Padparadscha Sapphire Halo Diamond with twisted diamond bands

Sapphire Padparadscha Engagement Ring

Padparadscha Sapphire customised with halo & twisted round brilliance diamond Engagement Ring - Customised Wedding Jewellery orange-pink sapphire Gemstone SG.
Sapphire Padparadscha Engagement Ring

Sapphire Padparadscha – Orangy-Pink Shade

Horizontal Halo & Twisted Diamond Ring with Sapphire Padparadcha

Brilliantly crafted and absolutely breathtaking, this ring features a sapphire padparadscha which is an extremely rare gemstone found on earth. This design features an extremely sought-after colour shade, and it’s not just a single colour shade. It has a mix of pink and orange which is quite a rare find. Soft colour and brilliant sparkle is the key characteristic of padparadscha gemstones. At GIOIA Fine jewellery, we customised this sapphire padparadscha engagement ring with a twisted band and adorned it with a pave of diamonds. In addition, the polished band adds a touch of sophistication to this customised design ring

Custom made Engagement Ring

A dainty row of pave set diamonds on the band creates a shimmering statement. The sapphire padparadscha gemstone is truly a showstopper, where it adds a bold splash of colour to this alluring design. The fabulous setting is custom made in white gold to exude a modern look. This truly simple yet unique ring was designed with a horizontal halo diamond below the main gem.

This sophisticated engagement ring would certainly make a perfect match for all your outfits. This bold yet feminine beauty is sure to attract attention. Lively in colour, this sapphire padparadscha engagement ring is also truly a fantastic expression of feminine chic. The little detailing on the band is a brilliant example of excellent craftsmanship.   

Padparadscha Sapphire customised with halo and twisted round brilliance diamond Engagement Ring - Customised Jewellery with orange and pink colour shade sapphire | Local Singapore customised jeweller in sapphire for wedding jewellery
Padparadscha Sapphire Twisted Diamond

Engagement Ring Consideration

Should you consider sapphire padparadscha as engagement ring?

First of all, sapphire can be an excellent choice for an engagement ring, but whether it’s the right choice for you or your partner depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle. Here are some factors to consider when deciding if a sapphire engagement ring is a good choice:

Durability: Sapphires are one of the hardest gemstones, ranked second to diamonds on the Mohs hardness scale. This makes them highly resistant to scratching and suitable for everyday wear.

However, do take note that you would also need take precaution when you are out to the gym or working out. We highly recommend removing your jewelry when you are back home or going to bed.

Colour: Sapphires come in various colours, with blue sapphires being the most popular and traditional choice for engagement rings. However, sapphires are also available in other colours such as pink, yellow, with padparadscha(Orange-pink) being the rarest of all. Choose the colour based on personal preferences and style!

Ultimately, the choice of an engagement ring, whether it’s a sapphire or another gemstone, should reflect the recipient’s personal style and preferences. It’s a significant and personal decision, so take the time to consider what best represents your relationship and what will make your partner happy.

Sapphire Padparadscha customised with halo & twisted round brilliance diamond Engagement Ring - Customised Wedding Jewellery orange-pink sapphire Gemstone SG.
Sapphire Padparadscha Twisted Diamond
Yellow Sapphire with side Fancy Diamond Ring

Yellow Sapphire Ring

Yellow Sapphire Ring Customised with Halo diamond or side fancy diamond ring. Vibrant colour shade Yellow sapphire looks exactly like a yellow diamond Singapore
Fancy Diamond and Yellow Sapphire Ring

Customised Sapphire Ring

Vivid Yellow Sapphire Ring with Fancy & Round Diamond 

Yellow sapphire ring with exceptional vivid yellow shade elegantly designed with side fancy diamond. Eye-catching, bright yellow, the stunning yellow sapphire that resemble vivid yellow diamond. This magnificent ring, designed with classy double yellow gold prongs, radiates round brilliance from every angle.

Unheated with no enhancement and massive large size of 7.02ct weight is certainly far beyond rare. Personalised with the couple initials with “J&R”, to commemorate their wedding anniversary. Indeed a unique wedding anniversary gift to celebrate their love together.

Yellow Sapphire

Certainly one of the sought-after colour shade yellow sapphire and gem for your jewellery collection. Yellow colour usually relates to happiness, wisdom, good health and joy. Many typically link yellow sapphire to yellow diamond because they share similarities in colour and shade. Both yellow gemstone has awesome hardness and durability.

Different Colour Shade

Yellow sapphire, an unheated gemstone ranging from delicate pastel hues to intense vivid tones, offers a captivating alternative to the conventional choices. Its spectrum of colour is comparable to the illustrious yellow diamond, but it stands out with its unique charm and affordability. When selecting a yellow sapphire, its unheated nature is a testament to its authenticity and natural beauty, a quality highly valued among connoisseurs.

The significant difference in price make yellow sapphire one of the best alternative and imperal topaz as the runner up. It is always challenging to find the right colour shade for yellow sapphire. Secondary shade with greenish or brownish tone is not desirable. Not too bright as the heated sapphire can look pretty over saturated neither too pale in shade which look colourless.

Yellow Sapphire Ring Customised with Halo diamond or side fancy diamond ring. Vibrant colour shade Yellow sapphire looks exactly like a yellow diamond Singapore
Yellow Sapphire Ring with Intitals
Yellow Sapphire Ring with Marquise Diamond Halo Surrounding Design in Yellow Gold
Yellow Sapphire Diamond Ring

Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring

The brilliance of the canary yellow sapphire is elevated by a delicate embrace of surrounding fancy marquise diamonds, each facet telling a story of timeless love. The uniqueness of this engagement ring extends to its “Y” band, meticulously adorned with a cascade of micro-pave diamonds that glisten like stars in the night sky. A touch of opulence is added with the inclusion of a singular fancy pear diamond, delicately poised between the intricate dance of the micro-pave diamonds.

This design not only symbolises the intertwining paths of two souls but also captures the essence of individuality within unity. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, yellow sapphire ring designs resemble sunflower that blooms throughout the day.

Fine Jewellery – Heirloom Treasure

It’s a masterpiece jewellery that certainly makes a bold statement at any event. Its fine details and distinctive design not only stands out, also a tangible representation of the extraordinary commitment and love shared between the couple. This yellow sapphire gemstone ring is not just a symbol of a proposal; it’s a testament to the unique and unparalleled connection between two hearts destined to be entwined forever.

It is a timeless fine jewelry and heirloom jewellery treasure that will be cherished for generations. Encapsulating the love stories of those who wear it and becoming an enchanting part of their own romantic journey.

Yellow Sapphire Wedding Ring customised engagement ring with gemstone jewellery in Singapore bespoke jeweller
Yellow Sapphire Wedding Ring

The GIOIA Promise

As leaders in bespoke fine jewellery, we at GIOIA, are committed to guiding you through the selection process. Ensuring that every yellow sapphire meets our stringent standards of quality and sustainability. Our expertise in high jewellery and profound knowledge of gemstones ensure that your piece is not just an ornament but a legacy.

In summary, crafting your gemstone engagement ring or yellow sapphire ring for men jewellery is a decision that offers not only beauty and uniqueness but also a symbol of joy and prosperity. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we are dedicated to bringing your dream piece to life, with a promise of quality, craftsmanship, and a personal touch that makes each creation uniquely yours.

Vivid Royal Blue Sapphire Gemstone without heated treatment on the gemstone - Customised for the couple for an eternity love, perfect gemstone with a vivid colour, high clarity, and magnificent luminosity. Singapore Customised Jeweller in Engagement Ring and Wedding Jewellery with Sapphire Gemstone.

Royal Blue Sapphire

Royal Blue Sapphire Ring Unheat - Customised Engagement Ring Sapphire Gemstone without heated treatment - Singapore Custom Jeweler in Engagement Ring & Sapphire
Royal Blue Sapphire Ring

Royal Blue Sapphire Ring – Sought-after Vivid Blue Shade

A specific type of sapphire gemstone, known for its deep, rich blue colour, is royal blue sapphire. The term “royal blue” typically refers to a vivid and intense shade of blue, often likened to the colour of the sky on a clear day. Its striking and captivating hue, sets it apart from other shades of blue sapphires whether is it pastel or intense.

Sapphire Heat Treatment

With all the technological advancements, heating gemstones to enhance colours have become so popular that stones lose their pure form. Using methods like reducing or oxidizing, heated gemstones lose their original state to artificiality. In the gemstone trade, people commonly heat sapphires, which estimated to be 80% to 90%, to significantly improve their overall colour shade and clarity.

With most sapphires subjected to heat treatment, finding natural, unheated sapphires which exhibit attractive colour such as royal blue shade is always an exceptionally challenging task.

Royal Blue Sapphire Halo Diamond Custom Engagement Ring with surrounding diamond in champagne gold jewellery
Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Value in Royal Blue Sapphire

Having a long history of use in royal jewelry and as engagement ring center stones, which adds to their desirability and timeless appeal. The average price of an unheated royal blue sapphire can vary significantly depending on factors like size, quality, origin, and market demand.

Unheated royal blue sapphire price per carat from $4000 USD, with larger carat weight it increases exponentially. In general, smaller sapphires (under 1.0 carat) tend to be more affordable. While larger carat weight from 2.0 carat and above with exceptional colour and clarity command higher premium. Although prices can fluctuate over time due to market conditions and the availability of high-quality stones. Prices for fine quality unheated royal blue sapphire has multiple due to its rarity and increasing higher demand.

Sapphire Fine Jewelry

In the gemstone trade royal blue sapphire are prize for their extraordinary colour. They often associate deep, intense blue hue with nobility, luxury, and elegance, which is why given them the “royal” designation. This makes royal blue sapphire highly desirable for fine jewelry, especially in engagement ring and other high-end pieces.

Rarity in Unheated Royal Blue Sapphire

Finding high-quality royal blue sapphires in nature is relatively rare, which adds to their allure. Unheated royal blue sapphires, in particular, are even more scarce. Reason as they have not been subjected to heat treatments commonly used to enhance the colour of sapphires. Collectors and Jewellers highly seek unheated sapphires for their natural and pure colour.

High-quality, unheated royal blue sapphires are considered valuable investments. Kashmir royal blue sapphire being one of the rarest origin where you can only acquire them from existing heirloom jewellery. Over time, they have shown the potential to appreciate in value, making them attractive to collectors and investors.

Blue Sapphire Ring - Royal Blue unheated sapphire diamond ring
Royal Blue Sapphire Ring

Customised Engagement Ring

This engagement ring, features an unheated royal blue sapphire ring vivid and elated in appearance. Many favours this gemstone primarily because of the radiant shade of blue, that feels deeper than the sea. This oceanic gemstone gives a surreal experience to the onlooker. The sapphire altogether has an even colour; when you move the ring, the blue radiates with a high saturation of a hue.

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we look for various aspects of the gemstone for fine quality. According to us, the perfect gemstone has a vivid colour, high clarity, and magnificent luminosity. Apart from the charismatic design, this ring manifests a rich blue hue, excellent clarity and brilliance. The elegant composition of this sapphire ring is carved on the surface. Just as eternal love exists between two lovers, this ring is custom-designed with rare treasure gems that will last an eternity. This engagement ring completes your phenomenal event through its perfection.

Royal Blue Sapphire Ring Unheat - Customised Engagement Ring Sapphire Gemstone without heated treatment - Singapore Custom Jeweler in Engagement Ring & Sapphire
Vivid Royal Blue Sapphire Ring

Vivid Blue Cornflower vs Royal Blue Sapphire

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

As lovely and sought-after as it can be, it might not be your favourite shade in royal blue. The terms “cornflower blue” and “royal blue sapphire” describe different shades of blue in gemstones, particularly sapphires. The primary differences between the two are in their colour and the intensity of that colour.

Cornflower Blue Sapphire:

  • A specific shade of blue, known for its medium to light, bright, and vivid blue colour, is cornflower blue. It resembles the colour of a fresh cornflower, which is a type of wildflower.
  • Cornflower blue sapphires typically have a light to medium tone, often with a slight violet or lavender undertone.
  • The term “cornflower” is used to describe this colour because it closely resembles the bright blue petals of a cornflower, also known as Centaurea cyanus.
  • Cornflower blue sapphires are highly prized for their vibrant, calming, and appealing colour. 

It might not have the deep and strong saturation like royal blue shade. The light to medium tone which allows more return of lights and brilliance reflects more sparkle and fire.

Some may prefer cornflower blue for its bright and cheerful charm, while others may be drawn to the deep and regal allure of royal blue sapphires. Both shades of blue sapphires have their unique beauty, and the choice ultimately depends on personal taste and personality.


In Conclusion

Note that ‘royal blue’ is not considered for all dark blue sapphires, and ‘cornflower blue’ is not considered for all pastel blue sapphires. The colour may vary from one stone to another. Gemologists and jewelry experts often use various grading criteria to assess the quality of a sapphire’s colour. Stringent checks including factors like hue, tone, saturation and stabilisation in colour. However some might not have experience nor stringent standard in the grading of the true royal blue shade.

When purchasing a royal blue sapphire or any sapphire, it’s advisable to consult with a reputable gemologist or local jeweller. This ensure that you are getting the desired quality and value for your investment.

Blue Sapphire Ring with halo Diamond
Vivid Royal Blue Gemstone Sapphire customised for wedding proposal ring - Customised Engagement Ring at GIOIA Fine Jewellery, customised wedding jewellery and proposal ring

Vivid Royal Blue Sapphire Ring

Vivid Royal Blue Sapphire Wedding Ring
Vivid Royal Blue Sapphire Ring

Elegance Defined: The Vivid Royal Blue Sapphire Ring

In the world of customised engagement ring, few creations match the captivating allure of this Vivid Royal Blue Sapphire Ring. This masterpiece, exclusively crafted for Mr Yew & Renee’s engagement, stands as a beacon of timeless elegance and deep, emotional connection. Designed specifically in luxurious 18K rose gold and accompanied with pavé-set, brilliant-cut diamonds. Exceptionally unique gemstone engagement ring features a centrepiece that is nothing short of breathtaking—a vivid royal blue sapphire that is the epitome of fine artistry.

Enchantment of Vivid Blue Sapphire

The charm of the royal blue sapphire lies in its vibrant hue, striking a perfect balance between brightness and depth. Unlike low quality sapphire with a too deep colour shade, which may appear dull or overly dark, diminishing their appeal and value. This sapphire’s vivid blue tone is meticulously chosen for its perfect hue and shade. It showcases a hue that radiates with life, placing it among the most coveted and valuable in the sapphire family.

A Symphony of Colours and Sparkle

Sapphire gemstone, known for their diverse palette, offer a unique spectacle different from the brilliance of diamonds. The sapphire’s sparkle, combined with its wide range of colours and shades, provides a canvas for personal expression and style. This particular engagement ring, with its deep vivid royal blue sapphire, embodies a luxury and uniqueness that caters to individual preferences. At the same time making it a cherished piece for generations like a heirloom jewellery.

Heirloom Sapphire Legacy

Vivid blue shade of the sapphire has long been associated with royalty and the upper echelons of luxury fine jewelry. Its enduring appeal spans centuries, beloved by all ages for its depth of colour and symbolic significance. This vivid royal blue sapphire ring, is a piece of fine sapphire jewellery, a balance of timeless beauty and unique refined taste.

Sapphire Blue Engagement Ring
Blue Sapphire Royal Blue Halo Diamond Ring

Dedicated Craftsmanship at GIOIA

The sapphire engagement ring’s design is an indication to GIOIA Fine Jewellery’s commitment to excellence and innovation. The harmonious blend of the deep-hued sapphire with timeless diamonds sets this piece apart, making it a symbol of fashion-forward elegance. The handcrafted precision ensures that every facet of this engagement ring, from cut to clarity and tone, aligns perfectly, making it an eternal symbol of love and commitment.

Celebrate Love with Bespoke Elegance

This vivid royal blue sapphire ring, with its expectional sapphire and sparkling diamonds, embodies a love that transcends time. It is an invitation to celebrate profound emotions and lifelong commitments. For those planning to embark on a journey of love, looking to create a unique gemstone engagement ring. this engagement ring promises to encapsulate your deepest feelings in its exquisite craftsmanship and breathtaking beauty.

Finest Quality Unheated Blue Sapphire

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we specialise in bringing such unique visions to life, focusing on unheated vivid blue sapphires. Unheated precious gemstone range from the enchanting cornflower blue to the majestic royal blue shades. Our dedication to creating bespoke pieces that resonate with personal stories and emotions makes every piece not just wedding jewellery, but a legacy to be treasured forever.

Explore our selection of unheated blue sapphire gemstones ranging from similar vivid royal blue sapphire ring to pink and teal sapphire. Of cause deep vivid royal blue might not be everyone’s preference. If you are looking for more brilliance in the blue sapphire, we have lighter shade of blue which exhibit unique sparkle.

Vivid Blue Royal Blue Sapphire with twisted band engagement ring
Royal Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring
personalised engagement ring with pink sapphire

Personalised Engagement Ring

Personalised engagement ring - Featuring a round brilliance pink sapphire.
Personalised Engagement Ring

Personalised Engagement Ring

Creating a personalised engagement ring from scratch offers an unparalleled experience that goes far beyond the price tag. While it is commonly assumed that a customised engagement ring is more expensive. It’s important to recognise that this is not always the case. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, the cost of a custom ring can be comparable and much value than that of a mass-produced ring.

Value in Personalised Ring

The true value lies in the process itself, as it allows you to actively participate in the creation of a personalised ring. In every detail, perfectly reflects your personal style, preferences, and the unique bond you share with your significant other. Collaborating with our veteran designer, you embark on a journey of self-expression and creativity.

personalised engagement ring with pink sapphire
Unique Engagement Ring with Initials

Personalised Process

Personalised Engagement Ring to Her Style and Preference

From the initial consultation to the final unveiling, every step of the custom design process is an opportunity to infuse both your story, memories, and distinctive elements into the ring’s design. You have the freedom to select from the wide selection of gemstones. Shades of metal that resonates with her taste, and incorporate meaningful symbols or even engravings that hold sentimental value.

A custom-designed ring is a true one-of-a-kind masterpiece, setting it apart from mass-produced rings. It becomes a tangible representation of your love story, a cherished heirloom jewellery with deep emotional significance.

Cost of a personalised ring is just one aspect to consider. But the memories, emotions, and joy associated with a personalised engagement ring are priceless. Certainly a promised ring that will be treasured for a lifetime and generation to come.

duck feet personalised engagement ring
Personalised Engagement Ring with Love Story

Personalised Designed Jewellery

An exquisite personalised engagement ring that beautifully combines elegance and personalisation. Meticulously crafted, this remarkable ring features a captivating round brilliance pink sapphire as its centrepiece, radiating a soft and alluring hue.

A pair of round aquamarine stones gracefully complement the pink sapphire, bringing tranquility and serenity to the ring’s design. The seamless integration of these gemstones creates a harmonious and enchanting visual display.

Express Your Feelings and Love

Stands out with its personalised touch, symbolising your unique love story. The band proudly bears the elegantly crafted initials of the couple, representing their union and commitment. Intricately design ring reflects the couple’s individuality and special connection.

Personalised Touch In The Ring

The ring’s side embraces whimsy with a creative touch—a delicate representation of the lady’s cherished memento in the form of duck feet, capturing playful memories. Alongside, skill-fully incorporated pet paw prints symbolise the couple’s beloved furry companion and their shared love.

Every aspect of this personalised engagement ring has been meticulously designed and handcrafted to ensure a truly unique and heartfelt expression of love. Its exceptional combination of precious gemstones, personalised details, and charming symbolism make it a treasure unlike any other.

paws design personalised engagement ring with personalised design
Personalised Design Ring
Family Birthstone Ring

Family Birthstone Ring

Family Cluster Birthstone Ring - Birthstone Family Cluster Ring with Emerald, Blue Sapphire to Padparadscha Sapphire Gemstones.
Cluster Family Birthstone Ring

Cluster Birthstone Jewellery

Heirloom jewellery, customised with family birthstones

Family birthstone ring customised with Burma Royal Blue Sapphire, Padparadscha sapphire, and none oil emerald, a treasure trove of rare gems. Creating unique family heirloom jewellery with notable precious gems, absolutely dazzling and delightful. In fact, there is a beautiful reason hidden this cluster design. It is a family cluster ring that consists of birthstones of both parents and their daughter. Emerald gemstone signifies the daughter’s birthstone in this family cluster ring, and both the parents’ birth month gem. Bespoke gemstone jewellery which tells a family story whenever the daughter put on this family birthstone ring.

Family Birthstone

This customised design consists of three of the rarest and sought after gems. The birthstone Emerald for the month of May, has a mesmerising vivid green shade. Exceptionally rare gemstone which does not gone through any oil treatment which is common applied to improve the colour and clarity in the emerald.

Already rare unheated Sapphire which does not necessary come in blue colour shade, the orange-pink padparadscha is also dad’s favourite colour. Combine with the mesmerising vivid royal blue sapphire, both unheated corundum sapphire for the month of September, is one of a kind.

Special Family Bonding

Above all, this exquisite birthstone ring not only signifies the love of the parents for their daughter but also signifies the special bond that they share. This bespoke family birthstone ring is indeed a sentimental jewellery that take up the most room in your heart. Truly personalised jewellery where you can design right from sketch with your family birthstone to your unique style.

Cluster Gemstone Ring Design

The design has been completed with an elegant row of pave diamonds on the band and connecting to the three birthstone gems. The shimmering round brilliance diamonds add to the beauty in this expertly cluster gemstone ring. This captivating family birthstone ring has been polished to a natural white champagne gold and is certainly a look that the beloved daughter of the couple would cherish.  

Family Statement Jewellery

The Emotional Family Birthstone Ring – A Timeless Symbol of Love and Connection

The overall design is clearly sophisticated with extraordinary gems and holds boundless emotions within the family. A family statement jewellery with three most desirable gems and value to pass it down as heirloom jewellery. This birthstone cluster ring marks the beginning of a family story and is tied to opulence. It will always hold a special meaning for the family that had it customised from us. 

Family Birthstone Ring - Emerald & Sapphire Customised Family Cluster Birthstone Jewellery Ring
Family Birthstone Ring – Emerald & Sapphire

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the rising trend of family birthstone jewellery is more than a fashion statement; it’s a celebration of family heritage and emotional bonds. Each piece, be it a family birthstone ring, pendant, or earring, tells a story, making it a unique and deeply personal treasure. At the heart of this trend is the desire to keep loved ones close. Creating a timeless symbol of love and connection that brightens not just the attire but also the soul.

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, as we continue to craft these personal talismans, we are reminded of the beauty and significance of family connections. At the same time, making every piece a testament to the enduring power of love.

Family Cluster Ring - Heirloom Jewellery Design and crafted with coloured gemstone and personalised birthstone jewellery in Singapore
Family Cluster Ring – Heirloom Jewellery
Royal Blue Sapphire Engagement ring with Kite Shaped Diamond Ring, Customised engagement ring with diamonds setting for a unique wedding proposal. The vivid blue sapphire with royal blue is one of the most sought after colour shade. Local Singapore Jeweller in Sapphire Engagement Ring and Sapphire Jewellery

Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring

Blue Sapphire Ring with Diamond, Vivid blue sapphire Engagement with Royal Blue Sapphire | Singapore Jeweller in Sapphire Engagement Ring & Sapphire Jewellery.
Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring with Kite-shaped Diamond

Royal Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring with Diamond Shape Sides

This absolutely stunning creation features a 4.0 carat Royal Blue Sapphire in an oval shape. Designed and handcrafted with a kite-shaped diamond set on either side of the blue sapphire ring. These two shapes are real stunners with bold points and intricate angles. These side setting diamonds serve as perfect matching pairs as side stones to the striking blue sapphire gem chosen for the engagement ring.

The beautifully crafted design looks eye-catching and distinctive owing to the stunning contrast created against the vivid blue sapphire. Our finest craftsmanship has merged with exceptional rare gem to create this magnificent sapphire ring. This engagement ring marks a special moment for the couple who had it customised. This regal style blue sapphire diamond ring was clearly designed to delight and dazzle.

Customised Engagement Ring

Our master-craftsmen have created this alluring design in a 750 (18k) white gold band. The design has a one-of-a-kind story to convey. We meticulously planned and sourced the gem in this design with tremendous effort, unlike traditional solitaire diamonds. Its unusual colour shade and significant carat weight caught the attention. The gentleman who opted for this design for his lady love made sure that he participated in different stages of the design for this engagement ring. From the sourcing of the right sapphire gem and kite-shaped diamonds to the design discussion, every step is a footprint of sweet memories before the final creation of this magnificent engagement ring.  

Royal Blue Sapphire

Of all shades of sapphire, the royal blue shade is the most difficult to show on the screen. Similarly in printed as the colour is out-of-gamut for both printing and most monitors. This vivid blue-violet shade has a deep tone and is epitomised by the fine sapphires from Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Royal blue sapphires are also found in Burma, Thailand and Tanzania’s Tunduru district. It is also found in smaller sizes in Nigeria and Pailin in Cambodia. The royal blue shade of sapphire is one of the most sought after shades and would make perfect fine jewellery for the queen of your heart just like our client did.

Blue Sapphire Ring with Diamond, Vivid blue sapphire Engagement with Royal Blue Sapphire | Singapore Jeweller in Sapphire Engagement Ring & Sapphire Jewellery.
Customised Engagement Ring – Royal Blue Sapphire

GIOIA Fine Jewellery

Our Commitment to Excellence & Dedication

This bespoke blue sapphire diamond ring from GIOIA Fine Jewellery is a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and the meticulous selection of high-quality gemstones. Each element of this exquisite engagement ring, from the vibrant hue of the sapphire to the precision of the design, reflects GIOIA’s commitment to excellence and their dedication to bringing unique visions to life.

A close collaboration between the artisan and our client, weaving together their stories and aspirations. The meticulous sourcing of the sapphire, known for its vivid blue-violet shade that is as rare as it is beautiful, underscores GIOIA’s expertise in selecting gemstones that are nothing short of extraordinary. Such a blue sapphire diamond ring does not just symbolise a bond between two individuals. It also stands as a hallmark of GIOIA’s legacy in creating unparalleled pieces that resonate with the desires of those who seek nothing but the best.

Ruby Sapphire Ring Ribbon Inspired Fine Jewellery

Ruby Sapphire Ring

Ruby Sapphire Ring - Ruby Pigeon Blood & Sapphire Royal Blue Sapphire Bespoke Fine Jewellery - Inspired by the ribbon bow design, creating own heirloom Ruby & Sapphire jewellery
Ruby Sapphire Ring Stackable Heirloom

Ruby Pigeon Blood & Sapphire Royal Blue Ring

Discover the enchantment of signature rings featuring the mesmerising dance of ruby and sapphire. Imagine the beauty of a stellar piece of jewellery gracing your fingers, a plush ruby sapphire ring that whispers tales of romance and luxury. Each piece, a heart-melting gift, embodies a unique blend of these cherished gems, offering variants for every heirloom collection.

Embrace the Majesty : Royal Blue Sapphire Ring

Featuring royal blue sapphire the most sought-after colour shade in blue sapphire. The intense blue colour of the sapphire ring adds a royal touch to the intricate design. Strings of sparkling diamonds arranged in loops over the unheated solitaire sapphire gem complement it in the form of a bow. A quaint tiny pink spinel sitting prettily on one side of the ring breaks the monotony of this stunning bespoke blue sapphire and diamond ring.

Vivid Allure : Pigeon Blood Ruby Ring

Finest quality and eye-catching vivid red pigeon blood ruby. The fiery red ruby sits as the crown in the centre of this ruby and diamond ring and has a miniature sapphire crafted beside it. Both these timeless gem-studded rings can be passed on for generations to come. You can swear by the cut, colour and clarity of every gemstone used in crafting this heirloom ring. Symmetrical and practical, these fine quality ring with diamond and individual rare gem exuberant style and elegance.

The white gold base gives each of these jewellery pieces a robust appearance, boasting a shape that smoothly glides into your finger. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we do not just design these exquisitely designed ruby sapphire rings as usual fine jewelry. They are timeless heirloom masterpiece jewelry which symbols of love, luxury, and legacy. Whether worn individually or stacked to create a jeweled band, they make an indelible statement.

Bespoke Fine Jewelry

Ruby Sapphire Ring for Generations to Come

These heirloom statement ruby sapphire ring were designed by a lady to create one-of-a-kind jewellery for both her daughters. The jewellery piece can be nothing less than the finest quality of ruby and sapphire. Bespoke design a pair of sentimental jewellery that will never go out of style.

Uniquely Crafted Anniversary Gift

Surprise your beloved wife on your wedding anniversary or gift it to your soul sister or your beloved mother to make her birthday special. This bespoke ruby sapphire ring can make a cherished ornament for gifting anyone on any occasion.

Ruby Pigeon Blood & Sapphire Royal Blue Sapphire Bespoke Fine Jewellery - Ruby Sapphire Ring Inspired by the ribbon bow design, creating own heirloom Ruby & Sapphire jewellery
Ruby Sapphire Stackable Fine Jewellery
Modern Men's Ring with Geometric Blue Spinel Customised Wedding Rings in white gold

Modern Men’s Ring

Yellow Sapphire Modern Men's Ring
Contemporary Modern Men’s Ring

Exceptional gift with customised modern men’s ring

Make this Father’s day a special one with a personalise and contemporary custom-made modern men’s ring. This bespoke ring encased in champagne gold oozes style. With a yellow sapphire sitting neatly on the gleaming band, his finger ring is set to define one’s unique style statement. Wish to gift your man or dad an ornament of love for daily wear?

Contemporary men jewellery not only showcases personal style and confidence, but also challenges the notion that fine jewelry is exclusively for women. Bespoke for men of all ages, this unique and custom-made piece truly merits your thoughtful consideration!

Custom made Design Ring

The light tone of yellow adorns the ring-like peaking streams of sunlight at dawn. The smooth contour of the symmetrically carved out ring makes adds to its brilliance. The band’s finishing in a brush matt tone exuberates a trendy and sleek polish to the organic jewellery piece. The masculine hands achieve a dapper look when blended with champagne gold polish. Be it for any occasion, this men’s jewellery ring qualifies as a stellar choice regardless of who wears it. 

Sapphire Men’s Ring

The modern sapphire ring for men has been customised with a yellow-coloured high-grade sapphire cut in an octagonal shape. Unlike the classic cushion, this modified emerald step-cut exhibits a prominent brilliance from its rectilinear facets. While the shape of this precious crowning gem adds to the dimension of the men’s ring, the unheated sapphire glistens in its character. The non-conventional positioning of the yellow sapphire adds valour to this exclusive piece of men’s jewellery. 

Contemporary modern men’s ring that complement any outfit

Consider this modern men’s ring as a stunning accessory to gift your beloved if you are searching for gifting options. Neither too broad nor too dainty, this classy design is a perfect choice to match your man’s style and modern sense. The best part is that it can complement any outfit without making one look out of place. A ring any day makes a safer option, especially when you’re shopping for personlised jewellery for men or a customised ring yourself.

Blue Sapphire Astrology Modern Men's Ring
Sapphire Astrology Modern Men’s Ring

Astrology Men’s Ring

Personalised astrology ring boost fortune and wellness

With a focus on personal astrology and beliefs to enhance fortune and wellness. This unique modern men’s ring is custom-made to suit your preferences. The centrepiece of the design is a striking unheated vivid Royal Blue sapphire personally selected by the gentleman. Surrounded by a touch of astrology in the form of trio amethyst on each side, further complemented by round brilliant diamonds.

Modern Men's Ring Design with Imperial Topaz as wedding band
Mens Wedding Rings with Gemstone

Men’s Wedding Ring

Contemporary elegance and individuality Men’s jewellery

At the heart of this modern men’s wedding ring lies a captivating imperial topaz, symbolises strength, balance, and ambition. Encased within a horizontal bezel setting, the gemstone takes center stage, drawing admiration and envy in equal measure.

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we designed the band with a seamless blend of artistry and innovation. It is forged in classic yellow gold with handcrafted in modern brush matt. Expertly crafted with multi geometrical facets, it certainly emanates a contemporary allure that effortlessly captures attention. Additionally, the harmonious union between the precious metal and the imperial topaz signifies the bond of love and commitment that a wedding band represents.

Unique Modern Men’s Wedding Band

To further accentuate its modern appeal, this modern mens wedding band is thoughtfully finished with a brushed matte texture. Hence adding a touch of understated refinement to the striking bright yellow. This unique textural element set it an ideal choice for the discerning groom seeking a distinctive accessory.

While designed as the perfect wedding band, this remarkable piece effortlessly transcends its role. At the same time doubling as a striking men’s jewellery item for everyday wear. Versatile and timeless, it also complements any ensemble, from casual attire to formal wear. A modern men’s ring elevating the wearer’s style with an air of sophistication.

Bespoke Gemstone Modern Men’s Ring

At GIOIA, each piece is customised to reflect the wearer’s personality and style preferences. Our bespoke service ensures that every detail, from the choice of gemstone to the design of the band, is aligned with your vision. You will be assured with our fullest attention and commitment to excellence in crafted every personalised jewellery of your own.