Customised Engagement Ring For That Special Someone

She is absolutely perfect in every way imaginable! When you pop the question, the engagement ring is the symbol of what her love means to you. A truly unique and one-of-a-kind engagement ring that no one else owns.

The typical story is, the man is supposed to pick out the perfect engagement ring. Many men become confused and clueless, when they walk through a street of jewellery stores, and just can’t find the right ring. Sometimes a thousand choices is just not enough. A bigger selection does not necessarily mean it contains the perfect ring.

Paraiba Tourmaline Wedding Proposal Ring with rare coloured gemstone paraiba and spinel diamond. Customised wedding ring in Singapore | Private Jewellery in customised wedding jewellery

Diamond or Gemstone Engagement Ring

Not sure whether to customise your wedding engagement ring with diamond or coloured gemstone (sapphire, ruby, emerald, spinel)? You might probably have a heirloom gemstone or diamond ring, which you are clueless on how to custom made it to a proposal ring?

Planning ahead of time

It is always a good thing to plan way ahead, as you may need time to research the ideal precious gem and design for your perfect wedding ring. beyond that, handcrafting a ring from sketch can take an estimated time of 4-6 weeks time.

Do you prefer a halo round diamond ring or a personalised proposal ring? Adding some element of a beautiful ring that you have seen online is possible too! There’s almost no limit to customised engagement ring, you can find inspiration in Pinterest or Instagram.

In GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we provide 24-7 non-obligated online advisory. Just share with us your concern and query right at the bottom right on your screen. To better understand about coloured gemstones and diamond, you can arrange an appointment with us at International Plaza. Simple click on the link WhatsApp to chat with us. The experience of customising a wedding engagement ring is fulfilling and memorable journey. It is even possible to include your fiancée in the decision. The journey of everlasting love begin here at GIOIA.

Eiffel Tower Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring - customised to eiffel tower on the band of the engagement ring with blue sapphire | Local Singapore Private Jeweller in customised wedding jewellery


My Dream Engagement Ring

Customised a ring for your special one is never as complicated or expensive as you think it is. In fact, handcrafted rings and jewellery are of better quality and more durable as compared to mass-produced. You and your fiancé have the opportunity to be involved in the selection of the main stone and design setting. There is no better way to ensure the purchase of the perfect ring for the perfect woman than to involve her in the process. Crafting her a dream engagement ring, that no way she can reject.

Surprise Wedding Proposal

Some might prefer the surprise wedding proposal, instead of her being involved.

You can choose the main stone (i.e coloured gemstone or diamond), make the surprise proposal and let her be involved in the setting design.

You can also have her choose the main stone (i.e coloured gemstone or diamond), and then surprise on the engagement ring design.

There are many options available, and no hard and fast rule in the world of customised jewellery or wedding bands. By spending the time to create the ring for your future wife, it leave you with more memories and sentimental value. Every detail of the ring will strike a certain memory of the design process that was shared with the girl of your dream.