Family Heirloom Ring, customised to be stackable for daily wear and intend to pass the pair to her daughters in future. Unheated yellow sapphire gemstone and vibrant lagoon tourmaline gemstone customised with round brilliance diamond | Local Singapore Jeweller in customised jewellery with rare precious gemstone.

Family Heirloom Rings

This subtle pair of family heirloom ring is a symbol of love of a mother for her beloved children. This pair was designed exclusively for a mother who intends to pass the pair to her daughters in future. This refined symbol of affection features a sleek design with shimmering diamonds. This customised piece of rings are design to be stackable for daily wear. You can also choose to wear individual ring depending on your dressing style.

Yellow Sapphire Ring

 The yellow ring features an unheated yellow sapphire that is a combination of yellow and white gold, with yellow holding on to the sapphire and white on the diamond band. The gem has been skilfully cut and polished into an emerald cut shape with cut corners, simply attractive and exuding unique brilliance. The customised look of this design accented with diamonds makes it an exceptional ring. The colour yellow is associated with bright warm sunny day and represents cheerfulness. The gemstone used in this design features subtle shade of yellow and is not too intense.  

Lagoon Tourmaline Ring

The green design is a lagoon tourmaline that has been crafted in white gold bands. The oval shaped stone features precision cut and designed for daily wear. These dainty gemstone designs would add a perfect touch to your look no matter what the occasion is. Both the rings have been expertly finished by skilled artisans and are ready to wear. These vibrant designs would make perfect gifts for women with simple yet elegant style choices.

Heirloom Ring

A unique way to continue your love and family history after the children are grown up. Both gems are exceptional which speak a thousand of words with a single glance. The pair of sapphire and tourmaline customised ring make a perfect match as they stack together.

Teal Sapphire Wedding Rings, Blue green sapphire colour shade sapphire gemstone customised with halo diamond. Wedding bands is crafted in platinum gold and rose gold diamond bands | Local Singapore Custom made Jeweller in unheated sapphire gemstone and wedding jewellery

Teal Sapphire Wedding Rings

This set of customised wedding rings is a perfect choice for a couple who prefer clean and elegant designs that can be incorporated in everyday life. The engagement ring features a majestic, unheated teal coloured sapphire gemstone. The colour shade of the gemstone is unique and it looks teal green under indoor display lighting. What is mesmerising about this unheated sapphire is that it exhibits a unique bluish green shade under broad daylight. The round brilliant diamond halo band was crafted in rose gold featuring a teal sapphire in the centre. The main sapphire features a unique precision cut gem, which was cut and polished into an octagon shape.  

Customised Wedding Bands

The ladies wedding band was set in ¾ micro setting diamonds which promises future resizing. The ladies band with shimmering diamond accents looks like a full eternity. The band is truly alluring and has been customised to perfection to suit individual tastes.      

The men’s wedding band was crafted in platinum featuring a white gold base. Tapered look on both end of the band meet at the center groove design. This classic design was finished in a brush matt look which showcase a modern design and one of a kind look which you would barely see in commercial designs. Customisation has imparted uniqueness to the design. Although the pair does not resemble a couple pair, it is a symbol of acceptance of the differences in styles and choices that the couple have. This stunning couple band is complete despite all the differences in choices.  

This cinderella carriage fairy tale design ring is a classic example of timeless artistry with vivid red spinel gemstone. The delicate designing of the pumpkin coach featuring a majestic red spinel and diamond elegantly completes this modern design | Local Singapore Jeweller in customised jewellery and wedding jewellery with fairy tale story.

Cinderella Carriage Ring

Every girl secretly dreams of a fairy tale love story that she can cherish all her life. This cinderella carriage ring breathes life into all your aspirations and hopes of your dreamy tale. This customised ring has been designed to resemble the popular pumpkin coach in the Cinderella story with all the enchantment, magic and romance. We have created this luxurious and refined design to serve as a memento of a romantic tale for a couple.    

Spinel Gemstone

This delicate modern design features a vibrant Burmese Red Spinel that is gorgeous and fascinating in colour. The vivid colour of the gemstone strikingly resembles ruby gemstone. It possesses a unique sparkle just like a diamond with a singular reflective index. This is the reason why red spinel is one of the most sought after gemstone shades. Its close resemblance to ruby and the association with luxury has made it immensely popular. Red spinel is much more affordable when compared to unheated, untreated pigeon blood ruby. However, there are certain unique shades of spinel that are quite expensive like the one featured in this design. Teal, blue and vivid red spinel are quite rare.

Cinderella Carriage

This cinderella carriage design is a classic example of timeless artistry. The delicate designing of the pumpkin coach featuring a majestic red spinel and diamond elegantly completes this modern design with a fairy tale story.   



Art Deco Vintage Ring customised with unheated octagon sapphire and round brilliance diamond, customised unique vintage ring look in art deco design Local Singapore Custom Jeweller in Fine Jewellery with coloured gemstone and diamond jewellery

Art Deco Ring

Beguiling and bold, this art deco ring features a sapphire gemstone in a unique shape. The rarity of the gemstone is due to its near to flawless clarity and also being an unheated with no heat treatment; without enhancement to its colour and clarity. The captivating octagon shape of the blue sapphire has several cuts. It has been cut and polished with unique facets thereby exuding a rare kind of brilliance. The art deco design ring and this unique fine gem is simply a perfect match. The overall vintage look of this art deco ring makes it a perfect accessory for a sophisticated lady. The two steps of side diamonds arranged in an array of three mesmerisingly complement the central gemstone.   

Art Deco Design

The stunning look of this sapphire diamond ring would dazzle and delight the wearer. The spectacular arrangement of this customised jewellery required some time as the design was customised from scratch and handcrafted to the final piece. The sketch of this resplendent ring was presented by a gentleman to his lady love in the anniversary card while the ring was concurrently being crafted by us. It’s never too late to add an element of surprise and uniqueness while celebrating a special occasion with your loved one. You can customised the design and present the sketch to your beloved while we breathe life into the art deco design.


Cluster Ring with Bluish Green Teal Spinel, blue sapphire and Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline Gemstones in a cluster design for wedding Engagement ring - Customised Engagement Ring with coloured gemstone to a cluster design in rose gold band, local Singapore Custom Jeweller

Cluster Engagement Ring

Not everybody opts for a solitaire or halo pave diamond rings as their engagement ring these days. The urge to go for unique designs and standout has triggered a trend and hence there are numerous different variations of engagement rings customised these days. At GIOIA Fine Jewellery, we breathe life into the imagination of our customers to design a gemstone cluster ring that speaks of their journey with their loved one. If your darling is not the one who would settle for a plain design or fond of the classic solitaire diamond ring, you can ask us to design a unique customised ring apt for her personality.  

Customised Engagement Ring

This gorgeous engagement ring was customised for a lady who has a taste for everything fine and unique. This alluring ring has a bluish teal spinel and was set in a bezel claw design. The regular classic bezel setting has a potential risk of damaging the central gem during the process of setting and removal. The bezel claws used in this design exudes a modern, clean look and has the least impact on the gemstone. This uniquely crafted cluster ring has an array of coloured gemstones. It has all the modern stones that a woman secretly dreams of owing these days: Brazil Paraiba tourmalines, Blue Sapphires and Diamonds. The amalgamation of these exquisite gemstones imparts an overall balance to the unique design. This customised engagement ring is an epitome of modern fine luxury look that every bride dreams of flaunting.    

Platinum with Natural White Gold, this customised wedding band has been custom-made with platinum gold PT950 and Natural white gold Au 750 | Singapore Local Jewellery in customised wedding jewellery and wedding bands. Sleek and elegant, this wedding band creates a contemporary and delicate look all at once. 

Platinum Gold Wedding Bands

Sophisticated and stylish, this wedding band symbolises the acceptance of two souls to surrender to each other. This customised wedding band was custom-made with Platinum (PT950) and Natural white gold (750). Most of the wedding bands are designed from platinum owing to several reasons.


  • Platinum is denser in nature, giving you a much solid weight feel
  • In its natural form, it is white in colour and does not develop a yellowish tinge over time
  • Is more durable than gold and higher purity platinum alloy can be used in designing jewelleries, usually in PT950.
  • Platinum requires expert craftsman to work on shaping the metal which makes it pricier than white gold

Platinum PT950

Platinum is much superior in hardness in comparison to white gold. However, a metal composite is always used while designing any customised jewellery. Gold is always mixed with 25% metal alloy known as Au750. Platinum jewelleries are designed with PT950 which is a combination of 95% platinum and 5% metal alloy. When both the composites are compared, PT950 is softer than gold and this is the reason why platinum jewelleries are usually designed thicker for compensating for being lower strength. We have utilised both gold and platinum in this bespoke design with their unique set of properties to impart sophistication. Sleek and elegant, this wedding band creates a contemporary and delicate look all at once. 


Gemstone Wedding Rings with spinel and diamond, customised from sketch design to handcrafted design. Customised your wedding bands with diamond and spinel gemstone | Local Singapore Jeweller in customised wedding jewellery, wedding ring and wedding bands

Gemstone Wedding Rings

Gemstone Wedding Rings with spinel and diamond, customised from sketch design to handcrafted design. Customised your wedding bands with diamond and spinel gemstone | Local Singapore Jeweller in customised wedding jewellery, wedding ring and wedding bands
Spinel Wedding Rings

This alluring design wedding rings feature a premium quality orange pink Spinel. Orange pink shade of gemstone has for long associated with Padparadscha Sapphire and pastel shades with Morganite Gemstone. When compared to Padparadscha sapphire, spinel is a fraction of its price yet it has a well mixed of orange and pink similar to it. The gemstone used in this design offers best of both worlds in terms of price and quality. This exquisite vintage inspired gemstone showcases a soft orange pink shade spinel wrapped in a frame of petite diamonds. The glistening diamonds on the shank impart a rich look to this design and also a vintage feel. This set of wedding rings was customised to commemorate the anniversary of a couple with new set of wedding bands. The ladies ring features a pink spinel to highlight the cross with a full eternity diamond band. 

Customised Wedding Rings

This delightful wedding rings also features couple bands. The band for the woman features a cross in pink spinel surrounded artfully with round brilliance diamonds to enhance the overall look of the customised design. This set truly celebrates the romance and chemistry shared by the couple. The wedding band is a bright and bold choice. It was designed and crafted in rose gold, and also sculpted artistically to feature a cross at the centre. It is plain yet luxurious without any diamonds or any other gemstone. The buffed lustre in the design steals the show in every sense.

Gemstone Wedding Rings with spinel and diamond, customised from sketch design to handcrafted design. Customised your wedding bands with diamond and spinel gemstone | Local Singapore Jeweller in customised wedding jewellery, wedding ring and wedding bands
Customised Wedding Rings
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Paraiba Tourmaline Pendant

Paraiba Tourmaline Pendant

This exquisite Paraiba Tourmaline pendant is an artful and elegant choice. It features a striking Paraiba tourmaline with bright neon and green hue. The vivid shade makes it surpass all other shades available naturally in the tourmaline family and as well as in other gemstone groups. Its unique shade distinguishes it from the family of tourmalines. Paraiba gemstones are usually heated and the shade appears drastically different upon heat treatment. The enhancement occurs in the temperature range of 500 to 600 degree Celsius. Tourmaline is rich in manganese and copper and the colour of the gemstone can easily by modified from dark blue, violet and purple to turquoise shade. The degree to which the colour changes is strongly dependent on the trace elements present in the gemstone. It is also strongly influence by the absorption spectra of the precursor metal. The estimated copper to manganese ratios and the measured absorption spectra help in determining whether the tourmaline gemstone is eligible for heat treatment or not. 

Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba tourmaline was discovered only a couple of decades ago. This gemstone is treasured for its rare occurrence. It is found especially in Brazil. The shades with glowing neon can cost three times more than the price of a diamond. The increasing popularity of Mozambique Paraiba has seen a surge in the price touching $6000 to $8000 per carat. 

Customised Jewellery

This dazzling pendant is pear shaped defines sophistication. It was custom designed from a sketch and handcrafted to bear an exquisite style. The blissful gemstones captures the attention with the halo of round diamonds and marquise shape. The striking design also features two round Brazil Paraiba gemstones. The intricate detail finishes the look. This luxury custom designed pendant make valuable heirloom jewellery that could be treasured for generations. This gorgeous pear shade pendant is framed by shimmering diamonds further adding to its sparkle. The customised design also features cascading floral pattern through which the pendant suspends and completes this exceptional look.     

Aquamarine, Aquamarine gemstone, Pearl shape gemstone, customised jewellery, custom jewellery, beryl gemstone, local Jewellery, singapore jeweller,

Aquamarine Ring

Aquamarine is birthstone for people born in the month of March. It is renowned for its pure ocean blue colour which ranges from blue to a combination of blue-green shade. Beryl gemstones usually possess different range of colour shades. Blue shade gemstone from beryl family is called aquamarine, green is called emerald and pink being Morganite. Despite having a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale, aquamarine is heated to dissolve the greenish tinge. This process leaves a pure blue shade which bears quite an opposite result when compared to ruby and sapphire where heat treated actually enhances the colour and clarity. Heat treatment of aquamarine is similar to the heating process of tanzanite where unwanted colour is removed from the gemstone.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Fine aquamarine is sourced mainly from Madagascar and Brazil. Santa Maria Aquamarine from Brazil is immensely popular and features a deep blue shade. However, it is quite rare. Aquamarine is a light pastel coloured gemstone and appears almost colourless if it is too small. This design has been chosen as an engagement ring. The resplendent design showcases an aquamarine designed to wrap by blue sapphire in a micro setting on the horizontal halo below the central stone. You get to notice a different shade of blue when you view this design from the side view. Crafted in rose gold, this sophisticated design is nothing less than a bold proclamation of love. The design celebrates a chapter of love with unique gemstones and shimmering diamonds. This enchanting style exudes a feminine look while the side diamonds impart brilliance to the overall design.