Ruby Proposal Ring with Vivid Red Pigeon Blood Ruby Gemstone Customised Gemstone Engagement Ring

Ruby Proposal Ring

Ruby Proposal Ring Pigeon Blood Ruby Gemstone with side round brilliance diamond - Customised Gemstone Engagement Ring
Pigeon Blood Ruby Proposal Ring

Pigeon Blood Ruby Proposal Ring

When it comes to wedding proposal, nothing speaks louder than a gemstone proposal ring that not only sparkles but also deeply resonates with personal significance and beauty. In recent years, the interest in ruby gemstones for proposal rings has surged, offering a vibrant alternative to the traditional diamond.

Custom ruby proposal ring, with their fiery red hues, symbolise passionate love and enduring commitment. Making them an increasingly popular choice for those seeking to make a heartfelt declaration.

Ruby vs Diamond: A Changing Landscape

Both ruby and diamond are treasured for their extraordinary beauty, durability, and rarity. However, the rise of lab-grown diamonds has shifted many perceptions within the jewellery world. As it is almost impossible to identify them just by naked eyes. These man-made alternatives, while identical in appearance to their mined counterparts, are significantly less costly and easily mass produce, leading to a deflation in the perceived value of natural diamonds.

This trend has prompted a fresh look at precious coloured gemstones, in many international fine jewelry brands. With rare gemstones such as ruby, sapphire and emeralds are emerging as a preferred choice due to their undiminished natural rarity and value.

Heartshape Ruby Pigeonblood skilfully cut in well symmetry and polish to give an exceptional brilliance in the ruby. Crafted from sketch to a unique wedding engagement ruby ring | Customised Engagement by local Singapore customised jewellery in wedding jewellery.
Heart Shape Ruby Proposal Ring

The Rising Popularity of Ruby Proposal Rings

Traditional and Modern Shifts: Traditionally, diamonds have dominated the engagement ring market for proposal in many decades. However, the tide is turning for modern couples. A fine quality, unheated pigeon blood ruby, known for its vivid colour saturation, now command higher prices than even the most brilliantly cut diamond. This shift isn’t just about economics; it’s about desire for uniqueness and personal connection.

Unique Appeal of Rubies: Ruby gemstone renown over the world not only for their intense red colour but also for their rarity. At the same time the deep emotional connection they can represent. Choosing for a ruby proposal ring can reflect a personal significance—be it a birthstone jewellery for July, an anniversary gift, or simply a love for the mesmerising shades of red. Ruby stones are not just jewels; they are storytellers, epitomising passionate love, everlasting devotion, and the joy of a future together.

Distinctive Value of Unheated, Pigeon Blood Rubies

The gemstone at the heart of a ruby proposal ring from GIOIA Fine Jewellery is nothing short of spectacular. Our finest quality unheated pigeon blood rubies exhibit a vivid, pure red hue—unmixed with pink or purple—making them exceptionally sought after. Unheated ruby gemstones are being the rarest and most valuable, well known for their unmatched place in the world of coloured gemstones. The price premium for such fine quality ruby is nowhere near its limit.

Customised Ruby Proposal Ring

Personalisation and Craftsmanship: At GIOIA, we believe that a proposal ring should be as unique as the love it symbolises. As Singapore Top Customised Jeweller in bespoke design services and finest coloured gemstone. Clients are intimately involved in creating a proposal ring that perfectly encapsulates their vision and emotions.

Innovative Design Features: One of our custom ruby proposal ring feature a symmetrical square ruby set in a distinctive four-prong setting, crafted in lush yellow gold. This design not only protects the gem but also beautifully frames its radiant colour. The timeless setting symbolises the four aspects of a balanced relationship: intimacy, passion, devotion and commitment, further accentuated by diamond accents that enhance the ruby’s fiery glow.

Ruby Gemstone Ring with Personalised & Filigree Design Proposal Ring - Customised engagement Ring with Ruby and personalised touch
Personalised & Filigree Design Proposal Ring

A Lifetime of Joy with Ruby Gemstone

Choosing ruby engagement rings certainly more than just a statement of style, it’s a declaration of love and intent. This pigeon blood ruby gemstone, designed with personalised touch, is not just a gem but a symbol of powerful emotions turned into tears of joy upon saying “yes.” This ruby proposal ring, with its unique setting and symbolic design, is perfect for those ready to begin a lifelong journey of love and commitment.

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we are dedicated to turning your dreams into reality—from the initial sketch to the final flourish. We invite you to explore the bespoke beauty and deep emotional resonance of a customised ruby proposal ring. Join us in celebrating your engagement with a symbol that is as enduring as it is exquisite.

Vivid Ruby Proposal Ring - Gemstone Engagement Ring
Pigeon Blood Ruby Proposal Ring
Ruby Engagement Ring pigeon blood ruby gemstone customised leaves inspired design

Ruby Engagement Ring

Ruby Engagement Ring - vivid red ruby with side trillion and round brilliance diamond customised engagement Ring
Ruby Engagement Ring – Pigeon Blood Ruby Gemstone

Customised Ruby Engagement Ring

A Symbol of Passion and Romance

Significance of Engagement Ring

Wedding engagement rings are are profound symbols of lifelong commitment and love. Each ring holds the promise of forever, symbolising vows of absolute trust and eternal affection. Choosing a gemstone engagement ring enhances these sentiments, especially when it features an exclusive, high-quality gemstone like this unheated “Pigeon Blood” ruby, known for its rarity and exceptionally vivid red saturation. Passionate ruby engagement ring personalised design with your partner preference and style significantly enhances the success of your marriage proposal!

Pigeon Blood Ruby Gemstone Ring with Halo and Twisted Diamond Ring
Pigeon Blood Ruby Gemstone Ring with Halo and Twisted Diamond Ring

Why Ruby Gemstone?

Luxury and Emotional Significance

Ruby gemstones are the epitome of luxury in the world of coloured gemstones, with the certified unheated “Pigeon Blood” variant standing out due to its unparalleled beauty and rarity. This extraordinary gem is not just visually stunning but also emotionally significant, making it an ideal choice for engagement rings.

The Allure of Ruby Historical Significance: Let’s delve into the rich history of this red crown jewel gemstone. Ruby gemstones have been coveted by royalty for centuries, treasured as symbols of passion, protection, and prosperity. Fast forward to modern world with the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and modern world, precious gemstone such as ruby is still irreplaceable. Due to the wide global demand for fine quality unheated rubies, prices has skyrocket over the past few years.

Desirable Qualities: Rubies are a favoured choice for fine jewelry, and gemstone collectors, particularly engagement rings. Their deep red colour is often associated with love and emotion, making them a perfect emblem for a union and everlasting love.

Ruby Engagement Rings Design and Craftsmanship: At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we offer customised bespoke designs that showcase our exceptional craftsmanship. Our custom settings, including the secure four-prong design and micro-set diamonds, are tailored to enhance the magnificence of the central ruby, making each ruby engagement ring a masterpiece.

Styles that Highlight Ruby: Explore various ring styles such as solitaire, halo, and vintage designs that especially highlight the ruby’s visual appeal. Ensuring that each design uniquely celebrates the stone’s beauty. At the same time understand your partner’s preference and style of design, from timeless classic, modern geometric or natural floral inspired. An Art Deco or vintage ruby engagement ring with filigree detailing will undoubtedly endure as a timeless heirloom piece.

Choosing the Right Ruby Gemstone: It’s crucial to consider factors like colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight when selecting a ruby. Whether is it heated or unheated, for quality assurance most of our fine quality rubies are internationally certified. Rest assured we will guide you through the selection of the perfect ruby gemstone for your engagement ring, emphasising the importance on these factors.

Ruby Engagement Ring with Personalisation Process: At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we collaborate closely with our master craftsman, transforming our client ideas into a beautifully realised vision. Micro manage each procedure starting from the hand drawn design, professional computer rendering to end production.

Expert Guidance: Emphasise on quality control and smooth workflow process in each project, ensuring every customised jewellery piece not only meets but exceeds expectations in both design and symbolism.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Ring - Fine Jewelry Ruby - Singapore Customised Ruby Engagement Ring with bespoke design
Pigeon Blood Ruby Ring – Fine Jewelry Ruby

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A customised ruby engagement ring is an exquisite and meaningful choice, symbolising deep emotional significance and breathtaking beauty. Which is why at GIOIA, we do not sell the ruby gemstone in ready made pieces unlike other common retailer. Reason as each coloured gemstone especially fine quality unheated ruby pigeon blood is extremely rare. Whether is it oval ruby engagement ring or simple just a timeless ruby side stone engagement ring. You have to like the particular ruby gemstone, before we move on into discussion on design inspiration.

Contact us at GIOIA Fine Jewellery for a personalised design experience, ensuring their gemstone engagement ring is as timeless as your love today!

Heartshape Ruby Pigeonblood skilfully cut in well symmetry and polish to give an exceptional brilliance in the ruby. Crafted from sketch to a unique wedding engagement ruby ring | Customised Engagement by local Singapore customised jewellery in wedding jewellery.

Heartshape Ruby Pigeonblood

PigeonBlood HeartShape Ruby

Elevate your love story with our meticulously crafted heartshape ruby pigeonblood engagement ring. A unique masterpiece that go beyond traditional designs. Nestled in the heart of this enchanting piece is a ruby of unparalleled rarity and vividness. Exclusively in GIOIA Fine Jewellery, boasting the coveted pigeon blood colour. It’s a keepsake of love, exclusively designed to capture the essence of your unique love story.

Passionate Heartshape Ruby

Crafted with precision and passion, this engagement ring is a celebration of love and commitment. The heart shape, symbolising romantic love, was intricately carved. It’s a distinctive focal point that captures the essence of your unique bond. Together, it’s a testament to the depth of your love, promising to make every moment shine brighter.

Mozambique Ruby Ring - Pigeon Blood colour
Ruby PigeonBlood

Ruby PigeonBlood

What sets this fine jewelry apart is not only its striking design but the exceptional quality of the unheated pigeon blood ruby. Certainly a rare treasure hardly found in the world of precious gemstones.

The vibrant red hue of the ruby, reminiscent of the deepest shades of passion. Unlike heated rubies which is a traditionally common enhancement to improve the quality in the gem. This unheated pigeon blood ruby preserves its natural beauty, making each piece a one-of-a-kind symbol of your extraordinary love story.

Ruby Engagement Ring

The unique curvature of the band and the meticulous diamond setting complement the ruby. At the same time adding an extra layer of brilliance to an already dazzling design. Shaping a gemstone into a heart requires a skilled hand and a keen eye for detail. Our designers have embraced the challenge, going beyond the ordinary to create a tiara-inspired design. Instantly transforms the wearer into a modern-day princess. It can be stackable to a wide options of unique wedding band, whether in art-deco or modern geometrical design. This heartshape ruby pigeonblood engagement ring is not just a symbol of love, also a unique expression of your individuality.

Finest Quality Gemstone

In a world where the extraordinary can often seem just out of reach, our heart-shaped pigeon blood ruby engagement ring emerges as a beacon of unparalleled excellence. GIOIA Fine Jewellery invites you to experience the rarity and beauty of this exceptional gemstone, a treasure that transcends the ordinary.

Bespoke jeweller specialist only on the finest quality vivid red ruby pigeonblood unheated. Whether you are looking for a gemstone engagement or unique family birthstone on the month of July. Cherish this exceptionally rare gem, and let its vibrant hues and distinctive design tell the story of your love. Exclusively as unique as the gem it beholds—a love that is truly one in a million.

Engagement ring features an unheat vivid red ruby rare gemstone. With a liking for flora design, we customised this engagement ring with marquise diamond with flora leaves and petals in rose gold surrounding the ruby gemstone | Local Singapore Jeweller in engagement ring and wedding jewellery.

Engagement Ring Ruby

Engagement ring Ruby features an unheat vivid red ruby rare gemstone. Flora leaves in marquise diamonds and petals in rose gold surrounding the ruby Ring
Customised Engagement Ring – Ruby

Customised Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Ruby Flora Inspired Design

Embark on a journey into the extraordinary with this regal and radiant engagement ring ruby. Dedicatedly customised by a discerning gentleman for his beloved fiancée. At the heart of this statement jewellery lies a fascination with the rare and the unique design. Blending the allure of flora-inspired design with the exquisite charm of an unheated ruby.

At the beginning, the design journey unfolded as the client shared his fiancée’s penchant for flora motifs and an appreciation for understated elegance. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we embraced this vision, crafting an unparalleled design that intertwines marquise diamonds resembling delicate flora leaves. Subsequently crafting it with rose gold petals enveloping the captivating unheated ruby at the center. The result is a one-of-a-kind engagement ring ruby that breathes life into simplicity.

Vivid Red Ruby

The ruby gemstone, a true marvel, steals the spotlight with its unheated, vivid red hue that sets it apart in the realm of gemstones. This captivating gem exhibits a saturation and vibrancy that defy conventional expectations, creating a visual symphony that is simply unparalleled. The rarity of an unheated ruby of this caliber elevates its desirability, making it a treasured gem for discerning collectors.

A Symbol of Enduring Beauty

Choosing a vivid red ruby is more than an aesthetic decision; it’s an investment in a piece of the earth’s enduring beauty. This gemstone’s rich colour and natural warmth make it an ideal centerpiece for jewellery that speaks of deep, enduring bonds and timeless elegance.

Crafting Legacy with Vivid Red Ruby

When set into a piece of fine jewellery, the vivid red ruby transforms the item into a legacy, a testament to the enduring appeal of natural beauty unmarred by time. Each glance at the gem’s deep red is a reminder of the forces that shaped it, offering not just a piece of jewellery but a slice of the earth’s magnificent tapestry.

Ruby Gemstone

The value of the ruby gemstone transcends mere monetary considerations; it is a symbol of enduring passion and sophistication. As one of the most sought-after gems globally, the unheated nature of this ruby further elevates its prestige among gem collectors. In a world where beauty is often sought after, this engagement ring ruby stands as a testament to the enduring allure of the ruby—capturing hearts and transcending trends with its inherent brilliance, hardness, and captivating colour. Truly, a gem beyond compare.

Custom Engagement Ring Ruby

This engagement ring, meticulously handcrafted in rose gold, serves as the perfect canvas to enhance the ruby’s natural brilliance and shade. The band’s graceful flow adds a touch of liveliness, harmonising with the organic theme of the flora-inspired design. This bespoke creation symbolises love and commitment in the couple. Lastly and most importantly it stands as a testament to the rarity and timeless allure of unheated rubies.

Heartshape Ruby Pigeonblood skilfully cut in well symmetry and polish to give an exceptional brilliance in the ruby. Crafted from sketch to a unique wedding engagement ruby ring | Customised Engagement by local Singapore customised jewellery in wedding jewellery.
Engagement Ring Ruby Heart-Shape
Ruby unheated Pigeon Blood Earring

Ruby Earring Jewellery

Ruby Earring Jewellery with Diamond - Pigeon blood unheated in yellow gold prongs, heart-shaped ruby | Local Singapore Jeweller Fine Quality Ruby Gemstone.
Ruby Earring – Pigeon Blood

Matching Ruby Earring

Ruby Earring Jewellery – vivid red pigeon blood unheated ruby unique heart-shape gemstone. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we have a collection of the finest rare gems. However, a matching pair of ruby earring can take up months or more. Sourcing quality gems sometimes takes almost a year. Some designs demand modification of the shape of the gem for matching the other one. This would further result in sacrificing the weight of a precious gem in order to achieve a matching pair earring.

Pigeon Blood Ruby

Captivated by the allure of the unheated “Pigeon Blood” rubies, a term that has enchanted the gemstone world since its introduction in the 1990s. This term, originally coined to describe the most exquisite shades seen in Burmese (Myanmar) rubies, has now become a benchmark of excellence. What makes these ruby truly stand out is their strong fluorescence, adding an extra layer of intrigue and beauty.

Our fascination with these gems is reflected in the current market trends. The allure of unheated Pigeon Blood ruby, especially those hailing from the storied lands of Myanmar and Mozambique, is undeniable. These rubies have always been a symbol of passion and luxury, but their demand has surged in recent years, driven by their rarity and unmatched quality.

Symbol of Beauty and Passion

The constant strong demand has naturally influenced their market value. Prices for fine-quality Pigeon Blood rubies from Myanmar and Mozambique have climbed significantly, making them not just a symbol of beauty and passion, but also a testament to enduring value. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we understand that choosing a Pigeon Blood ruby is more than an investment in a gemstone; it’s an investment in a legacy of elegance and rarity.

Sourcing for Rare Fine Quality Ruby

It can be a challenging task to pair coloured gemstones, unlike diamonds which is colourless. This can be even more daunting if the gems involved in the design are emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. We have one of the most sought-after gems in our collection which is the unheated pigeon blood ruby. It is not easy to come across this gem even a single piece due to its rarity. The process demands tedious sorting through hundreds of quality rubies. We perform thorough checks and scanning on every single ruby for its cut, clarity, and colour. The rarity is further enhanced as we consider the saturation and intensity while selecting rubies.

Customised Ruby Earring – Pigeon Blood

This design features heart-shaped rubies which possess an exceptional lustre and high saturation. These heart-shaped ruby earrings is a fine piece of customised jewellery that has been custom designed with finest quality pigeon blood rubies that is unheated, without enhancement. Set in yellow gold, the prongs complement the ruby for an overall harmonious look. The marquise and round diamonds render a flora theme to this ruby jewellery. These resemble more like a stalk of rose bringing out the brilliance from the design.

Explore the world of Magnificent Rubies

We invite you to explore the world of these magnificent rubies with us. Let’s embark on a journey to discover why pigeon blood ruby remain one of the most sought-after gemstones in today’s market. At the same time, how we can transform this exceptional ruby into an extraordinary symbol of luxury and timeless beauty.

Ruby Earring Jewellery with Diamond - Pigeon blood unheated in yellow gold prongs, heart-shaped ruby | Local Singapore Jeweller Fine Quality Ruby Gemstone.
Ruby unheated Pigeon Blood Earring
Ruby Pigeon Blood Pendant Jewellery - Customised with unheated Ruby with the most sought-after colour shade of Pigeon Blood, neither a overtone of pink nor brownish shade. Vivid red shade in the Pigeon Blood Colour Ruby | Local Singapore Jewellery in customised jewellery to a unique ruby and diamond pendant.

Ruby Pendant Jewellery

Ruby Pendant Jewellery - Customised with unheated Ruby with the most sought-after colour shade of Pigeon Blood | Singapore Jeweller, ruby and diamond pendant.
Pigeon Blood Ruby Pendant Jewellery

High Jewelry Ruby Pendant

Indulge in the allure of sophistication with our exceptional pigeon blood ruby pendant, a masterpiece destined to grace your wardrobe with undeniable opulence. Not an ordinary ruby pendant jewellery; it’s a bold investment in luxury that transcends the ordinary.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Pendant Jewellery

At the heart of this exquisite design lies an unheated Pigeon Blood Ruby. An exceptional gem that defies convention with its intense vivid red hue, boasting a saturation level that sets it apart. Unlike its counterparts, this ruby showcases the pinnacle of quality – no traces of orange, pink, or brown overtones. This is the epitome of ruby perfection.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Gemstone

Venture into the exclusive realm of the Pigeon Blood Ruby, a classification representing a mere 10% or less of fine quality rubies in the market. Named for its resemblance to the freshly spilled blood of a pigeon. However, this distinctive shade is not just a colour; it’s an experience. Coveted by jewellers and seasoned gemstone collectors worldwide, this shade is the pinnacle of ruby excellence.

Customised Pendant Jewellery

Our customised pendant jewellery elevates the Pigeon Blood Ruby to new heights. Nestled within a frame of pear-shaped and round brilliant diamonds, the central gem takes center stage. Set in radiant yellow gold, exudes a warm tone that enhances the magnificence of the ruby, creating a timeless masterpiece. A true fusion of tradition and modernity, this bespoke fine jewelry is destined to be cherished for generations.

Fine Jewellery

Collaborating closely with the skilled craftsmen at GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we transform individual pieces into extraordinary works of art. The bold and brilliant design of this ruby pendant resembles a luxurious gem flower, infusing it with an heirloom appeal that transcends time. Polished to a brilliant shine, the pendant gracefully suspends from a diamond-lined bail, ensuring all eyes are drawn to its captivating design.

Elegant, classic, and undeniably stylish, our Pigeon Blood Ruby Pendant is more than just jewelry; it’s a statement. Secure it to a chain and watch as the world around you becomes captivated by the exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled beauty. Dare to adorn yourself with a jewel that goes beyond the ordinary – a Pigeon Blood Ruby Pendant jewellery that defines luxury in its most enchanting form.

Customised Pendant with a touch of personal design, unique gift for wedding anniversary with Ruby Pigeon Blood Natural Colour Gemstone | Local Singapore Bespoke Jeweller in customised fine jewellery with coloured gemstone.

Ruby Pigeon Blood (Unheat) Pendant

Customised Pendant with a touch of personal design, unique gift for wedding anniversary with Ruby Pigeon Blood Natural Colour Gemstone | Local Singapore Bespoke Jeweller in customised fine jewellery with coloured gemstone.
Ruby Pigeon Blood Pendant

Natural Ruby Pigeon Blood

“Pigeon blood” is a term often used to describe the colour of the finest ruby in colour shade. Ruby Pigeon blood are highly coveted for their intense, pure red colour without purple nor blue. Which is considered the most desirable colour for rubies coloured gemstone. This term was initially associated with Burmese ruby, as Myanmar (formerly Burma) has historically been a significant source of some of the world’s most exceptional rubies.

Subsequently ruby source from Mozambique follow by Tanzania and Madagascar are graded with Pigeon Blood term without strong fluorescence. Ruby pigeon blood considered some of the rarest and most valuable gemstones in the world due to their extraordinary colour and exceptional clarity.

The more closely a ruby’s colour matches the ideal pigeon blood red, the more valuable and sought after it is in the gem market. Where we see an significant increase premium in price per carat over the years due the high global demand from gemstone collectors to fine jewellers.

Customised Ruby Pendant

Customised by a gentleman for his beloved wife on their wedding anniversary, this sweet and delicate pendant features a vivd red ruby gem. Crafted to exude refined elegance, the ruby used in this design is warm and fiery. The center stone is natural unheated and is one of the most valued gemstones owing to its deep pigeon blood red hue. As red is the colour of passion and love, the gentleman considered this ruby gemstone pendant a perfect present for his beloved wife.

Delicate in design, this elegant pendant is customised to revel a glamorous look. This vivd and beautiful coloured gemstone was custom made in natural white gold 18k (750) and with pale yellowish colour in the claws to bring out intensity in the gem. This timeless customised pendant is simple yet features a unique design.  

Customised Pendant 

The exceptional gemstone and beautiful designing featured in this pendant is an example of skilled artistry. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we designed this elegant ruby pigeon blood pendant to be a great choice no matter what the occasion is. It is apt for daily wear because of the simplicity retained in the overall designing.

Gemstone Unheated Pigeon Blood Vivid Red Ruby Earring, customised fine jewellery | Local Singapore Private Jeweller in bespoke fine jewellery.

Unheated Ruby Earring

Gemstone Unheated Pigeon Blood Vivid Red Ruby Earring, customised fine jewellery | Local Singapore Private Jeweller in bespoke fine jewellery.

Pigeon Blood Ruby

Featuring a pair of pigeon blood unheated ruby, set flawlessly at the centre of round halo diamond in a timeless and elegant look. Customised in 18k (750) white gold and a touch of warmth with four yellow plated prongs holding the precious gem firmly. The extraordinary vibrant in the ruby makes it one of a kind piece.

This finest pair of ruby is a perfect match customised to be worn by generations to come.

Simply the best colour shade in ruby, to be labelled as “Pigeon Blood Ruby”, it has high intensity of red and colour saturation (without brown, orange and purple overtones).  Like all other coloured gemstones, colour is the most significant factor that affects the value in them. They are neither too dark nor too light in the selection of finest ruby when it is too dark it appears to look like garnet, on the other hand when it is too light it looks like pink sapphire.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Pendant - Customised unheated pigeon blood ruby with diamond | Local Singapore Trusted Jeweler


Butterfly Jade with ruby gemstones and Akoya seed pearl - fine jewellery design with grade A jadeite | Local Singapore Customised Jeweller

Butterfly Icy Jade Earring

Butterfly Jade with ruby gemstones and seed pearl - fine jewellery design with grade A jadeite | Local Singapore Customised Jeweller

Icy Jade

GIOIA celebrates the exotic beauty of extraordinary gemstones by flawlessly shaping them into daring designs. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of the butterflies, these icy jade earrings are a diva’s dream. Adorned with Akoya seed pearls and vivid red ruby, these luxurious statement earrings are not for the faint of heart!

Customised Fine Jewellery

Quintessentially, these “red carpet” earrings are the epitome of artistic imagination. The customised design is unique and contemporary. The workmanship of these earrings bends the traditional design and creativity rules. The magnificent rubies come alive to hypnotise everyone with the magical red hues while the seed pearls lend a soft, translucent glow to these one-of-a-kind earrings. The play of light on these exquisite gemstones brings these glamorous butterflies to life.

As bold as a ruby; yet as delicate as a butterfly, these earrings embody the spirit of a woman who is not afraid to show off her achievements and owns up her imperfections. These earrings jewellery are perfect to add an oomph factor to your ensemble. The distinctive style of these icy jade beauties can easily become your personal style statement!

Pigeon Blood Ruby Pendant - Customised unheated pigeon blood ruby with diamond | Local Singapore Trusted Jeweler

Pigeon Blood Ruby Pendant

Pigeon Blood Ruby Pendant - Customised unheated pigeon blood ruby with diamond | Local Singapore Trusted Jeweler

Pigeon Blood Ruby

Of all the coloured stones, rubies have remained the most popular ones over the years. Unheated, non heat enhancement, with strong vivid saturation. The brilliant red of Pigeon Blood Ruby has an unmistakable energetic aura. This precious gem is full of life, optimism, and hope. Want to infuse your life with confidence? Slip on this beautiful pendant and open the doors to an enthusiastic life full of hope.

Customised Jewellery

The customised floral design of this pendant embodies a feminine appeal. The delicately arranged diamonds round to pear shapes, mimic the petals of a flower and evoke a subtle beauty. The excellent craftsmanship of this pendant ensures that the ruby remains the center of attention and the delicately sculpted diamonds only enhance the beauty of the stone.

The pendant seamlessly slips into the chain along a hook set with brilliant pave diamonds. This classic yet contemporary pendant will be a fabulous addition, not only to your jewellery collection but also to your ensemble. The flawless design of this pendant captures the vivacious spirit of the pigeon blood red ruby. This charismatic stone will liven up your dress and will surely win you points for your impeccable fashion and styling sense.