Are you looking for the perfect sapphire ring?

A sapphire ring is an increasingly trendy piece of fine jewelry or engagement ring setting of choice for many women to own. As such, sapphire is considered one of the most precious gemstones today. Various gemologists laboratories have even sorted them into distinct shades. “Royal blue” is a fan-favourite lauded for its distinguish rich vivid blue saturation, an exception shade of violetish-blue. Certain an ideal gem for daily wear thanks to its strong hardness, durability and sparkling lustre comparable to a diamond.

In the gemstone trade, sapphire without any kind of colour refers to blue varieties of corundum minerals. A sapphire ring can incorporate all gem colours and varieties of corundum, excluding ruby and red varieties. A true-blue royal blue has intense and lighter in colour, especially when viewed at various angles.

Blue is symbolic of truth, peace, and spirituality. A pure blue symbolises inspiration, sincerity, calmness, and psychic power. It eases communication between family members, spouses and friends. From a unique reddish to purplish shade, you can rest assured that you will be spoilt for choice when crafting your customised sapphire ring.

Customised Elephant Earring with Blue Sapphire unheat, Paraiba Tourmaline and Spinel gemstone, round diamond | Customised Fine Jewellery in unique natural animals and precious gemstone - Local Singapore Bespoke Customised Jewellery in Fine Jewellery
Burma Blue Sapphire Earring

Heat Treatment

it’s important to note that approximately 90% of sapphires undergo a process of controlled heating to enhance their overall visual appeal. This treatment involves skill-fully managing the temperature and timing to achieve the desired colour and clarity, resulting in an optimal and unique gemstone. Ruby is also commonly heat treated, whereas emerald with oiling to achieve the same desired improvement.

Undoubtedly, it is exceedingly uncommon in today’s world to come across a passionately vibrant heated sapphires with an intense hue and clear clarity. However, discovering an unheated sapphire with such vivid shades is an even more extraordinary occurrence, making it unquestionably a precious gemstone that possesses both heirloom value and potential as an investment piece.

Colour diffusion

Colour diffusion introduces artificial chemicals to enhance a sapphire’s colour. This process is completely unnatural. Take care to notice any gemstone certification that has colour diffusion written on it. Although these gemstone certifications may indicate that it’s natural, it simply means that the sapphire is ‘natural’ in that it wasn’t created in a laboratory. The artificially enhanced colour may look brilliant and intense, but the gem will often be worthless.

A reputable laboratory certification from GRS Swisslab or GIA Gemological Institute of America is important. In local there is experienced independent gemologists laboratory which certified coloured gemstone. They equipped with sophisticated technology which able to identify various type of heat-treatment.

Investment in Sapphire

One of the most valuable sapphire colours is cornflower blue. However, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, consumers in the Asian mainly source for “Cornflower Blue”, whereas, the westerner prefer the “Royal Blue”. Sapphires sourced from Burma, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar, while Kashmir receives the highest premium on per carat weight.

Investing in sapphires can yield diverse returns as their value hinges on multiple factors. These include the sapphire’s colour quality, treatment history (whether it has been heated or unheated), clarity, size, market demand, and prevailing economic conditions. Typically, sapphires of exceptional quality, rarity, and desirable traits like vivid colour(Royal-Blue), clarity, and absence of treatment or enhancements command a higher investment worth.

Colour Change Sapphire Gemstone - colour change from purple to blue and blue to purple

Colour Change Sapphire

Sapphire has gone beyond the mentioned rare colours, to colour change from purple to blue and blue to purple. Definitely, they do not change depending on the individual mood, but under different light conditions. Under natural daylight, it exhibits a mix of blue and purple tones in this gemstone.

Valuation of a Colour Gemstone

Regardless of whether a sapphire has been subject to heat treatment, price value determine by its colour intensity and saturation. Vivid and strong saturation with exceptional lustre are price much higher. Sought-after blue sapphire shade are “Royal Blue” and “Cornflower” with the vivid saturation.

“Toi et Moi” Ring, Sapphire Padparadscha with Cushion, Marquise, Round Brilliant Diamond - Unique Custom made ring for a perfect wedding | Local Singapore Custom Jewellery in Wedding Jewellery with padparadscha sapphire gemstone and diamond.
Padparadscha Sapphire

Padparadscha – The Rarest Sapphire of Them All

With a customised Padparadscha ring, you can capture a beautiful shared love for eternity!

Pronounced “pad-pah-raj-ah”, a Padparadscha combines the best of a pink (symbolising romance and passionate love) and an orange (symbolising an abundance of sunshine and joy). If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to spot Padparadscha sapphire among ten-twenty high-quality blue sapphire gemstones.

A customised Padparadschasapphire ring’s unforgettably beautiful hue will definitely be the gem of your eye!

Royal blue to Vivid Blue Cornflower Sapphire heated and unheat padparadscha Gems from Sri Lanka to Burma origin | Sapphire Engagement Ring & Wedding Jewellery.
Colour Change Sapphire

Customised Sapphire Ring and Fine Jewellery

Pink and yellow-hued sapphire rings are increasingly popular among our female customers these days. One of the main reasons for this trend is that they are comparatively affordable next to their naturally true-blue, “royal blue” counterparts. Sapphires come in different shapes (e.g. round, pear, princess and baguette). Sapphires are incredibly malleable and can also be altered into other shapes and sizes, thanks to its natural excellent hardness. We can have a multi-coloured family birthstone ring and other fine jewelry tailored to meet your personal preferences.

Jewellery that complements, the outfit you wear and whatever type of event you attend. That will definitely be sapphire, which comes in a different range of colours and shapes. This brilliant gemstone, with a bespoke design setting, is sure to be unique in the crowd. Truly an investment gemstone to cherish for decades, and a piece of heirloom jewellery for generations.

Royal blue to Vivid Blue Cornflower Sapphire heated and unheat padparadscha Gems from Sri Lanka to Burma origin | Sapphire Engagement Ring & Wedding Jewellery.
Royal Blue Engagement Ring

Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphires make an exceptional selection for an engagement ring due to their matchless attributes. With their timeless beauty and durability, sapphires symbolise loyalty, trust, and commitment. These remarkable gemstones boast a captivating array of colours, with blue being the most favoured, but also including pink, yellow, and even exceptionally rare shades like padparadscha. Sapphires, which rank slightly below diamonds on the Mohs scale of hardness, excel at daily wear.

Moreover, they often provide a more economical alternative to diamonds without compromising on elegance and refinement. Whether you lean towards a timeless solitaire or a distinctive design, choosing a sapphire engagement ring guarantees a stunning and profound symbol that endures through time.

Sapphire Jewellery

Bespoke sapphire gift with a personalised touch

This exquisite creation centers around an inverted pear-shaped marquise diamond that cascades gracefully into a drop-shaped unheated blue sapphire. Round and marquise diamond flows seamlessly into the captivating vivid blue sapphire. This mesmerising sapphire is meticulously chosen for its exceptional brilliance, and rare origin from Sri Lanka.
An elegant design pendant that captures the essence of a love story and cherished memory. Personalised sapphire jewellery gift in a single piece of art that is both timeless and avant-garde.