Wedding bands in Platinum, not the usual 18k 750 gold. Custom made Wedding bands

Platinum Wedding Bands

These wedding bands in platinum, are embellished with round brilliant diamonds, and a touch of fine polishing. The ring display elegance and beauty, making them the best choice for many. It features a sparkling row of diamonds which make it more unique and gorgeous. Custom platinum wedding bands are appealing at the same time durable for daily wear.

Platinum Wedding Bands, not the usual 18k 750 gold. Custom made Wedding bands
Platinum Wedding Bands

Platinum Wedding Bands: Elegance & Durability

Platinum wedding bands are renowned not only for their durability and elegance but also for their exceptional purity, especially when compared to white gold. Symbolising enduring love and commitment, the allure of platinum extends far beyond aesthetics. Let’s delves into the distinct qualities of platinum wedding bands, highlighting why they might be the ideal symbol for your lifelong union.

The Beauty of Platinum

  • Durability and Strength: Celebrated for its exceptional durability, platinum is the perfect choice for jewellery meant to endure alongside your everlasting love.
  • Natural White Lustre: Unlike 18K 750 gold, which may reveal a yellow shade as the rhodium plating wears off, platinum maintains its brilliant white sheen indefinitely, requiring no re-plating at all.
The Benefits of Platinum Wedding Bands
  • Hypoallergenic Properties: Platinum is the optimal choice for those with sensitive skin, being naturally hypoallergenic and free from nickel and other irritating alloys. This is especially concerning when customising earring jewellery.
  • Heirloom Quality: Investing in a platinum band is investing in a piece that can be cherished and passed down through generations. As you wouldn’t want it to oxidise nor decolour over time.
  • Exclusive Status: The rarity and purity of platinum confer a level of luxury and exclusivity, enhancing its appeal as a prestigious choice.
Comparing Platinum and 18K White Gold
  • Composition and Colour: Both metals exhibit stunning silvery white appearances, yet platinum’s enduring sheen surpasses that of 18K 750 white gold.
  • Weight and Feel: The dense, substantial feel of platinum often signifies its superior quality and durability, contrasting with the lighter nature of white gold.
  • Maintenance and Care: Platinum’s low maintenance, requiring less frequent polishing and no re-plating to maintain its colour, which is why a practical choice for everyday wear.
Platinum Wedding Bands
Platinum Wedding Bands with Stackable Ring

Pros and Cons of Platinum Wedding Bands

  • Pros: Unparalleled durability, hypoallergenic properties, and perpetual brilliance.
  • Cons: Higher initial cost than white gold, with platinum typically priced at a premium of 20% – 30%. Its heavier weight might not appeal to everyone, and it requires specialised craftsmanship due to its unique properties.
  • Hardness and Weight: Though durable, platinum’s slight softness compared to 18K gold necessitates a heavier design to compensate, offering a solid feel on the finger. This is particularly important in designs requiring intricate detailing.
  • Limitations in Design: Despite its durability, the softer nature of platinum can pose risks of deformation over time, especially in thinner bands, which may mistakenly be perceived as more durable than they are.


Selecting a custom wedding band is a deeply personal choice reflecting individual style and values. With its unmatched durability and timeless elegance, platinum is an excellent choice for those who cherish quality and heritage. Before deciding, consider platinum’s unique characteristics to ensure it suits your lifestyle and preferences.

  • Why is platinum more expensive than gold? The rarity and complex processing of platinum make it costlier than gold.
  • Can platinum wedding bands be resized and customised? Yes, platinum bands can be resized and customised, though this requires specific expertise.
  • How do I care for my platinum jewellery? Regular cleaning with mild soap and water, along with occasional professional polishing, will keep your platinum jewellery pristine. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we offer a lifetime of complimentary cleaning for your bespoke pieces.

Additional Note

Can’t decide between platinum or white gold? At GIOIA, all wedding band designs are possible. Explore a wide range of designs, including non-traditional wedding bands with coloured gemstones or mixed gold colours, like black gold. Customise your perfect platinum wedding bands with your personal story at GIOIA today!

By enhancing the understanding of both the advantages and considerations of platinum as a material for wedding bands, couples can make an informed choice, ensuring their ring not only symbolizes their love but also meets their practical needs and aesthetic desires.

Customised Platinum Wedding Rings with Spinel Gemstone
Customised Platinum Wedding Rings

Ice Mountain Inspiration Platinum Wedding Rings

This featured platinum wedding band draws its inspiration from the majestic ice mountains, symbolising strength, durability, and the beauty of enduring love. The design is meticulously handcrafted, mirroring the crisp, stark facets of a mountain range.

At the summit of this exquisite band sits a cool blue spinel, reminiscent of the clear, icy skies against a mountain peak. The choice of blue spinel is deliberate, chosen for its unique shade and clarity, which captures the essence of an untouched glacier.

Customised Platinum Ring Design

The overall platinum band is artfully crafted with intricate mountain-like facets that wrap around the band. This design not only adds a tactile dimension to the piece but also reflects light beautifully, much like sunlight on snow-covered peaks.

Ladies’ Ring Design

The ladies’ ring in this collection features an abstract mountain symbol. This motif is subtly integrated into the side perspective of the wedding ring, offering a unique aesthetic that makes the ring stand out as not just a piece of jewellery but a piece of art. The design is both modern and timeless, appealing to those who appreciate a connection to nature and storytelling through their jewellery.

This unique pair wedding ring, with its detailed and thoughtful design, promises not only to be a symbol of your marriage but also a conversation piece that reflects your personal story and the depths of your commitment. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, each piece is crafted with passion and precision, ensuring that your wedding band is as special and enduring as your love.

Platinum Wedding Bands - Platinum Modern Men's Ring with Blue Spinel Gemstone
Platinum Modern Men’s Ring
Customised infinity wedding bands - Twisted Diamond Platinum Wedding Bands

Infinity Wedding Bands

Symbols of Love: Customised Wedding Bands

In the journey of love, wedding bands are not just wedding ornaments which you both wear daily. They are profound symbols of eternal commitment and the unique journey every couple embarks upon. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we understand the depth of this symbol and meticulously craft each wedding bands into statement jewellery for a lifetime. Just like this infinity wedding bands, they are a testament to the enduring bond between partners. They are designed together with presence of the couple from sketch to the final creation.

Twisted Diamond Platinum Wedding Bands - Customised Wedding Bands with unique design in Singapore
Twisted Diamond Platinum Wedding Bands

Essence of Eternity in Infinity Wedding Bands Design

This uniquely crafted infinity wedding bands, designed to encapsulate the essence of eternity. The twist in the band, a unique feature, mirrors the complexities and adventures of a relationship. This artistic twist signifies the resilience and adaptability of a partnership. Capable of withstanding life’s inevitable twists and turns. When paired with an engagement ring, the ingenious gap in the centre of the twisted design allows for seamless stacking. At the same time creating a harmonious set that symbolises unity and completeness. Ladies wedding bands certainly attract everyone’s envious attention during your girl meet up!

A Celebration of Individuality and Shared Journeys

Unlike the conventional retail jewellery shop that exhibit only ready made wedding bands in mass production. Our wedding bands celebrate individuality and shared journeys. Beyond the traditional pavé of diamond eternity rings, infinity bands designs can be realised in various finishes and combination. Starting from the understated elegance of brushed matte and sleek sophistication of polished contrast. This versatility ensures that each piece is as unique as the love it symbolises. To add a personalised touch, we can embed the band with the wearer’s birthstone or their partner’s, infusing the wedding jewellery with deeper personal significance.

Customised Wedding Bands with Twisted Diamond bands and Bluish Green Tourmaline
Twisted Diamond Infinity Wedding Bands with Birthstone

The Union of Precious Elements

On the threshold of a shared lifetime, wedding bands embody the promise of eternal love. Crafted with exceptional jewels and precious gemstones, these bands are a pledge of the forthcoming union. Our collection offers a variety of choices, from the timeless round brilliance diamonds to the vibrant hues of vivid blue sapphires and the radiant glow of hot pink spinel. Whether you prefer a single gypsy-set coloured gemstone or a blend of gemstones with round brilliant diamonds, our bands are designed to be the crowning completion of your union.

A Tapestry of Choices: Customised to Perfection

The decision to choose the perfect wedding bands is monumental. At GIOIA, we redefine this choice with our bespoke service, offering dedicated handcraft bands that stand apart from conventional designs. Our infinity-themed bands, crafted from precious platinum, symbolise the unbreakable bond of love. The men’s band, with its matte finish, complements the women’s band, which dazzles with a polished side and a delicate strip of diamond settings.

GIOIA Fine Jewellery, being one of the top custom jeweller in customised wedding bands and gemstone engagement ring. we invite you to embark on a creative journey with us. Let us craft your symbol of eternal love, a pair of wedding rings that resonate with your unique love story and personalised preferences. At GIOIA, we are dedicated to transforming your vision into a masterpiece that will be admired and cherished, a true celebration of your union and the endless journey of love.

Customised Wedding Bands with Twisted band diamond
Twisted Diamond Infinity Wedding Bands
Platinum with Natural White Gold, this customised wedding band has been custom-made with platinum gold PT950 and Natural white gold Au 750 | Singapore Local Jewellery in customised wedding jewellery and wedding bands. Sleek and elegant, this wedding band creates a contemporary and delicate look all at once. 

Platinum Gold Wedding Bands

The Elegance of Platinum and Gold in Bridal Jewelry: Beyond Wedding Bands

Platinum Gold Wedding Bands: A Symphony of Luxury and Commitment

Bespoke wedding jewellery, platinum gold wedding bands are a profound symbol of the intertwining of two destinies. Our latest collection features an exquisite amalgamation of the highest quality Platinum (PT950) with the radiant warmth of Champagne Gold (750). At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we specialist in crafting pieces that are both sophisticated and stylish. The choice of platinum and gold wedding bands is deliberate, reflecting its superior density and enduring nature.

Why Platinum Stands Apart

Platinum’s allure lies not just in its lustrous white sheen that resists the yellowing over time. But overall many year known for its remarkable durability. Its higher density offers a reassuring weight, symbolizing the solid foundation of a relationship. However, crafting jewellery from such a premium metal demands unparalleled skill. Master craftsmen, with years of specialised training in platinum, bring these designs to life, underscoring the metal’s prestigious nature compared to its gold counterparts.

Understanding Platinum PT950

Platinum’s prestigious position in jewellery making is further cemented by its composition in PT950 alloy—95% pure platinum, blended with 5% other metals to enhance its workability. Contrary to common misconceptions, PT950, despite its high platinum content, is designed to be thicker in jewellery to compensate for its comparative softness against gold alloys like Au750. This delicate balance of strength and malleability allows for the creation of pieces that are both robust and intricate. Which is why at GIOIA, we created this platinum gold wedding bands symbolises the acceptance of two souls into a lifetime marriage.

The Golden Touch: Au750

Gold’s timeless appeal, characterised by its malleability and rare beauty, continues to make it a favorite in the realm of fine jewelry. The modern era sees gold as not just an emblem of affluence but as a cherished heirloom jewellery, representing a legacy of wealth and status across generations. In our 18K (Au750) gold selection, we offer an array of hues from classic Yellow Gold to the subtle elegance of Rose and Champagne Gold, each alloyed to perfection for enhanced durability suitable for everyday wear.

Beyond Bands: The Timeless Emerald Ring

Expanding the horizon of customised jewellery, we venture beyond wedding bands to include magnificent pieces like the timeless high jewelry emerald ring. This exquisite piece marries the exceptional vivid green of a central emerald with the luxurious sheen of yellow gold, while a platinum setting encapsulates the gem, adding a contemporary twist to a classic design. This fusion not only highlights the emerald’s vibrant hue but also exemplifies how platinum and gold can harmoniously coexist in a single piece, offering endless possibilities for customisation in fine jewelry.

In crafting these symbols of eternal love, we pay homage to the traditional while embracing the innovative. Ensuring that each piece, be it a platinum gold wedding bands or a statement emerald ring, reflects the unique journey and taste of the wearer.

Emerald Marquise Halo High Jewellery Ring
Emerald Platinum Gold Ring High Jewelry Collection
Natural Leaves wedding bands - unique wedding bands

Unique Wedding Bands

Natural Leaves Wedding Bands with Tourmaline and Spinel Perspective
Unique Wedding Bands – Natural Leave

Natural Leaves Inspired Design

Unique Wedding Bands with One of a Kind Design

Is your wedding on the cards? It’s time for you to pamper yourself with a precious pair of unique wedding bands that you can treasure for a lifetime. These uniquely designed natural leaves inspired wedding bands has been perfectly crafted to beautify your hand for any occasion. Crafted with a strong band in unique champagne gold, the wedding band makes a statement of love and eternal bond.

The men’s ring is designed with bold pave lines to give an overall muscular look with leaves details between. This personalised wedding band can be integrated into a matching engagement ring with the main coloured gemstone being featured at its centre.

Unique Natural Flora Wedding Band Singapore
Unique Wedding Bands – Natural Floral

Natural Wedding Bands Design

Unique Wedding Bands with Personalised constellation & Natural Floral

If you admire radiant fine jewelry, you can consider this stunning design of white and champagne gold-hued gold contrast. Designed with fine bluish green tourmaline, imbues an exquisite aura with its subtle colour. The personalised wedding bands, exuding unique vibrance, sparkle with a smooth finish.

Natural floral-inspired ladies’ ring customised with gemstones and round brilliance diamond exude brilliance with all the attractive colours. Men’s wedding band was designed with personalised constellation men’s ring, both pieces of jewellery acquire a unique gleam.

The splendid diamonds add incredible flair to the flora ring. In addition, the tourmaline birthstones elevate the elan of this arty jewellery twosome. Our highly-skilled master craftsmen create a memorable piece, making the beautiful ornament perfect to embellish your special occasion. They infuse meticulous craftsmanship and mold minute details into an artistic creation, resulting in chic and modish unique wedding bands.

Unique Wedding Bands Customised with vintage art-deco Filigree Milgrain Natural Leaves detail. Uniquely designed with personalised Gemstone - Wedding Bands SG
Vivid Blue Sapphire with Floral Wedding Bands

This unique ladies’ wedding band showcases an open-end design that seamlessly nestles alongside the sapphire engagement ring. Delicate leaf-inspired marquise diamonds grace both ends of the band, infusing it with a touch of nature-inspired charm. Carefully arrangement of the round brilliant diamonds enhances the band’s brilliance and sparkle. These fancy diamond shapes combine to create a captivating visual appeal.

Personalised Wedding Bands

Personalised wedding bands are for a lifetime and it is best to invest in a piece of ornament that lasts forever and does not lose its sheen too soon. With a signature ornament, not only will you treasure the moments of exchanging a ring, but also cherish it as a symbol of love and eternity.

Morganite Wedding Bands with Filigree Design unique
Unique Wedding Bands – Morganite Filigree

Morganite Filigree Wedding Bands

Intricate filigree design wedding bands for a lifetime

The filigree works on the wedding bands is representative of fine vintage jewellery and can be passed on as an heirloom piece for generations ahead. The elaborate design dribbles grace in every inch of its lace-like filigree design. Twining your rings with each other can make a piece of perfect complementing jewellery. The wedding band’s nifty and sleek design provides a minimalistic look, allowing you to wear it every day.

Coordinate the unique wedding bands design seamlessly by pairing it with a similar tone and design. Additionally, you can get the same vine-like filigree or opt for a custom design in floral lattice, hearts, or other creative detailing. Furthermore, the design forsakes milgrain beads, allowing the natural design to take center stage and enabling the floral filigree vines to resplendently integrate into the broad and solid band.

Customised unique Wedding Bands with personalised design - floral leaves, vintage art-deco, unique geometric hammer mark handcrafted design.
Teal Sapphire Wedding Ring

Teal Sapphire & Spinel Wedding Rings

Rustic unique wedding rings design

The teal sapphire solitaire design with a unique handcrafted hammer mark is truly remarkable. A bluish green gemstone adorns the men’s wedding band, which also showcases a similar hammer style. Together, these rustic fashion-style wedding bands create a timeless wedding ring that is both distinctive and elegant.

Overall customised wedding bands is designed with meticulous attention to detail, showcasing fine quality and elegant craftsmanship. It is sure to symbolise the love and commitment shared by the couple, while also serving as a timeless and stunning reminder of their special day.

Yellow Gold Wedding Bands with Personalised gemstone and design

Modern Geometric Wedding Bands Design

Classical and modern elements in the extraordinary pieces

Step into a world of distinctive elegance with these unique wedding bands, crafted to perfection with meticulous attention to detail.

Both crafted in timeless yellow gold, ladies band designed with a blend of classical and modern elements. Alternating marquise and round brilliance diamonds, each securely cradled in a bezel design, inspired by the engagement ring.

Men’s band featuring irregular brush matt geometric facets. At the heart of this remarkable ring lies a personalised touch, with an exquisite imperial topaz birthstone taking center stage.

How the Process Works?

Don’t worry, we’ll guide you along the process

Couples seeking ways to immortalise their wedding with a coordinating jewelry piece can opt for unique wedding bands that create a stylish ensemble. Does customising wedding bands seem complicated and tedious? Not to worry, at GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we’ll guide you along the process and promised that it’ll be a great experience for both of you. We can strategise the bespoke design process, guide both you and your beloved partner to your ideal design. After finalising the design, the delivery of your exquisite jewellery pieces typically takes around 10-12 weeks.

While waiting, you can anticipate and feel the excitement of witnessing your personalised wedding bands come to life.

Above all, rest assured that we invest additional time in customising your bands to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that perfectly symbolises your love and commitment.

wedding bands customised to flora design with teal spinel

Wedding Rings – Teal Spinel

Wedding Rings customised with teal coloured shade of spinel and flora detailing design for the ladies wedding ring | Exception Craftsmanship Wedding Rings.
Teal Spinel – Floral Wedding Rings

Unique Flora Design

Wedding rings with teal spinel wedding bands, floral inspired unique design. Wedding signify love and fidelity, it is the beginning of an eternal journey for the couple. It is also a sign of a commitment to one another and represents love, honour and faithfulness. Wedding rings are one piece of fine jewelry that you need to have in your life even if you are not a jewellery person.

Wedding Jewellery

Who doesn’t desire to own something rare and beautiful, especially for wedding jewellery which symbolises both commitment and love? This pair of wedding rings features a bluish-green spinel gemstone, a unique teal colour shade on each of the band. Having the wedding rings customised to both styles is a unique bond of love. The coloured theme of natural white and white gold imparts a subtle look to the ladies’ ring.

Natural Floral Inspired Design

The overall design creates a natural floral arrangement which is one of a kind. The lovely couple has chosen this unique design as their wedding band. They have surrounded the central teal spinel gem, which matches the men’s ring, with white and gold petals. The tiny, round brilliant diamonds impart a touch of sparkle to this organic natural design. The natural floral inspired design appears like a flora band that the lady would adorn on her finger for a lifetime.   

Customised Wedding Rings

Sophisticated and one of a kind, this uniquely crafted pair of wedding rings are perfect for the modern millennial couple in every sense. This thoughtful design will surely capture a lot of attention from friends and relatives. This compelling design with its regal with its beautiful design would be appreciated and treasured by the couple for years to come. These exuberant rings can be used to mark the new chapter of their journey of love. Timeless and elegant, at GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we carefully embedded with teal spinel would make a glimmering look and envious eyes around them.

Wedding Rings customised with teal coloured shade of spinel and flora detailing design for the ladies wedding ring | Exception Craftsmanship Wedding Rings.
Flora Inspired Ladies Band
Teal Sapphire Wedding Rings, Blue green sapphire colour shade sapphire gemstone customised with halo diamond. Wedding bands is crafted in platinum gold and rose gold diamond bands | Local Singapore Custom made Jeweller in unheated sapphire gemstone and wedding jewellery

Teal Sapphire Wedding Rings

Teal Sapphire Wedding Rings – Platinum & Rose Gold

Dive into the world of enchantment with our extraordinary teal sapphire wedding rings. A celestial union of Platinum and Rose Gold that transcends traditional boundaries. This mesmerising set is not just a testament to love and also individual style. At the same time showcasing a teal sapphire that is as unique as the bond it represents.

Teal Sapphire Engagement Ring

Bespoke Design Teal Sapphire Wedding Rings

The teal sapphire engagement ring is a symphony of elegance and non-conformity. The unheated teal-coloured sapphire takes center stage. Revealing a captivating teal green hue under indoor lighting, while basking in the daylight reveals its magical bluish-green undertones. This distinctive gem is precision-cut into an octagon shape, surrounded by a halo of round brilliant diamonds set in rose gold. The result is a non-traditional masterpiece jewellery that captures the essence of uniqueness.

Customised Wedding Bands

Step into the realm of personalised luxury with our custom-designed wedding bands. The ladies’ band is a dazzling display of ¾ micro-set diamonds, at the same time promising flexibility with future resizing. Its shimmering diamond accents create an illusion of a full eternity. In addition making it a truly captivating piece tailored to perfection for individual preferences.    

On the other hand, the men’s wedding band is a fusion of platinum, showcasing a contemporary design that stands apart from the conventional. The tapered ends meet at a central groove, creating a classic yet modern look. The brushed matte finish adds a touch of sophistication, giving the band a one-of-a-kind allure rarely found in commercial designs. This bespoke creation symbolises the acceptance of differences in styles and choices within the couple, a harmonious blend of individuality and unity.

Unique Wedding Rings with Unique Love Story

These teal sapphire wedding rings are not just everyday jewellery accessories. They are also a visual representation of a unique love story. Every detail, from the teal sapphire’s distinct hues to the custom-designed wedding bands, speaks volumes about the couple’s journey together. Embrace the extraordinary, celebrate individuality, and embark on a lifelong adventure. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, each unique wedding rings are created with a symbol as rare and exceptional as your love.

blue Sapphire ring Vivid cornflower with wedding bands in platinum gold ring, highly saturated blue which gives out a neon glowing shade cornflower vivid blue sapphire coloured gemstone | Local Singapore Custom jeweller in wedding rings and jewellery with sapphire gemstone.

Cornflower Sapphire Wedding Rings

Cornflower Sapphire Wedding Rings, Platinum wedding bands. Cornflower vivid blue sapphire color gemstone | Singapore sapphire wedding rings & jewelry sapphire.
Customised Cornflower Sapphire Wedding Rings

A Symbol of Unmatched Elegance

Cornflower Sapphire Wedding Rings with Platinum Wedding Bands

Discover the allure of cornflower sapphire in wedding rings paired with the timeless charm of platinum wedding bands. These cornflower sapphire rings stand out for their natural, unheated beauty, offering a pure visual delight without any colour or clarity enhancement. A couple’s shared vision brought these bespoke rings to life, and also creating a symbol of their unique love story.

Unveiling the Charm of Cornflower Sapphire

For those who appreciate the subtlety of blue but seek something less intense, the vivid cornflower sapphire blue offers a perfect solution. This shade is not just any blue; it’s a highly saturated, neon-like glow that captivates the eye. Less intense than royal blue, yet more alluring and brilliant, cornflower blue sapphires have risen to prominence as a coveted choice. Their natural, untreated state only adds to their rarity and exceptional value.

Identifying the true cornflower sapphire blue is a challenge, even for seasoned gem collectors. It’s important to note that not all light blue sapphires can be classified as cornflower blue. The unique neon effect and silky inclusions contribute to the distinct cornflower hue, making each stone a masterpiece of nature.

Crafting Customised Wedding Rings with a Personal Touch

When it comes to wedding bands, simplicity can speak volumes. This particular pair, crafted in platinum with a fine brush finish, demonstrates understated elegance. The texture adds depth to the bands, creating a classic yet contemporary look ideal for everyday wear. These rings, both practical and enchanting, reflect the couple’s desires and expectations, bringing their vision to life.

Bespoke Jewellery at GIOIA

In summary, the choice of cornflower sapphire and platinum for wedding rings represents a blend of rarity, beauty, and personalisation. It’s not just about the stones or the metal; it’s about the story and the journey of love they symbolise.

In crafting these wedding rings, GIOIA turns your vision into reality, celebrating the individual story of each couple. The design of these bands, free from the complexity of pave diamonds or elaborate details. At the same time captures the essence of your shared journey in a symbol of enduring love and commitment.

Cornflower Sapphire Wedding Rings, Platinum wedding bands. Cornflower vivid blue sapphire color gemstone | Singapore sapphire wedding rings & jewelry sapphire.
Cornflower Blue Sapphire Ring
This is one of a kind wedding band which the couple would cherish forever. Elegance and modern in design, this subtle wedding band features intricate artwork that is nothing less than exceptional | Local Singapore Private Jeweller In Customised Wedding Bands

Custom Wedding Bands

Custom Wedding Bands with sophisticated Design, Elegance, & Modern. Intricate artwork & exceptional Look Jewellery in Gold| Personalised Wedding Bands Singapore
Custom Wedding Bands

Unique Custom Wedding Bands

Intricate Design Wedding Bands Customised for a lifetime of Elegance

Discover the artistry of love with these bespoke couple rings, each an intricate masterpiece. Particularly custom-designed to embody a lifetime of togetherness. These custom wedding bands are the symbols of a journey, a promise between two hearts seeking to celebrate their unique love story.

Intricately Designed: A Testament to Uniqueness

The exquisite detailing of these wedding bands speaks of a love that cherishes individuality and elegance. Crafted upon request for a couple desiring wedding bands unlike any other, these pieces are a blend of classic style and modern luxury. Each band is a one-of-a-kind creation, a tangible expression of the couple’s distinctive bond, destined to be cherished forever.

Luxury and Sophistication: Non-Traditional Elegance

These non-traditional couple bands radiate luxury, styled with a refined aesthetic that certainly captures the essence of sophistication. Classic yet contemporary, they are perfect for those who seek elegance beyond the conventional. These custom wedding bands are not just accessories; they are declarations of love, crafted to add a meaningful and also memorable touch to the union.

Epitome of Modern Design: Custom Wedding Bands

Elevating the concept of wedding bands to a new level, these custom pieces are the epitome of modern elegance. The intricate artwork on each band is exceptional, with the ladies’ ring exhibiting a perfect balance of femininity and grace. Set in 18k (750) base metal, the stunning pattern is both alluring and delicate, symbolizing the highest quality and expert craftsmanship.

Breaking Tradition: A Choice for the Unique

For those who eschew traditional designs in favor of something truly unique, these wedding bands represent a perfect choice. Their charismatic design and exquisite craftsmanship ensure that they stand out, drawing admiration and attention. These unique wedding bands are not just a choice but a statement, a reflection of a couple’s journey and their commitment to celebrating their love in a way that’s uniquely their own.

Custom Wedding Bands with sophisticated Design, Elegance, & Modern. Intricate artwork & exceptional Look Jewellery in Gold| Personalised Wedding Bands Singapore
Customised Wedding Bands

Stackable Wedding Bands

Unique wedding bands can be crafted in modern geometric to floral-inspired designs. Personalised wedding bands which were crafted to your design and preference. Hundred to thousands of wedding bands might not be the ideal design. We narrow down to the finest details of the design during the customised process.

Firstly, the main concern of having the wedding bands is usually on how we can stack the engagement ring to it. Be it a simple solitaire engagement ring or a twisted design ring. Stacking the wedding band together we will see an awful gap. At GIOIA, we can work on the idea to have the wedding band complement the main ring.

Above all, we can either preplan the engagement ring to have it stackable to any of the classic ladies’ wedding bands. Alternately a custom wedding bands that fits seamlessly to the engagement ring. Doesn’t matter how intricate the ring is, we able to design it according to your style.

Customised Wedding Rings, custom made for the ladies for proposal and thereafter designing the wedding bands from sketch to stack well with it - Proposal Ring for Engagement and Wedding Bands | Customised Wedding Jewellery Singapore

Customised Wedding Rings

Customised Wedding Rings, Gemstone custom engagement ring & wedding ring to stack perfectly - Proposal Engagement Ring & Personalised Wedding Bands Singapore.
Customised Wedding Rings

Customised Wedding Rings Complementing Wedding Bands

Engagement Ring Paired with Matching Wedding Bands

In view of bespoke bridal jewellery, we are delighted to present an exceptional set of customised wedding rings and bands. This wedding jewellery set, crafted with a unique twist, certainly offers an alternative to the traditional solitaire engagement ring that most couples gravitate towards.

With a keen understanding of the preferences of a bride-to-be who prefers minimalistic ring and unique design. Our team at GIOIA Fine Jewellery developed a range of creative concepts, resulting in this enchanting ensemble.

Customised Engagement Ring

The ladies engagement ring, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, cater to both style and practicality. The customised engagement ring is a testament to understated elegance. Featuring a captivating pink spinel, encircled by twinkling side diamonds, definitely a true reflection of feminine grace. The ring’s setting, in luxurious 18k (750) rose gold, adds to its delicate charm. We take great pride in how this bespoke ring resonates with the lady’s personal taste and style.

Customised Wedding Rings, Gemstone custom engagement ring & wedding ring to stack perfectly - Proposal Engagement Ring & Personalised Wedding Bands Singapore.

Ladies Wedding Band

In conjunction with the engagement ring, we have designed a distinct wedding band for the lady. Firstly is ideal for daily wear, considering her preference for comfortable and subtle jewellery. This ring’s design ensures that it complements her lifestyle, without compromising on elegance. Secondly, when paired with the engagement band, creates an exquisite tiara-like appearance, symbolising the regal love shared by the couple.

Men’s Wedding Band

For the gentleman, the wedding band is a work of art in itself. Combination of modern sophistication, features an abstract design with intricate detailing. At its heart lies a striking blue spinel, lending an air of bold elegance to the band. This choice of coloured gemstone, known for its vibrant hues and depth, adds a unique character to the ring.

Perfect Matching Customised Wedding Rings

Each of these three customised wedding rings has been thoughtfully designed and crafted. At the same time taking into account the individual style and preferences of the couple. The ladies rings, in particular, have been crafted with a focus on daily comfort without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. The harmonious blend of practicality and beauty in these rings makes them not just jewellery pieces. But symbols of their lifetime love and commitment.

Customised Wedding Rings at GIOIA

In conclusion, this customised set of wedding rings from GIOIA Fine Jewellery stands as a beacon of bespoke luxury, perfectly tailored to the couple’s unique love story. It demonstrates our commitment to crafting not only exquisite wedding fine jewelry. And importantly capturing the essence of individual stories in every customised jewellery we create.

Brazil Paraiba Gemstone neon blue coloured customised Wedding Bands | Unique and one of a kind wedding ring for a lifetime - Design Jeweller in customised wedding ring with Brazil Paraiba Gemstone

Brazil Paraiba Wedding Bands

Brazil Paraiba Gemstone neon blue coloured customised Wedding Bands | Unique and one of a kind wedding ring for a lifetime - Design Jeweller in customised wedding ring with Brazil Paraiba Gemstone
Brazil Paraiba Wedding Bands

Brazil Paraiba Wedding Bands: A Symbol of Rare Love

Customised Wedding Bands with Rarest Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline

For those who appreciate the finer details and wish to incorporate them into their wedding bands. Beyond traditional design, consider the enchanting allure of Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline. These couple bands, brightly polished and timelessly designed, feature the vivid neon hues of one of the world’s rarest gemstones. The Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline’s distinct neon colour makes these wedding bands not just jewellery. Certainly a testament to the uniqueness of both union.

Beyond Traditional: The Colourful World of Customisation

While the Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline stands out for its rarity, customisation options extend to a wide spectrum of coloured gemstones. Adding a touch of color to the classic wedding band design not only brings vibrancy but also personalises your symbol of commitment. Each choice of gemstone can reflect your shared journey, preferences, and the distinctive spark that defines your relationship.

Wedding Bands: Emblems of Eternal Strength

Generally, wedding rings symbolise the bond of marriage, with wedding bands representing the strength and eternity inherent in a strong union. Couples choose these bands as emblems of prosperity, longevity, and commitment. The choice of a wedding band is profound, embodying the love, purity, and unique spark shared between partners. Embedding a rare gemstone like the Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline elevates this symbolism, representing the precious nature of the relationship.

Crafting a Lifetime of Memories

Firstly, in this exquisite set, the ladies ring features classic diamonds along the sidebands, meticulously crafted to highlight the beauty of the central gemstone. The rare Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline, set at the heart of the ring, adds a delightful splash of colour, symbolising the vibrant and unique nature of your love. This design, customised to perfection, is more than a piece of jewellery; it’s a lifelong treasure that embodies the couple’s devotion.

Enduring Elegance: Timeless Unique Wedding Bands

These unique Brazil Paraiba wedding bands are more than accessories; they are a celebration of everlasting love. The combination of rare Paraiba Tourmaline and diamonds creates an aura of timeless beauty. Investing in such breathtakingly beautiful rings is not just about the material value but about cherishing a love that is as rare and enduring as the gemstones themselves.

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Customised Wedding Bands with Paraiba Tourmaline