ruby gemstone pigeon blood  customised for engagement ring
Ruby Gemstone

Corundum Ruby Gemstone

Exceptionally rare ruby gemstone jewellery with pigeon blood unheated, origin from Madagascar, Mozambique Burma. Bespoke design to luxury fine jewelry and unique gemstone engagement ring for your proposal. Ruby and Sapphire are both types of corundum, they are differentiated by the amount of chromium content. Chromium content also determines the strength and colour intensity of gem. Sapphire have a lower than 0.5% lower content of chromium, ruby is usually higher than 0.9% of chromium. They have awesome durability, ideal for daily jewellery such as ring or pendant. However only the vivid saturated red colour ruby gemstone, known to be “Pigeon Blood“. 

Because of it exceptionally vivid red which you won’t find in any other red coloured gemstone. Spinel with good vivid red saturation colour that resemblance ruby are priced a premium. Nonetheless, majority of red spinel still exhibit darker hue with an undertone of orange or pink shade.

Origin & Supply Source

Traditionally, fine quality ruby was sourced solely from Burma. Currently, they are extremely rare and valuable, due to the low supply of quality ones. The premium price of an unheated vivid red Burma ruby (Pigeon Blood), can easily cost more than triple the Mozambique origin. Existing mines are mainly from Mozambique, Madagascar and Tanzania, with Mozambique being the world’s leading source.

Heat Treatment

In the market, due to the high demand and low supply of ruby, additional heat treatment has become acceptable. In General, the heat treatment that goes close to the melting point greatly improves the quality of the gem. It minimises pre-existing fine inclusions and even out the colour from the rough.

Instead of the usual high-temperature heat treatment, many precious gemstones are treated at much lower temperatures. This method of low temperature effectively removes any blue or green colour composition from the ruby and also improve the colour. However, gemological laboratories are able to detect low-temperature heat treatment, by close observation of the inclusion. Therefore, purchasing any gemstone certified with renowned certification is as important.

Ruby Gemstone Vivid Red Pigeon Blood, Natural unheated from Mozambique to Burma, Wedding Engagement Ring Fine Jewellery. Singapore Jeweller in Customised Wedding Jewelry
Pigeon Blood Pendant Jewellery

Ruby Pigeon Blood

Generally, Pigeon blood rubies hold high value and are in great demand for their deep vivid red hue. Therefore, gemstone trade experts consider it as the most desirable colour shade for rubies. Gemologists typically describe the colour as a rich, pure red saturation, often known as “pigeon blood red.” This renowned colour is closely linked to rubies of outstanding quality and is widely regarded as exceptionally rare.

What colour ruby is most valuable?

The rarest grade of ruby, exhibits highly saturated colour and vivid red fluorescence. Strong vivid red from Mozambique can be very close to Burma, you can hardly distinguish them under daylight.

GRS (GemResearch Swisslab) introduced the trade term of Ruby “Pigeon Blood,” Sapphire “Royal Blue” and “Cornflower Blue” in 1996.

Vivid Red Pigeon Blood Ruby gemstone, Natural unheated from Mozambique to Burma, Wedding Engagement Ring Fine Jewellery.
Ruby ring with Tanzanite Diamond Halo

Investment in Finest Quality Ruby

Multiple factors such as the quality, size, colour, clarity, and origin of the gemstone influence the investment potential in rubies. Rubies, renowned for their vivid red hue, hold immense value and the global recognition as a coveted gemstone, which has earned them the title of the “King of Gemstones.”

Various factors determine the value of ruby, including colour shade, heat treatment, clarity, cut, and carat weight. The intensity and purity of the red saturation are the most important factors in determining its value. Other factors such as transparency, absence of visible inclusions, and overall gemstone quality also contribute to its worth.

Why Price for Ruby always increasing?

Throughout history, rubies have consistently showcased high market demand and have consistently appreciated in value. The global demand for top-notch unheated rubies with a deep vivid red (Pigeon-Blood) hue has witnessed an exponential surge in recent years.

Fine Jewellery

Ruby Ring: A Celebrity and Influencer Favourite

Ruby ring and jewellery are not just beautiful, they’re also a favourite among celebrities and influencers. Some wear for fashion, while others choose them for their astrological benefits. Rubies are also a popular choice as gemstone engagement rings.

Bespoke Jewellery Engagement Ring to Family Cluster Jewellery

Express Your Love with a Custom Ruby Engagement Ring

What better way to show your love than with a ruby engagement ring? You can make it special by choosing the best shade such as pigeon blood. Tell us your ideas and inspirations, and we’ll take care of every little detail. From bespoke design to crafting, we’ll create the ideal engagement ring just for you.

Where Oceanic Splendor Meets Exquisite Ruby

At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we bring to life the enchanting vision of a dolphin gracefully leaping over the sea, elegantly captured in a bespoke piece of jewellery. This unique design ring centers around a heart-shaped, unheated Pigeon Blood ruby, chosen for its unparalleled depth of colour. It’s a piece crafted especially for those who admire the ocean’s majesty and finest-quality rubies.

A Tribute to Ocean Lovers and Ruby Enthusiasts

This personalised ruby ring was custom design for the lady who finds joy in ocean life and has a discerning eye for premium rubies. The Pigeon Blood ruby, known for its vivid red hue, symbolises both passion and freedom, mirroring the spirited essence of the ocean itself.

Featuring this exceptional ruby, our design is an extraordinary treasure, reminiscent of the ocean’s wonders. It’s a perfect blend of nature’s beauty and the art of fine jewelry making. At the same time encapsulating the spirit of freedom and the depth of passion in one exquisite piece.

Ruby Gemstone with Family Birthstone jewellery bespoke customised fine jewellery.
Floral Birthstone Jewellery

Heart-Shaped Pigeonblood Ruby: A Floral-Inspired Birthstone Masterpiece

Discover the enchanting beauty of our floral birthstone ruby ring, thoughtfully crafted with a natural, floral-inspired design. At its heart lies a mesmerising, unheated Pigeonblood ruby, vibrant in its red hue and shaped to symbolise love and affection. This exquisite piece is part of our family birthstone jewellery collection, where each gemstone adds a deeply personal touch.

Personalized Elegance with Family Birthstones

Enhancing the uniqueness of this statement ring are carefully selected family birthstones. Consist of tanzanite and spinel, each adding its own splash of colour and meaning. This combination not only creates a visually stunning piece but also infuses it with personal significance, making it an ideal heirloom.

A Treasured Heirloom with a Personal Touch

This bespoke ring a future heirloom jewellery. Its unique design and the inclusion of family birthstones make it deeply personal and cherished. Whether celebrating a special occasion or honouring family bonds, this floral birthstone ruby ring is a fusion of individual stories and timeless elegance.

Ruby Necklace Pendant Pigeon Blood with Fancy Diamond

Ruby Sapphire Heirloom Ring

Royal Blue Sapphire Pigeon Blood Ruby unheated Heirloom Ribbon inspired Stackable Rings Fine Jewellery stacked scaled
Heirloom Jewellery Featuring Ruby Pigeon Blood & Sapphire Royal Blue Ring. Strings of sparkling diamonds arranged in loops over the unheated solitaire gem complement it in the form of a bow.

Ruby Proposal Ring

Pigeon Blood Ruby Engagement Ring
For a truly romantic and elegant ruby proposal ring featuring a micropavé diamond setting with a unique ribbon band design. This ring combines the deep, passionate hues of a ruby with the sparkling brilliance of diamonds, creating a symbol of love that is both beautiful and meaningful.

Ruby Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Ruby Floral Design
The ruby engagement ring's band unfolds into an elegant floral design, reminiscent of a blossoming garden. Intricate motif is not only visually captivating but also symbolizes growth and renewal, echoing the journey of a blossoming relationship.

Ruby Pigeon Blood Ring

Pigeon Blood unheated Ruby Ring Customised Gemstone Jewellery
Solitaire ring featuring an exquisite oval ruby gemstone. This stunning piece is centered around an unheated pigeon blood ruby, crafted in a six-prong design. This ring ensures the ruby is securely held while maximizing its visibility from all angles.

Ruby Anniversary Ring

Ruby Pigeonblood with Halo Diamond and Tourmaline Ring set jewellery Frontview scaled
At the heart of this collection is the ruby ring jewellery. This piece showcases a magnificent pigeon blood ruby, set in a design that exudes elegance and sophistication. It’s a statement piece that perfectly commemorates the 40th anniversary.

Ruby Pendant Wedding Jewellery

Pigeon Blood Ruby Diamond Pendant scaled
Bespoke ruby pendant wedding jewellery. Incorporating the elusive marquise-shaped diamond to enhance the vibrant red ruby with a touch of brilliance. This exquisite piece exudes an aura of contemporary elegance, making it the ideal choice for today’s discerning brides.