Hardness is second to diamond

Sapphire is considered as one of the most valuable and precious blue gemstones these days. Some of the colour standard such as “Royal Blue” are set by different gemology laboratories. This is also one of the most desirable gemstones due to its hardness, luster, durability and excellent colour.

A sapphire displays a more intense and lighter colour especially when viewed in various angles. With a wide variety of colour, you’re assured that you can choose for the best sapphire colour for your jewellery. Pink and yellow sapphires have been famous these days especially on jewelleries.

Not sure which colour of sapphire that suit you? From the mentioned colours to a unique purplish sapphire proposal ring?

In the gemstone trade, sapphire without any kind of colour refers to blue varieties of corundum mineral. However, sapphire term also encompasses all gem colours and varieties of corundum excluding ruby and red varieties.

Heat Treatment for Sapphire

To improve the pastel colour, sapphire are heated to improve in their colour and overall appearance. Such heat treatment has becoming common and efficiently enhance the clarity of the gemstone, by dissolving minor inclusion in it. This method of heat enhancement, is commonly use on other coloured gemstone, such as Ruby, Emerald, except for Spinel which is usually unheated.

Majority of sapphire in the market are heat treated, given for the fact that this enhance a pastel colour sapphire into one saturated and good clarity gemstone. The next question is arguably, on whether does it affect the value in a sapphire. In our opinion, “Natural Gemstone” definite as an organic crystal that developed in the ground naturally, without any artificial enhancement not treatment in lab. Why is there a necessity in heat treatment if the colour is brilliant and clarity is flawless? Therefore, in the market of sapphire, the unheated sapphire with brilliance in colour are scarce, which command a premium in its price.

Colour diffusion Sapphire

However colour diffusion, which introduce artificial chemical for colour enhancement, is considered as unnatural. Do take note on this colour diffusion written on the gemstone certification. Although certification indicate that they are “Natural”, this simply because they are not lab created, such as synthetic gemstone. They might look real intense and brilliant in colour, but of no value. Same goes to B / C grade Jade, they might look intense green, but huge difference in price and value as compared to grade A jade.

Investment in Sapphire

Blue is symbolic of truth, peace, and spirituality. A pure blue symbolises inspiration, sincerity, calmness, and psychic power. It eases communication between family members, spouses and friends.

One of the most valuable sapphire colours is the cornflower blue. However, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, consumer in the asian mainly source for “Cornflower Blue”, whereas, the westerner prefer the “Royal Blue” sapphire. Most of the sapphire quality are source from Burma, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar, while Kashmir receives the highest premium on per carat weight.


Padparadscha Sapphire Unique Ring - Sapphire gemstone rose engagement ring | Local Singapore Custom made Jewellery

Rarest of all Natural Sapphire – Padparadscha

You can’t capture the brilliance of a sunset, but you can capture the colour with a padparadscha for eternity!

A combination of both Pink sapphire (Romance and Passionate love) and Orange sapphire (Sunshine and Joy). After decades, with much advanced technologies, there isn’t a definite for   padparadscha  colour range.

May not heard of the name which pronounce as “pad-pah-raj-ah”, but the beautiful hue can never be forgotten. They are rare treasure to many gem collectors! You probably see one Padparadscha, in ten-twenty quality blue sapphire gemstones.

Sapphire is considered to be one of the most commonly chosen gemstones for different jewelleries. Fine coloured sapphires with transparency and deep blue colour can reach thousands of dollars for every carat. This is the reason why blue coloured sapphires are used by jewellery makers in the crafting of the best jewelleries.


Sapphire Jewellery

Sapphire is used in the crafting of different forms of jewellery such as earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. It is also used as centrepiece gemstone and as a pendant in any type of jewellery that your would admire. White sapphire second type of gemstones that can complement diamond gemstones as part of your jewellery setting. As they come in different form of shapes, i.e round, pear, princess, baguette and many more. Due to its excellent hardness, sapphires are allow to cut into different form of shapes and sizes for jewellery setting.

There is increasing demand of pink and yellow sapphires as customised engagement ring or centrepiece gemstone for fine jewellery pendant. The fact that these are slightly affordable as compared to the blue ones. We have multi-coloured sapphire customised wedding bands. Opaque black sapphires are also used as minor gemstones setting.

A jewellery that complement, to the outfit you wear and whatever type of event you attend. That will definitely be sapphire, which comes in different range of colours and shapes. This brilliant gemstone, with a bespoke design setting is sure to be unique in the crowd. Truly an investment gemstone to cherish for decades, and a heirloom jewellery for generation.

Rare unheated Blue Sapphire | Custom made wedding engagement ring with sapphire | Local Singapore Customised Jeweller