruby & Sapphire

This ruby and sapphire jewellery set feature a pair of intense vivid pink sapphires, and a highly saturated ruby, both are as rare and in the family of corundum mineral. The presence of chromium in the corundum defines whether the gem is a ruby or sapphire. The only difference is that sapphires have low chromium content in comparison to rubies. In fact, pink is a debatable shade as some consider it light red too. A pink sapphire is moreover an affordable option and this shade of sapphire is truly unique. The sapphire with the shade of richly saturated bubble gum pink is simply alluring. The ruby has an overtone pink, it might not consider pigeon blood, the mixed hue of red and pink is simply stunning and attractive. Gleaming with feminine appeal, these passionate pink gems are simply perfect to be bespoke for luxury fine jewellery.

Bespoke Fine Jewellery

We have utilized the extraordinary ruby and pink sapphire to craft an exquisite luxury set of ring and a pair of earrings. The timeless and sophisticated design would add a spark to your evening wardrobe. The art-deco inspired design features both unheated pink gems that were framed in yellow sharp prongs setting. This colourful set exudes an iconic look with the ruby and pink sapphire set amidst baguette shape diamonds. The contemporary design is completed with the band crafted with round diamonds. The diamond halo imparts a touch of brilliance to this modern art-deco design jewellery set.

Ruby – Art deco Ring
Pink Sapphire – Art deco Earring
40th Anniversary Wedding Jewellery, Featuring unheated ruby depend clustered with round green tourmaline and pear diamond around the ruby gem. The cluster earring with ruby and diamond gems design and customised for a 40th anniversary wedding jewellery | Local Singapore Jeweller in ruby and coloured gemstone

40th Wedding Anniversary Jewellery

40th Anniversary Wedding Jewellery, Featuring unheated ruby depend clustered with round green tourmaline and pear diamond around the ruby gem. The cluster earring with ruby and diamond gems design and customised for a 40th anniversary wedding jewellery | Local Singapore Jeweller in ruby and coloured gemstone
Wedding Anniversary Jewellery – 40th Anniversary Ruby Pendant

40 years of togetherness means a significant milestone for any couple that is deeply in love with each other. Though the celebrations may be nothing like the one they had during their grand wedding, a romantic getaway trip or a simple dinner would mean a lot. There are a lot of memorable and sweet moments to reminisce on the 40th wedding anniversary. To commemorate a wonderful journey together for four decades, you can customised an anniversary jewellery gift for your loved one. It can be anything: a ring, bangle, earring, pendant or any other piece of jewellery you intend to customise to convey your love.

Wedding Anniversary Jewellery – Ruby Halo Diamond Tourmaline Ring

Ruby – 40th Wedding Anniversary

Ruby makes a regal choice for any couple that has spent 40 years with each other. This uniquely rare gem is one of the “Big Three Jewel“, it is a traditional gift for 40th anniversary. The gemstone is believed to possess an eternal flame that signifies a strong marriage and passionate love. This set of ruby jewellery has been customised for one such couple that has spent years caring for each other.

Pigeon Blood Ruby

The pendant and ring feature both pigeon blood ruby in octagon and cushion shape. The natural colour shade of the ruby is vivid and saturated red to be known as pigeon blood ruby. This precious gem is an unheated ruby without heat enhancement to improve in its colour and clarity. The starburst pendant design is completed with 4 round mint green tourmaline and four pear diamonds. The four-sided design has been decided after a series of discussions to signify the 40th year anniversary. The diamonds and tourmalines are set in white gold. The warm tone ruby has been set in yellow gold. Designed with cluster diamond and ruby, the entire customised jewellery set just makes a perfect present for a loved one.    

Your beloved will surely treasure the dainty gemstone earrings crafted in yellow gold. The flower-shaped cluster features bright red rubies with sparkling diamond accents. These petite posy earrings feature an enviable design and would elevate your evening look to a whole new level. Most of all, it will always remind you of the bond that you share with your loved one with whom you decided to spend a lifetime together.  

Wedding Anniversary Jewellery – 40th Anniversary Ruby
Ruby Pigeon Blood Pendant Jewellery - Customised with unheated Ruby with the most sought-after colour shade of Pigeon Blood, neither a overtone of pink nor brownish shade. Vivid red shade in the Pigeon Blood Colour Ruby | Local Singapore Jewellery in customised jewellery to a unique ruby and diamond pendant.

Ruby Pendant Jewellery

Pigeon Blood Ruby Pendant

Pigeon Blood Ruby

If you are looking to add sophisticated pendant jewellery to your wardrobe, then this is the perfect ruby pendant to invest in. This design features an unheated pigeon blood ruby that exhibit intense vivid red shade, with a high level of saturation. In the best quality of ruby shade, the gemstone has no overtone of orange, pink or brown. If we take a look at the overall market perspective, just 20 percent and below of fine quality rubies are considered to fall under the GRS-type, “Pigeon Blood Ruby”. It is believed that the shade of the blood that oozes out of the nose of a dead pigeon is what matches this gemstone. Though the description may sound a bit intimidating, this shade is one of the most sought after in the world of gemstones. This is simply the best shade of the ruby, recognised world wide by jewellers and experience gemstone collectors. 

Customised Pendant Jewellery

This ruby pendant features pear-shaped and round brilliant diamonds surrounding the central gem. The frame is set in yellow gold provide a touch of warm tone that holds the ruby, making it a magnificent jewel of its kind. Featuring the finest ruby and diamond, this customised jewellery is bound to be worn for generations. The bold and brilliant design resembles more of a luxury gem flower lending it an heirloom appeal. We work closely with our skilled craftsmen at GIOIA in transforming individual pieces into exceptional pieces of jewellery art. Elegant and classic, this stylish ruby pendant is polished to a brilliant shine. The alluring pendant suspends from a diamond-lined bail which helps you secure it to a chain. The eye-catching design is bound to grab the attention of everybody around you.

Gemstone Unheated Pigeon Blood Vivid Red Ruby Earring, customised fine jewellery | Local Singapore Private Jeweller in bespoke fine jewellery.

Unheated Ruby Earring

Gemstone Unheated Pigeon Blood Vivid Red Ruby Earring, customised fine jewellery | Local Singapore Private Jeweller in bespoke fine jewellery.

Pigeon Blood Ruby

Featuring a pair of pigeon blood unheated ruby, set flawlessly at the centre of round halo diamond in a timeless and elegant look. Customised in 18k (750) white gold and a touch of warmth with four yellow plated prongs holding the precious gem firmly. The extraordinary vibrant in the ruby makes it one of a kind piece.

This finest pair of ruby is a perfect match customised to be worn by generations to come.

Simply the best colour shade in ruby, to be labelled as “Pigeon Blood Ruby”, it has high intensity of red and colour saturation (without brown, orange and purple overtones).  Like all other coloured gemstones, colour is the most significant factor that affects the value in them. They are neither too dark nor too light in the selection of finest ruby when it is too dark it appears to look like garnet, on the other hand when it is too light it looks like pink sapphire.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Pendant - Customised unheated pigeon blood ruby with diamond | Local Singapore Trusted Jeweler


Heartshape Ruby Gemstone

customised ruby gemstone

4.85 carat Natural Unheated Ruby

Heart-shaped cut ruby gemstones, are the ideal shape for those looking for romantic jewellery. The red in ruby and shape, resemble the passionate love.

Might not be loupe clean clarity nor remarkable fire. The shape and size of this rare gemstone, is never easy to source in the market without a well established network.

This gentlemen spent more than six months, walking around different gemstone jewellery stores for his desired ruby shape and size. Until he came to us, at GIOIA Fine Jewellery. Our coloured gemstone are source all over the world, pior to the orgin of the gemstones. With well established networking and close follow up services. We managed to present him with two heart shaped rubies, within a week time.

Natural unhearted ruby with the size of 4.0carat are rare in the market. They are usually cut in oval or cushion, due to the nature of its shape during mining. In order to retain the maximum carat weight of the gemstone, they are hardly cut into fancy shape such as heart-shaped, brilliant round or perfect square. Such shapes required more wastage, as a result in lower carat weight on the final piece.

Watch this space! Designing and customised work for this heart-shaped is in the process. Check out our latest posts at Highlights.