Customised Wedding Bands in Yellow Rose and White 18k Gold. Polish with rough matt finished, unique and yet simple bands for daily wear. Looking for a custom made wedding bands at GIOIA Fine Jewellery | Local Singapore customised wedding jeweller in bespoke jewellery

Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

Wedding is a ritual considered tremendously grand and prominent in every culture. To symbolise this grand ceremony, since ancient times, people have been wearing wedding bands and epitomising marriage. Having one of the most modest designs in jewellery, these wedding rings have a simple composition.

Customised Wedding Bands

The bands are composed of yellow gold, instead of the old, traditional gold used quite commonly as wedding jewellery. The gold represents the life of your marriage. This yellow gold makes them enduring and long-lasting. As pure gold is too soft to use, the yellow gold will strengthen your relationship as well as the ring. The soft hue of the rings bring out the simplicity. This colour is not only stylish but also unique. These wedding bands are made in a brilliant matt finish, resistant to scratches. Comfort is made a priority for these bands. A modern look is reflected in this magnificent polish. Together the comfort and the modish design of these wedding bands make a fine quality pair for the daily wear.

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