This classic design features a teal sapphire which has a blend of both greenish and bluish shade. The teal sapphire used in this design features an unheated sapphire which has been cut and polished in its natural condition. Teal colour has become a popular shade these days when it comes to engagement ring. This emerald cut shape teal sapphire and is framed with round brilliant diamond accents. Designed to be treasured, this customised ring exudes a polished shine. We have designed this ring to feature something unusual than a classic halo diamond ring. The diamonds used in the design are in alternate sizes and set in a three point crawls, this gives a star burst look to the overall design.   

Teal Sapphire – Bluish Green

This sparkling vintage-inspired ring is sure to pump up your jewellery statement. This elegant and alluring ring was crafted in rose gold to bring out a feminine look. As the gemstone is natural, if the blend of two colours is not even and you may notice some colour zoning or patches of green or blue concentrations within the sapphire. Heat treatment helps in enhancing the unevenness in the gem. Teal sapphires range in varies hue, from pale to deep rich green. Sometimes they even feature blue-green or yellow hues. The colour of the main gemstone is enhanced after it set onto the gold bands. The skilful cutting makes the gem appear much brilliance to the eyes. Regal and radiant, this exquisite engagement ring was crafted to perfection for a client.    

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