Elevate your style with bespoke fine jewelry tailored exclusively to your preferences. Whether it’s a wedding engagement ring for that special proposal moment or exquisite pieces for your daily wear and glamorous ballroom events, there’s no one-size-fits-all in custom jewelry. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we pride ourselves on turning your design ideas into reality, no matter how simple or intricate. Feel free to share your inspirations for a wide array of jewelry designs with us.

Bespoke Customised Jewellery

Looking for one-of-a-kind jewellery? Every piece of fine jewellery custom made by us is hand drawn from sketch, and handcrafted to the final creation. The joy of bespoke jewellery starts from the initial discussion. It is not the usual jewellery you find in any retail jewellery shop. Whether is it gemstone jewellery or wedding jewellery, our customised process come with an exclusive personal touch.


Unique Customised Engagement Ring

Customised engagement ring make the proposal one-of-a-kind and memorable one. It does not necessarily be a solitaire diamond ring or halo blue sapphire ring. It can be a particular coloured gemstone of her birthstone or her favourite colour shade? With the abundance of coloured gemstones on the market, the options are virtually endless. For quality assurance, we will provide you with an independent laboratory certification for coloured gemstones.

Pinkish Red Spinel Ring

Mahenge Pink Spinel Proposal Ring Customised Proposal Ring frontview scaled
Experience elegance redefined with this customised spinel proposal ring, a perfect symbol for a memorable proposal. We've uniquely crafted the band, alternating between vivid pink spinel and diamonds to create a captivating wave effect, deviating from the traditional pavé style.

Colour Change Sapphire Ring

Colour Change Sapphire Proposal Ring Initial S M
Customised colour change sapphire ring showcases an enchanting transformation. Under white fluorescent light, it presents a tranquil bluish tint. Transitioning into yellow light, it morphs into a stunning purplish hue, and under natural daylight, it reveals its true splendor.

Paraiba Tourmaline Wedding Ring

Paraiba Tourmaline Proposal Wedding Ring
Paraiba Tourmaline Wedding Ring, featuring a rare, round, and brilliantly vivid neon Paraiba. This stunning centerpiece is gracefully complemented by delicate pastel pink spinel and sparkling round diamonds, creating a unique and enchanting symbol of love

Bluish Grey Spinel Ring

Grey Spinel Engagement Ring Estelle
Customised engagement ring features a mesmerising bluish-grey spinel, blending Art Deco elegance with a personal twist. Beautifully flanked by trilliant cut diamonds, enhancing the spinel's allure with their sparkling brilliance.

Round Blue Sapphire Ring

Round royal blue sapphire Engagement Ring Side
Exceptional beauty of this Round Blue Sapphire egagement Ring, featuring a rare, large round sapphire in a vivid royal blue shade. This unique design is complemented by a twisted ring of round brilliant diamonds, enhancing the sapphire's natural elegance

Padparadscha Sapphire Wedding Ring

padparadscha Sapphire Engagement Ring
Padparadscha sapphire wedding ring, adorned with the initials "AE," showcases a distinct orangy-pink hue, reflecting a truly unique and personal style.

Personalised Paraiba Tourmaline Ring

Personalised ParaIba Tourmaline Proposal Ring with initial
Paraiba tourmaline proposal ring, uniquely personalised with initials. This exquisite design features a vibrant tourmaline centerpiece, encircled by a halo of sparkling diamonds. The band tapers elegantly, adorned with side diamonds for added brilliance.

Unheated Blue Sapphire Ring

Blue Sapphire with Cluster Diamond Engagement Ring
Unheated blue sapphire engagement ring dazzles with its cluster diamond setting and intricate band design, offering a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Paraiba Proposal Ring

Paraiba Tourmaline Round Halo Diamond with Y Band
Customised Paraiba proposal ring, surrounded by a halo of dazzling white diamonds, captivates with its mesmerising design. The ring features an alluring "Y" shaped band, embellished with brilliant diamonds, ensuring a look of elegance and uniqueness.


Customised Wedding Bands

Looking for a pair of wedding bands that symbolise the beginning of your marriage? Want a unique wedding band with both your initial or one which complements well with your wedding engagement ring? Wedding bands can be something simple, yet with sentimental value in them. We are probably the only jeweller, who customised wedding bands with the least wedding bands in our store. Every piece is custom made and one-of-a-kind.

Customised Wedding Jewellery

Pair your wedding ring with this matching proposal necklace designed with a similar green tourmaline pendant. The wedding jewellery set makes it a perfect proposal gift. Held together by a yellow gold chain, the ensemble opens into an aborad leafy pendant design that’s intricate yet bold. The point where the leaves’ pattern conjoins, is embellished with the precious tourmaline. The step-cut green tourmaline gem has exceptional sparkle and mesmerising shade. A pair of small bluish-green tourmaline stones in round-shaped sit in between the string and the pendant adding a personality to the silhouette.

Tourmaline Flora Necklace
Tourmaline Flora Necklace

Tourmaline Flora Necklace & Proposal Ring

Looking for a proposal ring in a specific birthstone? Finding the appropriate gem-studded ring is no longer an arduous task. This precious piece of jewellery offers just what you need. If your beloved one is not a fan of diamonds, this deep green tourmaline gem ring can melt her heart. The proposal ring, crafted in white gold, radiates the natural aura of the gem to make it a spectacular piece of ornament. The unique shape and shade of the gemstone make it exquisite designer wear. Just the right proposal ring, the tourmaline’s verdant green colour adds a colour pop that your beloved will love to wear on any occasion.

Trilogy proposal ring with a pair of fancy trillion diamonds clings to the Princess cut square-shaped tourmaline. In addition, a series of round brilliant pave diamonds gracefully extend, gradually increasing in size, along the tapering band. The ring’s band is embedded with spectacular diamonds neatly arranged from the centre, coming a full circle.

Tourmaline Proposal Ring with side Pair Trilliant Diamond. Customised Wedding Jewellery with Tourmaline Gemstone.
Tourmaline Proposal Ring

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