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Sapphire and Ruby are both types of corundum, they are differentiate by the amount of chromium content. Chromium content also determine the strength and colour intensity of a ruby. Sapphire have lower than 0.5% lower content of chromium, Ruby is usually higher than 0.9% of chromium. They have awesome durability and only the vivid saturated colour, known as pigeon blood. Spinel was mistaken as ruby for its vivid red, good saturation colour spinel are priced near to ruby.

Traditionally, fine rubies were sourced from Burma. Currently they are extremely rare and valuable, due to the low supply for quality rubies. Premium price of an unheat vivid red Burma ruby (Pigeon Blood), can easily cost more than double the Mozambique ruby. Existing mines are mainly from Mozambique, Madagascar and Tanzania, with Mozambique being the world’s leading source.

In the market, due to the high demand and low supply of ruby, additional heat treatment to ruby has becoming acceptable. Instead of the usual high-temperature heat treatment, rubies(many precious gemstones) are treated at much lower temperatures. This method of low-temperature effectively remove any blue colour composition from the ruby and improve in the colour. However, gemological laboratories are able to detect low-temperature heat treatment, by close observation of the inclusion.


unheated Ruby Gemstone - Pigeon Blood - Rarest of all red ruby gemstone | Local Singapore Customised Jeweller

Pigeon Blood Ruby

The trade term of Ruby “Pigeon Blood” and Sapphire “Royal Blue”, “Cornflower Blue”, was introduced by GRS (GemResearch Swisslab) in 1996.

The rarest grade of ruby, which exhibit highly saturated colour and vivid red fluorescence. Strong vivid red ruby from Mozambique can be very close to Burma ruby, you can hardly distinguish them under daylight.

Ruby Jewellery

The very passionate colour of ruby gemstone makes a timeless statement for fine ruby jewelleries, including earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Ruby gemstone has been a symbol of passion and true love and associated with richness and vitality.

Perhaps, you have seen a lot of celebrities and popular people wearing rubies. Most of them wear ruby jewellery as vanity and some wear such kind of gemstone for astrological reason. Rubies are popular gemstone for customised engagement ring.

There is no greater way to describe your love ones than giving him/her a Ruby. You can bespoke and customised fine jewellery, after you source for the right shade and colour ruby gemstone. Share with us your inspiration and ideas, from every fine details we are able to design and handcraft your ideal ruby jewellery.