Paraiba Tourmaline Gemstone for customised engagement wedding ringParaiba Tourmaline, cost more than diamonds

The first paraiba tourmaline gemstone were discovered, in the mines of Brazilian state of Paraiba. Similar discoveries were found in Africa, Mozambique and subsequently Nigeria, Oyo. Till date, these are the only source for paraiba tourmaline, where they are rich in copper content.

Paraiba Tourmaline Gemstone rough

One-of-a-kind Neon Paraiba

Rough paraiba tourmalines can only be found in tiny veins that are as fine as pencils. The intensive method of mining, which required manual tools like wedges and hammers to prevent damages to the crystals, as compared to machinery assistance. This is why it make paraiba tourmaline so valuable and rare, known as one of the rarest gemstones in the world. They come with many natural inclusion such as bubble and needle-like. Due to the neon appearance and fine brilliance, such inclusion is tolerable in the market. Paraiba tourmaline with good clarity and electric-neon brilliance cost more than diamonds.

Tourmaline Gemstone

Tourmaline has variety of colours, creating different shade and hue, determine by the chemical composition. In the world of tourmaline gemstone, different colour have inspired their own trade names;

Chromium-rich – variety of green to intense green commonly known as Chrome Tourmaline.

Iron-rich – light to dark blue, or greenish blue commonly known as Indicolite Tourmaline.

Magnesium-rich – brown, red, pink, purplish, commonly known as Rubelite Tourmaline.

Copper-rich – neon-blue or green, commonly known as Paraiba Tourmaline.

Bi-coloured and multicolour are common, reflect variation of fluid chemistry during crystallization.

Paraiba tourmaline as compared to the rest of tourmaline, it has more attractive hues, higher colour saturation. Which make it the most valuable tourmaline of its class.

Investment in Paraiba Tourmaline

Brazilian Paraiba Tourmalines classified as the most desirable gemstone as compared to the rest. In terms of price per carat, they are sold for higher premium than the other origins. However, standard gemological microscope and semi-quantitative chemical data analysis cannot distinguish between the Paraiba’s originating countries. In fact we do have some instances, where the paraiba was sent to laboratory and origin was unidentified. Only a spectrometry test, was able to identify the slight chemical differences of the gemstone from Brazil, Nigeria and Mozambique.

Paraiba Tourmaline gemstone customised design

Paraiba Tourmaline Jewellery

Paraiba Tourmaline are popular gemstone for many fine jewelleries, for its unique and attractive colour shade. This precious stone has a glow that can only be described as “neon”, due to the small amount of copper content. Just by a quick glance, you can easily identify this amazing gemstone. Whether is it neon greenish blue or neon bluish green colour, this unique feature of paraiba tourmaline comes down to a matter of personal taste. A  Paraiba Tourmaline on your finger, custom made as engagement ring or set in a pair beautiful earrings. This priceless precious gem is out to impress everyone for many years to come.