personalised engagement ring with pink sapphire

Personalised Engagement Ring

Personalised engagement ring - Featuring a round brilliance pink sapphire.
Personalised Engagement Ring

Personalised Engagement Ring

Creating a personalised engagement ring from scratch offers an unparalleled experience that goes far beyond the price tag. While it is commonly assumed that a customised engagement ring is more expensive. It’s important to recognise that this is not always the case. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, the cost of a custom ring can be comparable and much value than that of a mass-produced ring.

Value in Personalised Ring

The true value lies in the process itself, as it allows you to actively participate in the creation of a personalised ring. In every detail, perfectly reflects your personal style, preferences, and the unique bond you share with your significant other. Collaborating with our veteran designer, you embark on a journey of self-expression and creativity.

personalised engagement ring with pink sapphire
Unique Engagement Ring with Initials

Personalised Process

Personalised Engagement Ring to Her Style and Preference

From the initial consultation to the final unveiling, every step of the custom design process is an opportunity to infuse both your story, memories, and distinctive elements into the ring’s design. You have the freedom to select from the wide selection of gemstones. Shades of metal that resonates with her taste, and incorporate meaningful symbols or even engravings that hold sentimental value.

A custom-designed ring is a true one-of-a-kind masterpiece, setting it apart from mass-produced rings. It becomes a tangible representation of your love story, a cherished heirloom jewellery with deep emotional significance.

Cost of a personalised ring is just one aspect to consider. But the memories, emotions, and joy associated with a personalised engagement ring are priceless. Certainly a promised ring that will be treasured for a lifetime and generation to come.

duck feet personalised engagement ring
Personalised Engagement Ring with Love Story

Personalised Designed Jewellery

An exquisite personalised engagement ring that beautifully combines elegance and personalisation. Meticulously crafted, this remarkable ring features a captivating round brilliance pink sapphire as its centrepiece, radiating a soft and alluring hue.

A pair of round aquamarine stones gracefully complement the pink sapphire, bringing tranquility and serenity to the ring’s design. The seamless integration of these gemstones creates a harmonious and enchanting visual display.

Express Your Feelings and Love

Stands out with its personalised touch, symbolising your unique love story. The band proudly bears the elegantly crafted initials of the couple, representing their union and commitment. Intricately design ring reflects the couple’s individuality and special connection.

Personalised Touch In The Ring

The ring’s side embraces whimsy with a creative touch—a delicate representation of the lady’s cherished memento in the form of duck feet, capturing playful memories. Alongside, skill-fully incorporated pet paw prints symbolise the couple’s beloved furry companion and their shared love.

Every aspect of this personalised engagement ring has been meticulously designed and handcrafted to ensure a truly unique and heartfelt expression of love. Its exceptional combination of precious gemstones, personalised details, and charming symbolism make it a treasure unlike any other.

paws design personalised engagement ring with personalised design
Personalised Design Ring
Royal Blue Sapphire Engagement ring with Kite Shaped Diamond Ring, Customised engagement ring with diamonds setting for a unique wedding proposal. The vivid blue sapphire with royal blue is one of the most sought after colour shade. Local Singapore Jeweller in Sapphire Engagement Ring and Sapphire Jewellery

Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring

Blue Sapphire Ring with Diamond, Vivid blue sapphire Engagement with Royal Blue Sapphire | Singapore Jeweller in Sapphire Engagement Ring & Sapphire Jewellery.
Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring with Kite-shaped Diamond

Royal Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring with Diamond Shape Sides

This absolutely stunning creation features a 4.0 carat Royal Blue Sapphire in an oval shape. Designed and handcrafted with a kite-shaped diamond set on either side of the blue sapphire ring. These two shapes are real stunners with bold points and intricate angles. These side setting diamonds serve as perfect matching pairs as side stones to the striking blue sapphire gem chosen for the engagement ring.

The beautifully crafted design looks eye-catching and distinctive owing to the stunning contrast created against the vivid blue sapphire. Our finest craftsmanship has merged with exceptional rare gem to create this magnificent sapphire ring. This engagement ring marks a special moment for the couple who had it customised. This regal style blue sapphire diamond ring was clearly designed to delight and dazzle.

Customised Engagement Ring

Our master-craftsmen have created this alluring design in a 750 (18k) white gold band. The design has a one-of-a-kind story to convey. We meticulously planned and sourced the gem in this design with tremendous effort, unlike traditional solitaire diamonds. Its unusual colour shade and significant carat weight caught the attention. The gentleman who opted for this design for his lady love made sure that he participated in different stages of the design for this engagement ring. From the sourcing of the right sapphire gem and kite-shaped diamonds to the design discussion, every step is a footprint of sweet memories before the final creation of this magnificent engagement ring.  

Royal Blue Sapphire

Of all shades of sapphire, the royal blue shade is the most difficult to show on the screen. Similarly in printed as the colour is out-of-gamut for both printing and most monitors. This vivid blue-violet shade has a deep tone and is epitomised by the fine sapphires from Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Royal blue sapphires are also found in Burma, Thailand and Tanzania’s Tunduru district. It is also found in smaller sizes in Nigeria and Pailin in Cambodia. The royal blue shade of sapphire is one of the most sought after shades and would make perfect fine jewellery for the queen of your heart just like our client did.

Blue Sapphire Ring with Diamond, Vivid blue sapphire Engagement with Royal Blue Sapphire | Singapore Jeweller in Sapphire Engagement Ring & Sapphire Jewellery.
Customised Engagement Ring – Royal Blue Sapphire

GIOIA Fine Jewellery

Our Commitment to Excellence & Dedication

This bespoke blue sapphire diamond ring from GIOIA Fine Jewellery is a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and the meticulous selection of high-quality gemstones. Each element of this exquisite engagement ring, from the vibrant hue of the sapphire to the precision of the design, reflects GIOIA’s commitment to excellence and their dedication to bringing unique visions to life.

A close collaboration between the artisan and our client, weaving together their stories and aspirations. The meticulous sourcing of the sapphire, known for its vivid blue-violet shade that is as rare as it is beautiful, underscores GIOIA’s expertise in selecting gemstones that are nothing short of extraordinary. Such a blue sapphire diamond ring does not just symbolise a bond between two individuals. It also stands as a hallmark of GIOIA’s legacy in creating unparalleled pieces that resonate with the desires of those who seek nothing but the best.

Blue Sapphire Vintage Floral Ring with Halo Diamond

Vintage Floral Sapphire Ring

Vintage Floral Sapphire Ring with Halo Diamond - Customised Engagement Ring showcasing vivid blue oval natural sapphire gemstone. Custom made in rose gold band, the fine milgrain detailing has a vintage vibe flowing from each part of the ring. Customised Jewellery for wedding engagement in Singapore
Vintage Floral Sapphire Ring

Natural Vintage Floral Sapphire Ring – Unique Engagement Ring Design

Vintage floral sapphire ring, a customised engagement ring with blue sapphire in uniquely halo diamond design. Seal your commitment with this beguiling sapphire engagement ring. Crafted in a glamorous design, this customised design showcases a vivid blue sapphire secured in the center in eight prongs setting. This vintage floral sapphire ring has been customised in the presence of a couple. The vivid oval-shaped blue sapphire exudes brilliance from all angles.

Touch of Vintage Fine Miligrain Detailing

The couple was looking for a one-of-a-kind timeless design. The halo diamond setting around the sapphire turns the design into a dazzling surprise. The fine miligrain detailing has a vintage vibe flowing from each part of the ring. At the same time the matt finishing on the band is simply alluring.

Vintage Floral Design      

Indulge in the exquisite world of handcrafted fine jewelry that exudes opulence and romantic charm. Each piece is a labor of love, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who pour their passion into every detail. The hallmark of these vintage floral jewels lies in their intricate decorative motifs, where the beauty of nature takes center stage.

Customised Design

With bright polished shine and brilliant colour, this engagement ring is surely destined to become your beloved’s most treasured piece. The customised design features a diamond band connecting to the halo diamonds surrounded with milgrain finishing. The polished rim connects it to the coordinating matt finishing band. This distinct design has been uniquely crafted with all the fine details resembling a vintage flower from the top view. The brilliant sapphire, frame, and shimmering diamond accents complete the ensemble and turn it into an eye-catching piece worth flaunting.  

Personalised Engagement Ring 

Vintage floral sapphire ring crafting details with miligrain might not be your preferred design. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, you can design the engagement ring with natural leaves or animals representing your favourite character. Personalised design with your inspiration, this will certainly be a dream ring and the only custom-made piece. First, from the wide selection of coloured gemstones. we will walk you through the enjoyable and hassle-free design process.

last of all, this handcrafted masterpiece, opulence and romance intertwine, giving you the chance to adorn yourself with the beauty of nature in a way that is as unique as your own story.

Pink Sapphire with Constellation Wedding Bands

Constellation Wedding Rings

Constellation Wedding Rings with Sapphire Engagement Ring and stackable Constellation Wedding bands
Constellation Wedding Ring – Stackable

Customised Wedding Rings

Constellation wedding rings, unique constellation wedding bands design to stack with Sapphire engagement ring at GIOIA Fine Jewellery. Constellation wedding rings hint that both your meeting with your loved one was truly written in the stars. These wedding rings are absolutely unusual and truly wonderful. Elegantly and beautifully designed with the presence of both the lovely couple. These constellation wedding rings stand out as they were delicately crafted with a personalised touch. We customised them to signify many precious moments the couple lived and cherished.

Constellation Wedding Bands

The couple customised their wedding bands in a constellation pattern, representing the stars with precious, sparkling gemstones that align with the colour scheme of the engagement ring. Featuring the stars in the lovely night sky seen from the exact time and remind the couple of such memorable moments. The wedding band can stack perfectly with the engagement ring, creating a unique design in itself. The ring looks beautiful on its own for daily wear and also mounts beautifully when stacked.

Customised Engagement Ring

The engagement ring features oval pink sapphire that has excellent brilliance and sparkle. They shine from all angles. The pink sapphire used for the lady’s ring has a slight tinge of violet. The saturation is on the higher side thereby making it a unique gem having an exceptional shade of pink. At GIOIA, we designed the sapphire engagement ring to sit in between two pear-shaped diamonds. The customised setting of this trilogy ring in rose gold renders the design brilliant. Framed with both couple’s initials on the side of the trilogy ring, giving it a personal touch.

Constellation Wedding Rings with Sapphire Engagement Ring and Constellation Wedding bands
Constellation Wedding Rings – Pink Sapphire

Constellation Wedding Rings with birthstones

Various gemstones have been in use ever since the Hellenistic and Roman eras and continue to be associated with modern astrology. Precious stones are known to have an impact on your zodiac sign or birthstone.

Design with the lady’s sapphire birthstone and gentleman’s tourmaline birthstone. This cancer constellation proposal ring is no doubt a splendid choice to make. Importantly a wedding proposal ring does not necessarily be a solitaire or diamond ring. It looks amazing on its own and beautifully complements another ring when stacked.

The intense hues of the precious gems on this rose gold ring sparkle as sterling tops and can perfectly sit like a crown on her finger. This personalised ring, clearly affirms your commitment, to reserve a special place in her heart.

Constellation Wedding Band and Proposal Ring with coloured gemstone. Customized personalised constellation pattern and stars represented by birthstone.
Sapphire Constellation Proposal Ring

Constellation Jewellery

Constellation jewellery for daily wear or gift it to your mother on her 50th birthday. Sophisticated design with personalised birthstone or zodiac sign can be worn by anyone regardless of their age. Moreover, it can be a customised pendant or bangle if you are not a ring person.

Last but not least, finding a unique piece of statement jewellery that represents you is never a challenge. At GIOIA we have an array of options available, together with our creative team, each bespoke jewellery exemplifies incredibleness.

Yellow Sapphire Rose Gold

Yellow Sapphire Wedding Ring

Yellow Sapphire Wedding Rings & Platinum Multi-colour Gems Band

Personalised design with both couple initial on the side of the yellow sapphire wedding ring. The unheated sapphire as part of the yellow gem to the multi-colour gemstone in the platinum wedding band. Making this unique yellow sapphire wedding ring and platinum band a perfect match.

Yellow sapphire engagement ring in yellow gold. Rose gold Yellow Sapphire & Platinum wedding Band. Wedding jewelry with sapphire gemstone and Platinum.
Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring

Bound to become an instant favourite, this yellow sapphire ring in emerald cut shape with cut corners is simply attractive and elegant. The durability and beauty of yellow sapphire has turned them into cherished possessions. The colour yellow is associated with bright warm sunny day and represents cheerfulness. The gems used in this engagement ring design features subtle shade of yellow. Moreover it is not too pastel with no heat enhancement. 

Sapphire Wedding Ring

This customised wedding ring elevates every attire you can flaunt, not just for its rarity, the overall design of the ring is one of a kind. The unheated sapphire has a prominence of its own being a rare offering. The crossover of pave round diamond plated in white gold with yellow gold band on the side packs a massive visual punch. Classic simplicity defines this setting as we designed it in a mixed of yellow gold and white gold showcases the enchanting refinement of this elegant design.

Creating Your Love at GIOIA

A glamorous complement to her classic aesthetic, this yellow sapphire and diamond ring is all about sophistication. Created in yellow gold, this resplendent design exudes a timeless style with the polished shine of the central gemstone and the magnificent diamonds used in the designing. This sapphire engagement ring is more than what your beloved can imagine. Fashioned in enchanting style, this exquisite ring would celebrate every chapter of your incredible love story. Celebrate love with this unique design which is as unique as your love at GIOIA Fine Jewellery.

Teal Sapphire Wedding Rings, Blue green sapphire colour shade sapphire gemstone customised with halo diamond. Wedding bands is crafted in platinum gold and rose gold diamond bands | Local Singapore Custom made Jeweller in unheated sapphire gemstone and wedding jewellery

Teal Sapphire Wedding Rings

Teal Sapphire Wedding Rings – Platinum & Rose Gold

Dive into the world of enchantment with our extraordinary teal sapphire wedding rings. A celestial union of Platinum and Rose Gold that transcends traditional boundaries. This mesmerising set is not just a testament to love and also individual style. At the same time showcasing a teal sapphire that is as unique as the bond it represents.

Teal Sapphire Engagement Ring

Bespoke Design Teal Sapphire Wedding Rings

The teal sapphire engagement ring is a symphony of elegance and non-conformity. The unheated teal-coloured sapphire takes center stage. Revealing a captivating teal green hue under indoor lighting, while basking in the daylight reveals its magical bluish-green undertones. This distinctive gem is precision-cut into an octagon shape, surrounded by a halo of round brilliant diamonds set in rose gold. The result is a non-traditional masterpiece jewellery that captures the essence of uniqueness.

Customised Wedding Bands

Step into the realm of personalised luxury with our custom-designed wedding bands. The ladies’ band is a dazzling display of ¾ micro-set diamonds, at the same time promising flexibility with future resizing. Its shimmering diamond accents create an illusion of a full eternity. In addition making it a truly captivating piece tailored to perfection for individual preferences.    

On the other hand, the men’s wedding band is a fusion of platinum, showcasing a contemporary design that stands apart from the conventional. The tapered ends meet at a central groove, creating a classic yet modern look. The brushed matte finish adds a touch of sophistication, giving the band a one-of-a-kind allure rarely found in commercial designs. This bespoke creation symbolises the acceptance of differences in styles and choices within the couple, a harmonious blend of individuality and unity.

Unique Wedding Rings with Unique Love Story

These teal sapphire wedding rings are not just everyday jewellery accessories. They are also a visual representation of a unique love story. Every detail, from the teal sapphire’s distinct hues to the custom-designed wedding bands, speaks volumes about the couple’s journey together. Embrace the extraordinary, celebrate individuality, and embark on a lifelong adventure. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, each unique wedding rings are created with a symbol as rare and exceptional as your love.

Teal Sapphire with art deco vintage design

Teal Sapphire Ring

Gemstone Engagement Teal Sapphire Ring

Bespoke elegant teal sapphire ring, where unique customised jewellery meets timeless sophistication. This exquisite gemstone engagement ring, crafted by the artisans at GIOIA Fine Jewellery, showcases a mesmerising bluish-green sapphire, set amidst with captivating side cluster of bluish spinel and marquise diamonds. The entire creation is elegantly framed in understated champagne gold, offering a subtle yet luxurious backdrop to the vibrant hues of the gemstones.

A Symbol of Harmonious Love and Innovative Elegance

At the core of this stunning piece is the sapphire, a gemstone renowned for its serene beauty and remarkable durability. Teal sapphires, with their harmonious blend of blue and green, evoke images of tranquil seas and lush landscapes, making them a perfect centrepiece for those seeking a connection with nature in their symbol of love.

Complementing the teal sapphire are the bluish spinels, gems cherished for their brilliance and captivating hues. These spinels, along with the elegantly cut marquise diamonds, form a side cluster that enhances the central sapphire’s glow. At the same time adding depth and dimension to this gemstone engagement ring’s overall design.

Teal Sapphire

Exceptional Beauty in Blue Green Sapphire 

1. Symbolism and Meaning: Teal sapphire, a fusion of stability and emotional balance, symbolise harmonious relationships. Perfect for gemstone engagement rings, they represent the melding of tradition with modern innovation. Their unique colour symbolises the wearer’s commitment to both enduring love and a forward-thinking outlook.

2. Unique and Captivating Hues: Renowned for their enchanting blend of blue and green, reminiscent of tropical waters, teal sapphires stand out in the gemstone world. Their distinct hue appeals to those who value individuality and sophistication in their jewellery.

3. Distinctive Beauty and Personal Expression: In an era valuing self-expression, blue green sapphires offer a canvas for couples to showcase their unique style. More affordable than traditional blue sapphires, they provide a stylish yet budget-conscious choice, without sacrificing significance or style.

4. Cut and Shape: Enhancing the Gem’s Natural Beauty The brilliance of a teal sapphire is amplified by its cut. Round or oval cuts are recommended to evenly display its blue and green hues. However, round shaped is not as common due to its massive wastage during the process of cutting and polish. Meanwhile, geometric modern and shapes in precise asscher-cut to emerald-cut are increasingly popular among gem enthusiasts.

5. Investment Potential: Each sapphire gem is unique, reflecting its own personality through colour variations. Currently more affordable than padparadscha sapphire, they offer a potential investment opportunity, especially considering their rising popularity. Especially when we are looking into unheated sapphire gemstone.

6. The Growing Popularity: Teal sapphires are gaining immense popularity for their unique beauty, and versatile design. They are an ideal choice for modern couples, blending modernity and tradition in gemstone engagement rings.

Gemstone Engagement Ring Spotlight

Exceptional Bluish Green Sapphire Ring

The natural teal sapphire, set in elegant rose gold, brings out a feminine charm. Its unique coloration, with possible zones of green or blue, adds character to the gemstone. This particular bluish green sapphire showcases a more evenly blended hue, enhanced by skilful cutting. Set on a gold band, this teal sapphire ring exemplifies brilliance and regality.

Vintage Yellow Gold Sapphire Ring

Vintage solitaire teal sapphire engagement ring feature side round brilliance diamond with thin bezel frame. Moderately thick band with sleek knife-edge finishes for elegant style and comfort. Bluish-green sapphire shade, a lush companion to the bright yellow gold band.

Teal Sapphire - Customised Jewellery Wedding Engagement Ring
Blue Green Sapphire Vintage Ring

Are Parti Sapphire Valuable?

Do not be mislead by the term of “Parti Sapphire” commonly exhibit a zoning of blue and green or even additional yellow shade. This uneven colour shade in the gemstone is common for many inferior quality gemstone. The price of such gem is generally lowered compared to a natural blue-green teal sapphire with even colour. Heat treatment not only helps to improve the colour, it minimise the unevenness in the gem.

Similarly, Salt and Pepper Diamonds, characterized by their black and white inclusions, often fall into a niche market category. Traditionally, diamonds are valued for their clarity, with the least amount of visible inclusions equating to higher quality and value. Salt and Pepper Diamonds prominent with inclusions, affecting the stone’s transparency and brilliance, which are critical factors in diamond valuation.

While marketing strategies have positioned Salt and Pepper Diamonds as unique and desirable for their distinctive appearances. It is essential to approach them with a clear understanding that these inclusions are typically viewed as flaws within the industry. These diamonds generally command lower prices in comparison to high-clarity diamonds. The sales and marketing method leverages their uniqueness, similar to how Parti Sapphire are marketed, but does not change the fact that from a gemological standpoint, such features are considered detriments to the gem’s overall value.

Teal sapphires possess the degree of colour depth whether it is greenish blue or bluish green. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we have a selection of sapphire gemstone that will certainly be one that best suit you. Last but not least, let us share with you more in depth details on how you can choose the right sapphire gemstone today!

Unique rare round shape cut blue sapphire customised with round diamond engagement ring | Local Singapore Jeweller in wedding jewellery and wedding rings

Round Sapphire Engagement Ring

Unique rare round shape cut blue sapphire customised with round diamond engagement ring | Local Singapore Jeweller in wedding jewellery and wedding rings

If your heart yearns for blue sapphire, then this bold blue beauty will steal your heart in no time. crafted from sketch, with round brilliant diamonds, the blue hue to the gemstone comes on quite strong in this design. The twisting band set with all the round diamonds delivers brilliant sparkle to this round sapphire ring. This touch of blue and twist of brilliance add a sophisticated sparkle to the engagement proposal. The gorgeous display of colour in this ring is what sets it apart from the rest.  

Brilliant Round Sapphire

Why Coloured Gemstones Aren’t Round Brilliance

Coloured gemstones, unlike diamonds, often deviate from the classic round brilliant cut. The decision to cut a gemstone in a particular shape goes beyond aesthetics; it is influenced by a combination of factors:

Diversity of Gemstone Shapes

Precious gemstones, which encompass a wide range of minerals like Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, and Paraiba tourmaline, naturally occur in various shapes and sizes. Different from Diamonds, which primarily consist of carbon and are octahedral in structure, gemstones have diverse compositions. This natural diversity means that coloured gemstones rough are usually in irregular form and shapes. Gem cutters must work with the gem’s innate characteristics to bring out its best features.

Maximizing Carat Weight

One of the most significant factors affecting the choice of gemstone cut is the preservation of carat weight. For precious gemstones, any reduction in carat weight can significantly diminish the gem’s value. The round brilliant cut often results in more waste material when shaping the gem, which can lead to a considerable loss of carat weight. Consequently, cutters opt for shapes that maintain a larger portion of the original rough stone while enhancing its appearance.

Value Enhancement for Semi-Precious Gems

Semi-precious gemstones, which include amethyst, citrine, and topaz, often do not share the same stringent value considerations as precious gems. Cutters on the other hand have more flexibility in shaping these gemstones, and a round brilliant cut can be used to enhance their value. The round cut provides a familiar and appealing look that can make these gems more attractive to a wider audience.

Vivid Blue Round Sapphire

Cutting coloured gemstones in round shape results in more wastage than in any other form. The round sapphire shape accentuate the gem’s inherent beauty and maximise its worth. The vivid royal blue colour of the sapphire gemstone and its rare shape renders it distinctive. To bring out the vividness of this gemstone, we shaped the gemstone round and gave it a clean six prongs setting. The twisted band around the gemstone dazzles with a halo of mirco diamonds setting.

Customised Engagement Ring

This particular ring has been chosen by a couple as an engagement ring. The lady for whom this ring was intended to be was given a freedom of choice to pick her gemstone and desired design. She made a classy choice by opting for a rare design and cut which brought out the brilliance of the gemstone. This sophisticated ring certainly a symbol of brilliant craftsmanship. This stunning design is certainly going to be a show stealer.   

Unique rare round shape cut blue sapphire customised with round diamond engagement ring | Local Singapore Jeweller in wedding jewellery and wedding rings

Eiffel Tower Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring - customised to eiffel tower on the band of the engagement ring with blue sapphire | Local Singapore Private Jeweller in customised wedding jewellery

Eiffel Tower Sapphire Ring

Eiffel Tower Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring - customised to eiffel tower on the band of the engagement ring with blue sapphire | Local Singapore Private Jeweller in customised wedding jewellery

This engagement ring holds a little surprise, similar to the one you’d like to give your significant other. This ring is brilliantly exceptional as it communicates the language of love through its unique design. The composition of this ring not only has an elegant look, it resembles one of the most notable monuments standing firm in the city of love. When one looks at this wedding engagement ring from a side angle, it displays a structure similar to the Eiffel Tower of Paris. Adding to the effect, the picturesque Eiffel Tower set with round brilliant diamonds in its stature. The presence of this monument on either side of the engagement ring band completes a gracious look.

Our heartiest congratulations to the newly engaged couple Jaylen and Yollie! May every day be happy and beautiful for the lovely couple. We are so glad to be part of your wedding proposal!

Customised Engagement Ring

This engagement ring is a result of customisation from sketch, with many other features besides its unique and stirring composition. A vivid blue sapphire is positioned in the center, representing a great depth through its shades. The oceanic colour of the gemstone also distinct this ring as the ideal wedding engagement ring. Of all the hues this gem has, the tone of this colour is the purest. A love story beyond comparison can be made by acquiring this ring, transitioning as the symbol of a true and rare relationship. Custom made in platinum gold, resemble the solid structure of the eiffel tower and both relationship.

Eiffel Tower Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring - customised to eiffel tower on the band of the engagement ring with blue sapphire | Local Singapore Private Jeweller in customised wedding jewellery

Natural vivid pink sapphire coloured gemstone, customised wedding ring | Local Singapore Bespoke Jeweller

Pink Sapphire Halo Wedding Ring

Natural vivid pink sapphire coloured gemstone, customised wedding ring | Local Singapore Bespoke Jeweller

Congratulation to Clement and Nicole!

Best wishes on your engagement. Wishing you both a wonderful journey in your new life together.

This wedding ring features shimmering diamonds surrounding an intensely coloured natural unheated pink sapphire. The sparkle of the pink gem and the beauty of the split band design give this ring a royal look. The design is bold yet delicate and the pink sapphire exudes elegance. In its own way, this ring takes a step back from the traditional blue sapphire and is the choice of a girl who is bold, strong-headed, makes her own decisions and rejoices in her femininity.

Customised Wedding Ring

The clean setting of the paved diamonds gives this ring a classy look that is effortlessly chic. Matched with both pairs of rose gold (18k) prongs on each side of the ring, which compliment the center gemstone. It is customised with halo diamond and slightly elevated from the ring to stack with your wedding bands in future.

The simplistic and pure style is timeless. The finesse of the pink sapphire simultaneously captures the two most coveted feminine qualities, delicacy and a strive for excellence in life. It is a bejewelled ribbon of glittery diamonds that converge at the center to celebrate love and life. This creation is an epitome of style and beauty and will give your ensemble an imperial look.

Natural vivid pink sapphire coloured gemstone, customised wedding ring | Local Singapore Bespoke Jeweller