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If your heart yearns for blue sapphire, then this bold blue beauty will steal your heart in no time. crafted from sketch, with round brilliant diamonds, the blue hue to the gemstone comes on quite strong in this design. The twisting band set with all the round diamonds delivers brilliant sparkle to this round sapphire ring. This touch of blue and twist of brilliance add a sophisticated sparkle to the engagement proposal. The gorgeous display of colour in this ring is what sets it apart from the rest.  

Brilliant Round Sapphire

Why Coloured Gemstones Aren’t Round Brilliance

Coloured gemstones, unlike diamonds, often deviate from the classic round brilliant cut. The decision to cut a gemstone in a particular shape goes beyond aesthetics; it is influenced by a combination of factors:

Diversity of Gemstone Shapes

Precious gemstones, which encompass a wide range of minerals like Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, and Paraiba tourmaline, naturally occur in various shapes and sizes. Different from Diamonds, which primarily consist of carbon and are octahedral in structure, gemstones have diverse compositions. This natural diversity means that coloured gemstones rough are usually in irregular form and shapes. Gem cutters must work with the gem’s innate characteristics to bring out its best features.

Maximizing Carat Weight

One of the most significant factors affecting the choice of gemstone cut is the preservation of carat weight. For precious gemstones, any reduction in carat weight can significantly diminish the gem’s value. The round brilliant cut often results in more waste material when shaping the gem, which can lead to a considerable loss of carat weight. Consequently, cutters opt for shapes that maintain a larger portion of the original rough stone while enhancing its appearance.

Value Enhancement for Semi-Precious Gems

Semi-precious gemstones, which include amethyst, citrine, and topaz, often do not share the same stringent value considerations as precious gems. Cutters on the other hand have more flexibility in shaping these gemstones, and a round brilliant cut can be used to enhance their value. The round cut provides a familiar and appealing look that can make these gems more attractive to a wider audience.

Vivid Blue Round Sapphire

Cutting coloured gemstones in round shape results in more wastage than in any other form. The round sapphire shape accentuate the gem’s inherent beauty and maximise its worth. The vivid royal blue colour of the sapphire gemstone and its rare shape renders it distinctive. To bring out the vividness of this gemstone, we shaped the gemstone round and gave it a clean six prongs setting. The twisted band around the gemstone dazzles with a halo of mirco diamonds setting.

Customised Engagement Ring

This particular ring has been chosen by a couple as an engagement ring. The lady for whom this ring was intended to be was given a freedom of choice to pick her gemstone and desired design. She made a classy choice by opting for a rare design and cut which brought out the brilliance of the gemstone. This sophisticated ring certainly a symbol of brilliant craftsmanship. This stunning design is certainly going to be a show stealer.   

Unique rare round shape cut blue sapphire customised with round diamond engagement ring | Local Singapore Jeweller in wedding jewellery and wedding rings

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