Congratulation to Andrew and Choo Ting, may your engagement be the beginning of a lifetime filled with special love and happiness!

The unheated Burma sapphire in the ring is a vivid royal blue colour shade. The deep-coloured gem has a prompt appeal to the onlooker’s eye. Its vivid and radiant blue reflects the vastness of an ocean. A four prong setting keeps the sapphire intact, with a extraordinary positioning, instead of the classic look. The round brilliant diamonds on the twisted band are eye-catching as they gleam from all directions and angles. A stream of these precious stones mirrors a flowing river.

Customised Engagement Ring

Explore the rarity of a magnificent composition in this engagement ring. This proposal ring offers a design that is not only unique but also glorious. Entwine your life with your partner alike the arrangement of this ring. The crisscross pattern will leave your partner wonderstruck as you court her.

This beautiful GIOIA ring design is quirky and distinctive. Sketched and then composed by us, this unique engagement ring is a customisation for Andrew willing to surprise Choo Ting. Specific requirement were fulfilled precisely, and out came this marvellous little circlet.

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