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Pigeon Blood Ruby

Of all the coloured stones, rubies have remained the most popular ones over the years. Unheated, non heat enhancement, with strong vivid saturation. The brilliant red of Pigeon Blood Ruby has an unmistakable energetic aura. This precious gem is full of life, optimism, and hope. Want to infuse your life with confidence? Slip on this beautiful pendant and open the doors to an enthusiastic life full of hope.

Customised Jewellery

The customised floral design of this pendant embodies a feminine appeal. The delicately arranged diamonds round to pear shapes, mimic the petals of a flower and evoke a subtle beauty. The excellent craftsmanship of this pendant ensures that the ruby remains the center of attention and the delicately sculpted diamonds only enhance the beauty of the stone.

The pendant seamlessly slips into the chain along a hook set with brilliant pave diamonds. This classic yet contemporary pendant will be a fabulous addition, not only to your jewellery collection but also to your ensemble. The flawless design of this pendant captures the vivacious spirit of the pigeon blood red ruby. This charismatic stone will liven up your dress and will surely win you points for your impeccable fashion and styling sense.

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