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Halo set your diamond ring in a unique way? Solitaire diamond engagement ring, with round brilliant diamonds set horizontally. Fine polishing without rhodium plating, a truly stunning white look.

Platinum – PT950

Commonly used for proposal ring or wedding bands, other than gold. One of the most precious material, known for its durability and hypoallergenic characteristic, best choice if you are someone with sensitive skin.

Gold & Platinum

Gold are naturally yellowish as compared to platinum – give a natural white colour. Gold are usually, plated with rhodium, which give an overall appearance like platinum.

However due to daily wear and scratches, the plating wear off with the natural colour of gold surfacing out. This is never a major issue, as you can simply do a replatting and polishing for your ring to look as new!

GIOIA Fine Jewellery

Just share with us your concern and query right at the bottom right on your screen. To better understand on the coloured gemstones and diamond, you can also arrange an appointment with us, at International Plaza. The experience of customising a wedding engagement ring is fulfilling and memorable journey. It is even possible to include your fiancé in the decision. The journey of everlasting love begin here at GIOIA Fine Jewellery.





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