Tanzanite Ribbon Diamond Pendant

This pendant jewellery was customised as a present gift by a gentleman to his darling wife. After giving much consideration to his ideas, we decided to include a glimmering ribbon in the pendant design. The amalgamation of the deep hue of tanzanite and the shimmering ribbon adds a finishing touch to the design as well as to the Christmas celebration of the wearer. The gemstone was set beautifully into a diamond framed ribbon reminding the wearer of the significance of the design. The sculpted design with diamond accents creates a unique look. If you want to elevate your attire, then you cannot go wrong with this uniquely designed customised jewellery.   

Tanzanite Gemstone

Elegant in every possible sense, this alluring pendant features a tasteful pop of colour at the centre set in a shimmering bow frame. This eye-catching design appears quite captivating with the unique hue of tanzanite gemstone. The gemstone is mined from Tanzanite and it is next to impossible to find the same composition anywhere else in the world. If we take a look at the present scenario in Tanzania, there is a surge in the uncertainties between the government and the mining industry. The breach in the statutory guidelines by some mining companies has compelled the authorities to build walls over potential mining sites to prevent potential smuggling by miners. Close monitoring has restricted the movement of the gemstone and hence there is an increasing demand for quality tanzanite gemstone. These have become scarce and are quite dear to collectors. 

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